Top 10 Most Beautiful States In Nigeria (2024)

Looking for a list of the top ten most beautiful states in Nigeria? This article aims to provide a thorough and up-to-date list of Nigeria’s most beautiful states.

Nigeria is, without a doubt, a developing country. We addressed statistically why certain states are developing while others are facing stunted growth in our piece on Nigeria’s top 10 most developed states. We wait with bated breath to learn that the bulk of these lovely states is the developed ones, as is to be expected.

What is the reason for this? Nigeria is Africa’s largest country. Nigeria, in reality, is Africa’s colossus and, by far, the most populated of the continent’s big nations. Regularly, foreigners enter and leave our country.

If you’re a Nigerian anticipating a visitor from another nation and want to make a good impression, our list of the top ten most beautiful states in the country should serve as a reference.

From a different perspective, if you’re a foreigner planning to spend one of your long vacations in Nigeria, you should surely opt for one of the country’s most beautiful states to stay in and enjoy a fun-filled experience.

This article aims to quantitatively evaluate Nigeria’s most beautiful states, taking into account the state’s most attractive places as well as the reason for its inclusion on the list.

Top 10 Most Beautiful States In Nigeria

Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

Because it is Nigeria’s capital, it is expected to appear on this list. The attractive and well-designed infrastructures in Abuja, including the bridges and road networks, must not be disregarded.

There are sites in the state for a variety of activities, therefore it’s impossible to become bored here.

In December 2003, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom officially opened the state’s largest leisure park. Millennium Park has risen in popularity over the years, becoming a popular destination for tourists and families looking to have a good time.

A badminton and basketball court, as well as a range of sports equipment and facilities, are located in Gwarinpa, near the residence of the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, making it the ideal park for the typical sports fan.

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The state’s beauty can be attributed in part to its magnificent green plains, but not exclusively. The National Stadium, the ECOWAS building, cinemas, shopping malls, and many other landmarks may all be found in the Nation’s Capital.

Lagos State

The efficient use of this state’s internally generated resources has resulted in the creation of stunning infrastructure, earning it a place on this list.

Lagos was once Nigeria’s capital and, as such, should be a developed state. Lagos State is home to a variety of well-known tourist destinations in Nigeria, as well as some of the country’s largest enterprises.

Ikeja, the capital, is by far the most attractive town in Lagos, with a range of well-known structures such as the Ikeja City Mall.

Not only that, but Lagos boasts a variety of wonderful leisure areas, hotels, and resorts that contribute to the state’s beauty as well as its nightlife.

Lagos is distinct from other states in terms of its lifestyle and modern culture. Lagos state is, in fact, Nigeria’s most beautiful state in the southwestern region.

The Nike Centre for Art and Culture, the Lekki Conservation Centre, the National Museum, the National Theatre, and Tarkwa Bay Beach are just a few of Lagos state’s many tourist attractions.

Enugu State

Enugu is a lovely state in Nigeria, having a gorgeous capital city with good geography and enticing qualities and nice places to live in.

This is one of the top-rated southeastern states for hotels and resorts. It is one of the most popular states to visit because of its gorgeous scenery and tourist-friendly lifestyle.

Because of its hotels, which are claimed to give the best standard of living, it is a popular destination for international travellers.

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, one of Nigeria’s greatest tertiary institutions, the Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium, Silicon Hills, and many other notable structures can be found in Enugu state.

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Rivers State

Port Harcourt, the state capital, is recognized for its excellent water bodies and aqua life and also has a beautiful night view since the city is known for its vibrant nightlife.

There are several beaches and rivers where visitors can thoroughly enjoy their visits.

Bonny Island, an island located off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, is the most popular island in Rivers State, and its most famous park is the Finima Nature Park, which is still on Bonny Island.

Akwa-Ibom State

Because of its attractiveness, which is a result of its urbanization, Akwa-Ibom has seen its fair share of tourists.

The state has become home to several tourist attractions places, such as Ibom Plaza Uyo, Ibeno Beach, National Museum Uyo, Lord Lugard’s Residence, and others, thanks to its good road network and attractively constructed buildings.

The state is home to the well-known Godswill Akpabio Stadium. Of course, such a state should be welcoming and accommodating.

This state also has a large number of 5-star hotels to serve visitors. Le Meridian, Uyo is the most well-known hotel in Uyo.

Kaduna State

This is a state in the Northern part of Nigeria. Natural landscapes, parks, museums, waterfalls, and other attractions abound in this state. Tourists can’t help but want to come over to witness the waterfalls because the terrain is so lovely. 

These natural landscapes and tourist attractions produce a significant portion of the state’s domestic revenue.

The Kaduna Museum, Lugard Foot Bridge, Kajuru Castle, Kamuku National Park, the Nok Village, and the Matsirga Waterfall are just a few of the state’s tourist attractions.

From museums to castles, villages, and waterfalls, there’s something for everyone. When you visit Kaduna, Nigeria’s gorgeous state, you’ll never run out of sites to see.

Cross-River State

Cross River has several gorgeous spots, making it one of the most attractive states in Nigeria. Calabar, the state capital and allegedly the cleanest and neatest city in the country is perhaps the most beautiful city in Cross River.

There are various tourist attractions in the area, including the Cross River National Park, the Slave Museum, and the Kwa waterfalls, among others. The Mary Slessor grave, Mary Slessor Statue, and Mary Slessor house, as well as the famed Obudu cattle ranch and Tinapa resort, are all located in the state.

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Delta State

The oil-rich Delta state is recognized for its natural beauty, especially in the Warri region. The group has created a masterpiece, with a good road network and well-constructed modern structures.

Warri Township stadium has a capacity of 20000 people and is the home of the football club Warri Wolves.

The top two modern markets are Uwie Modern Market and Delta Shopping Mall. Delta has a plethora of tourist sites, ranging from the Olu of Warri’s palace to Chief Nana’s Palace, Effurun Garden Park, Abraka River Resort, and the motel to the Golden Tulip Hotels.

Imo State

Another of the most beautiful states in Nigeria is Imo State, known as the Eastern Heartland. The state capital, Owerri, is known as the Glory of the East. The city is lovely, with vibrant nightlife and excellent lighting.

The environment is well-planned, and the city’s structures are particularly appealing. The stunning vista of the Maria Assumption Cathedral greets you as you approach Owerri. Imo state features one of the most beautiful capital cities in the country, Owerri, which is home to the famed Oguta Lake, Ada Palm plantation, and Mbari Cultural and Art Centre.

The Ada Palm Plantation is regarded to be one of West Africa’s most economically effective oil palm plantations.

Ondo State

Ondo State is one of Nigeria’s most beautiful states. Akure, the capital city, is noted for its stunning natural surroundings.

Ondo state, popularly known for massive cocoa production, features contemporary infrastructure, parks, and retail malls, and the state’s topography and landscape are worth seeing.

There are some fantastic recreational parks, museums, and resorts in the area. All of this makes it genuinely deserving of its place among Nigeria’s most beautiful states.

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