Top 10 Best Movie Cinemas In Lagos

Looking for a list of the top ten best movie cinemas in Lagos?

Yes, we all have televisions in our houses where we may watch movies. Have you ever gone to a movie theater with someone to watch a movie? Have you ever considered how much comfort and satisfaction you may derive from sitting in a dark room with air conditioning and snacks if desired, for close to or more than three hours, watching movies? The sheer thrill of being able to do so is indescribable.

What is the purpose of a cinema? I’d relieve the anxiety for people who have no concept of what happens in a cinema room by describing how useful a cinema is. A cinema is a movie theater that shows films for the public’s amusement. Paying a visit to the cinema or movie theatre is one of the ways to relieve tension, unwind, and relax.

Now that you have the necessary information about how a movie theater operates, you must choose somebody to accompany you. Of course, going alone is strange. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single person going to the movies alone. Are you a Lagos state resident? Or perhaps you’d want to spend your holiday in the state of Lagos? (check out The 10 Fun Places To Be In Lagos Island) Do you have plans to go to the movies soon? Of course, you’ll need to bring a pal with you.

You don’t want to take your friend to a movie theater that looks like a warehouse, do you? Then go no farther than our list of the top 10 greatest movie theaters in Lagos. Please note that this list exists in no particular order.

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Top 10 Best Movie Cinemas In Lagos

Filmhouse Cinemas

IMAX Filmhouse Cinemas

This is one of the best movie cinemas in Lagos. IMAX cinema now has the technology to wow its audience with its entertainment demands, thanks to technological breakthroughs. The IMAX Film House cinema is a great place to be, with a virtual reality option that gives you an immersive experience.

This cinema boasts the greatest resolution ever seen in Nigerian cinema, as well as exceptional hospitality and a tranquil setting. Located in Lekki, their slogan ‘See it, Feel it, Be it’ encapsulates the quality of service provided.

  • Location: Rock drive, off Bisola Durosinmi Etti Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos state.
  • Fees: N1000-N2500

Leisure Mall Filmhouse Cinemas, Surulere

This is a luxurious cinema, featuring an MX4D theater that fulfills international standards. Because this cinema is housed within a leisure center, you can choose to spend your time there doing something other than seeing a movie. There’s always room for everyone with 319 seats. In five fully air-conditioned rooms, 2D screens are also accessible upon request.

You can book a ticket from the convenience of your own home using your mobile phone, which is required to view any movie. Simply go to their official website, and you’ll find all of this information.

Ozone Cinemas

Domino Stores Limited developed the first multiplex cinema to be built on the Lagos mainland. Ozone Cinemas is a premier movie theater. Located on Commercial Avenue, Yaba, in the majestic Domino Mall known as the E-centre, with state-of-the-art equipment, a highly imaginative young team focused on customer satisfaction, the e-center began its exhibition operation on Thursday, November 13, 2008, with 6 screens and 931 seats.

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The theater has carved out a niche for itself by offering an amazing brand experience to its ever-increasing audience that goes beyond film screenings.
• Location: E-centre, 1-11 Commercial Avenue, Yaba-Lagos
• Telephone: +234 816 662 6015, +234 814 432 249
• Website:

Genesis Cinemas

Genesis Deluxe Cinemas is a well-known cinema in Lagos, with four large buildings located throughout the city. They also provide amazing movie services to fans by selling drinks, sweets, snacks, and popcorn at reasonable costs. The popular movie theater, which originally opened its doors in 2008, takes pride in being the first in Nigeria and West Africa to display 3D films.

These four locations are:

  • Palms mall genesis cinemas, Lekki
  • Maryland mall genesis cinemas, Ikorodu rd
  • Novare mall genesis cinemas, Ajah
  • Maroko genesis cinemas, Maroko

For more information, visit their official website:

Price ranges, depending on the period you’re seeing the movie, the kind of movie you’re seeing, and of course, your age group, if you’re an adult or a child.

Silverbird Cinemas

Silverbird theatres have been providing Nigerians and ex-pats with daily releases of blockbuster films in a setting, ambiance, and service quality comparable to those found in established markets for over ten years.

Silverbird Cinemas is one of the largest cinema chains in West Africa, with 10 sites throughout four states (Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Uyo), three countries (Nigeria, Liberia, and Ghana), 65 screens, and 9,919 seats. They were West Africa’s first 4DX cinemas. However, in Lagos, they have three branches namely:

  • Silverbird Galleria, VI, Lagos
  • Festival mall Silverburd cinemas, Festac
  • Ikeja city mall Silverbird cinemas, Ikeja
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For information on what movies they’re showing and booking tickets, visit their official website:

Prices vary based on when you’re going to watch the movie, what kind of movie you’re going to see, and, of course, your age group, whether you’re an adult or a youngster.


These cinemas appear on the list of the top ten best movie cinemas in Lagos. To not get you confused as I have discussed some as a whole, here’s the actual list:

  • IMAX Filmhouse, Lekki
  • Leisure mall Filmhouse, Surulere
  • Ozone cinemas, Yaba
  • Palms mall genesis deluxe cinemals, Lekki
  • Maryland mall genesis deluxe cinemas, Anthony, Ikorodu rd
  • Novare mall genesis deluxe cinemas, Ajah
  • Maroko genesis deluxe cinemas, Maroko
  • Silverbird Galleria, VI, lagos
  • Festival mall silverbird cinemas, Festac
  • Ikeja city mall silverbird cinemas, Ikeja

Please note that this list appears in no particular other.

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