Top 10 Places To Live In Lagos Mainland In (Updated)

Are you planning on moving to Lagos Mainland? For whichever reasons you might have there are some cool places to live in Lagos Mainland, Lagos State is the best choice for most people especially if you are a business-inclined person or you love to have fun.

The reason why you see a lot of people moving in droved from other states to Lagos state is because of the economic viability, leisure, lifestyle, entertainment, and exposure Lagos State possesses.

Most entertainers, believe if you do not move to Lagos State to showcase your talent then being successful might take a long time or may not be achieved, likewise for big brands, small business entrepreneurs, and many other business types believe sitting their head office in Lagos is the best thing to do. Are they wrong? NO.

Lagos State houses a lot of investors basically because of the ease of doing business and the fact that there are some policies that make it easier for commercial activities. The city is well developed so you definitely want to take advantage of that to scale up your business and at the same time spice up your life.

There has also been a drastic increase in the Real Estate business in Lagos State and now we have a lot of people trying to buy a landed property in Lagos state or rent a space, all these are green lights for you and as a way of telling you that living in Lagos state is a wise decision for you, especially in Lagos Mainland as the standard of living in Lagos Mainland is quite cheaper than Lagos Island and moreover, there are numerous business opportunities be it on the Island or Mainland.

You need no one to tell you that the best places to live on Lagos Island are V.I. (Victoria Island), Lekki, Ajah, and Ikoyi, they are among the most sought-after places on Lagos Island but the Island is quite expensive and this is the reason why we have taken our time to write about the top 10 best places to live in Lagos Mainland.

Without further ado, here are some of the best places you can live in Lagos Mainland.

Top 10 Places To Live In Lagos Mainland

1. Ikeja

Ikeja is the capital city of Lagos State and definitely, it is certain that most commercial activities and developments will be carried out here. As most brands want to have their head office sited in Ikeja you sure know that there will be a lot of business opportunities in Ikeja, there will also be a lot of fun places to be in Ikeja for those who cherish it.

Ikeja is well developed, and all basic amenities are available and functioning properly likewise the accommodating side of those who reside there can’t be overemphasized. The rate of development there has seen most government buildings, pharmacies, shopping malls, hotels, and hospitalities sit comfortably in Ikeja and at the same time attract people to come to reside there.

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In this same Ikeja, we have the famous Murtala Mohammed International Airport, the Ikeja City Mall and so many more hosted in the capital city.

Mind you, Ikeja is also one of the busiest places in Lagos State because of the population of people living there due to the number of business activities ongoing in Ikeja day by day.

Nice places you can live in Ikeja include Toyin Street, Allen Avenue, Oba Akran, Adeniyi Jones, Otigba Street, Mobolaji Bank, Opebi, Agidingbi, Ikeja GRA, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Unity Road, and many other cool places.

2. Yaba

Another one of the best places to live in Lagos Mainland is Yaba, Yaba is a suburb under Lagos Mainland LGA and it is one of the most popular places in Lagos State.

There are a lot of business activities going on here and it houses most of the important buildings in Lagos state places like the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba (FNHY), YABATECH, Queen’s College, the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Igbobi College, the University of Lagos, the Federal School Science and Technical College, Federal College of Education and many other top institutions.

Yaba also serves as the link between Lagos Mainland and Lagos Island through the third mainland bridge which is the second-longest bridge in Africa.

This city is conducive for those who love the calmness and also for those who love the busy side of it, it is a perfect place for people of different age groups and one of the best places for singles to live in Lagos State.

One thing you will also love about Yaba is the neatness of the area and it is also a perfect place for both the rich and the low-income earners, you also have access to markets with cheap goods like the popular Tejuosho Market which is one of the busiest markets in Lagos State.

3. Surulere

Surulere is a perfect place for commercial activities and also it is a residential area, the city is located in Lagos Mainland and very close to Yaba, so if you feel you need to live close to Yaba then Surulere is your best bet.

Entertainment here is on a different dimension as the Lagos National Stadium (capacity 60,000) is sited here, the most popular place in Surulere is Ojuelegba, other popular places are Adeniran Ogunsanya, Lawanson, Shitta, Ojuelegba, Ogunlana Drive, Stadium, Itire-Ikate, Ijesha, Masha, Kilo.

This is a lively area with nice bars, clubs, and beer parlors also you enjoy tasty meals like the traditional kebabs, suya, and so on, it is a perfect place for the middle-class.

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The National Theatre Iganmu is also located in Surulere, Leisure Mall, and top fashion companies.

One thing that may discourage you about Surulere is that there is a bit of traffic jam which is a normal thing all across Lagos State.

4. Agege

Another best place to live in Lagos Mainland is Agege, this is a residential area that also has commercial activities going on at a nice pace. Agege is so close to Ikeja and Ogba, if all you seek is a simple lifestyle with a normal level of exposure then Agege is the place for you.

This city has a lot of industries in it even with the fact that it is a residential area, it also houses the NYSC permanent orientation camp, it is also well developed and those who live there enjoy the railway line which passes through the city.

5. Ogba

This place is densely populated and has a mix of low-income earners and high-income earners, it houses most of Lagos’s quality estates like the Omole Estates and also we have the popular Allen Avenue which has low rent houses though we have other places where the rent there is on the high.

There is easy access to every area of Ogba with a taxi, bus, and even motorcycles, it is one of the most peaceful places in Lagos Mainland with good basic government amenities.

6. Maryland

There is no doubt Maryland is one of the best places to live in Lagos Mainland, it is a well-structured and developed area that gives space for both residential and commercial activities. It has very close proximity to the Lagos state capital city Ikeja.

People who work in Ikeja can reside in Maryland as living in Maryland gives you much more peace of mind, it is a very quiet place with basic amenities in place. Maryland has a good road network, factories, good electricity supply, good security, and access to modern markets.

Maryland also hosts the beautiful Maryland Mall which is one of the biggest malls in Lagos state, other places in Maryland are Shonibare Estate, Onigbongbo Estate, Mende, Maryland Estate, G. Cappa and so many others.

7. Apapa

You must have been hearing about Lagos Lagoon, Apapa has its edge near the lagoon and boasts of ports and terminals, also refineries like the Bua Group, this city is a very important city to Lagos State and Nigeria at large.

Other places in Apapa that may interest you is the Apapa Amusement Park, Folawiyo Towers, This Days newspaper e.t.c.

Apapa has few residents as it is mostly a commercial area, this city is good for those who intend to live and also work in it.

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8. Festac

Another nice place to live in the Mainland of Lagos is Festac, with Festac Town as the federal housing estate you have access to good houses at a good price. This city is located along the Lagos-Badagry Express Way.

Festac won the heart of the Nigerian government and a lot of amounts is invested in this city, we have Festac Town, Schools, good electricity supply, a police station for security, a good road network and transportation, postal services, heal care centers, banks, supermarkets e.t.c.

Here you find it difficult to differentiate between the rich and the low-income earners, it is a perfect place for you to live in.

9. Ikorodu

One place that has been experiencing a high influx of people lately is Ikorodu and you ask the question why is it that people are rushing to Ikorodu? Ikorodu is one of the biggest Local Governments in Lagos State, lately, this city has been experiencing an increase in development with good road networks, water transportation, stable electricity, General hospitals, higher institutions (LASPOTECH), road transportation, and markets.

The development ongoing in Ikorodu currently is at a very fast pace as this calls for one to suspect there is a plan for this place by the Lagos State government.

Real estate in Ikorodu is thriving and it is also a good place to reside and at the same time work, the popular Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) is sited in Ikorodu and the city has its border with Ogun State.

When in Ikorodu you need not worry about other bigger markets in Lagos State as Ikorodu has some quality markets to boast of and everywhere in Ikorodu is cool.

10. Magodo

This is another wonderful place you can live in Lagos state, this city has its proximity to the capital city of Lagos which is Ikeja likewise to Ojodu Berger and Ketu Market.

Magodo is basically a residential area that is known to be the best choice for the wealthy on Lagos Mainland,  when you decide to live in Magodo you enjoy access to Lagos State’s top recreational centers and also the popular Ikeja City Mall. There are not many commercial activities here and you will experience some traffic jams during peak hours as most people who work outside of the city will be returning from work.

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These are the top selection by EucarlRealty for you on the best places to live in Lagos Mainland, if you live on the mainland kindly share your experience through the comment section.

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