How To Estimate Quantity Of PVC Ceilings For Self-Contained Apartments

How do you calculate the quantity of PVC ceilings for self-contained apartments?

A house is not complete without its roof and ceiling. They are protective measures over the house dealing with extreme weather like sun and rain as well as noise. They are quite essential in every building. There are various types of ceilings including POP and PVC among others.

What Is PVC?

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is just a kind of ceiling material made with Polyvinyl Chloride plastics, they’re very light and easy to install.

PVC Ceiling
How to estimate the quantity of PVC ceilings for self-contained apartments

Size Of One PVC Ceiling

Every PVC ceiling has both length and width, the average length of a PVC Ceiling is measured to be 19.5ft (5950mm or 5.95m). While the width of one PVC Ceiling is 200mm or 8 inches.

What Is The Area Of One PVC Ceiling?

The area of one PVC is obtained by multiplying the length  (5950mm) and breadth (200mm) of one PVC.

Therefore, the area of one pvc = 5.95 x 0.200 which equals to 1.5m2 (1.5 square meters)

How Many PVC Ceilings Will Cover A Self-Contain In Nigeria?

Since we know the surface area of one PVC ceiling, we have to know the entire surface area where the PVC ceiling is to be fixed. Let’s now estimate the quantity of PVC ceilings required for self-contained apartments in Nigeria.

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To do this, we need to have the building plan for the self-contained that requires the PVC ceiling.

This is because we need the dimensions of each part of the building that is to be covered with the PVC Ceiling. A self contain is a  small building consisting of a one-bedroom apartment with a parlour, kitchen, dining and toilet attached.

Estimated Sizes Of The Rooms In The Self Contain 

Since the length and width of these rooms are in mm, we have to convert them to sqm.

1 Varandah size = 1000mm x 3600mm =  3.6m2

2. Parlor size= 3800 x 5250mm = 19.7m2

3. Bedroom size = 3600mm x 4000 = 14.4m2

4. Inner Varandah sizes= 1250 x 2350 = 2.94m2

5. WC sizes = 1250 x 2350 = 2.94m2

6. Kitchen sizes = 1650 x 2900 = 4.8m2

7. Eaves: We also have to consider the eaves as they will also receive PVC. The eaves are the edges of the roof which overhang the face of a wall and, normally, project beyond the side of a building.

Estimating Quantity of PVC Ceilings For Self-Contained Apartments

Thus, we are going to assume the length of the eaves as 2 feet (600mm). This covers the entire length and breadth of the building, multiplied by the lengths x 600, breadths x 600, and gives us the total area to be covered by PVC ceilings on the exterior corners of the building.

Therefore, assuming the length of the building = 8400mm

The breadth of the building = 5350mm

Now we will obtain the area (multiply by 600m) and multiply by 2

Thus length =8.4 x 0.6 = 5.04 x 2 = 10.8m2

Breadth = 5.35 x 0.6 = 3.21 x 2 = 6.42m2

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Total area for eaves = 17.22m2

How to estimate the quantity of PVC ceilings for self-contained apartments
PVC Ceilings For Self-Contained Apartments

Total area to be covered by PVC Ceiling in  a Self Contain

Total Area = Area (Varandah + Parlor + Bedroom + Inner Varandah + WC + Kitchen + Area of eaves)

Total Area = (3.6+19.7+14.4+2.94+2.94+4.8+17.22)m2

Total area = 65.66m2

As stated above, the surface area of one PVC ceiling is 1.5. To get the number of PVC ceilings to be used, we have to divide the total area of the building by the surface area of one PVC:

65.66/1.5 = 44 lengths of PVC Ceiling.

Note, that the calculations above are just estimates, however, the method of analysis is correct and can be applied to calculating the PVC ceiling to be used in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I calculate how many PVC ceilings I need?

Simply get the length and width of your ceiling using a simple tape measurement. As long as the length is no longer than 2600mm, you can simply divide the width of your ceiling by the panel width to work out how many you would need.

2. How many pieces of PVC ceiling in one bundle?

In a bundle, you’re most likely to get about 12 rows (pieces) of PVC ceiling, which is usually 16ft long and one foot wide per row.

3. How many metres is a PVC ceiling?

PVC Ceilings are manufactured by using PVC Resins and auxiliary materials and are made in sizes of 3.m, 3.9m, 3.97m, and 5.95m lengths and 250mm wide and 300mm wide

4. How many PVC panels do I need?

Divide the width of your wall by the width of your chosen wall panel. Round up the result and you will have the number of panels you need to purchase

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