Difference Between a Self Contained and Mini-Flat

There appears to be some confusion about the Difference Between a Self Contained Apartment And Mini-Flat. The goal of this paper is to dispel the ambiguity around the aforementioned concepts.

Difference Between a Self Contained Apartment And Mini-Flat

Self-Contained Apartments

Simply described, a “self-contained” apartment or room is a single room with all of the necessary amenities, such as a toilet, bathroom, and, most likely, an en-suite kitchen. That is to say, the chamber is self-contained in its own right.

In Nigeria, it appears that the word “self-contained” is widely used, although, in other parts of the world, such as Europe and America, it is more commonly referred to as a “studio flat” or a “self-catering” flat.

A self-contained Apartment can also be compared to an “all-purpose” room. This style of apartment is popular with people who dislike sharing facilities with other residents, therefore the goal is to have everything they require within their own home.

Self-contained flats are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria as more individuals strive to avoid the squabbles and backbiting that come with the so-called “face-me-I-slap-you” style of lodging.


A “micro flat,” on the other hand, is a one-bedroom apartment with a sitting room, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. A mini-flat is similar to a traditional “room and parlour,” with the exception that all of the aforementioned amenities are available en suite. The kitchen, bathroom, and toilet are all contained within the compact flat apartment.

The Difference between Self Contained and Mini-Flat: A self-contained apartment or room is a single room with all of the necessary amenities, such as a toilet, bathroom, and, most often, an en-suite kitchen.

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A mini-flat, on the other hand, is a one-bedroom apartment with a sitting area, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. A typical “room and parlor” is comparable to a mini-flat.

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Different Types of Apartments

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to renting in New York, as you may have guessed by now. Similarly, when it comes to apartment types, there is a myriad of options!

You’ll need to decide what type of apartments to live in based on your budget, preferred neighborhood, and living arrangement (roommate, significant other, family, etc).

Apartment Jargon You Should Know:

Here is a rundown of some of the prevalent apartment Jargon:

A studio apartment is a one-room apartment with a kitchen and a full bathroom. An alcove studio or a convertible studio are examples of studio variations.

Alcove Studio:

Similar to a standard studio, but with an L-shaped living room divider. This gives the impression of an additional room and is particularly suitable for use as a sleeping area.

Convertible Studio:

A studio large enough to add a wall to turn it into a bedroom.

Convertible (Flex):

An apartment with adequate room to be converted into another bedroom. For instance, a big one-bedroom apartment with enough space to be divided into two bedrooms could be offered as a convertible two-bedroom (two-bedroom flex). Keep in mind that certain apartments may not allow you to install drywall or may charge you extra for doing so!


Spacious, open space with high ceilings. These are most commonly found in business buildings that have been converted to residential apartments.

Apartments with two or three levels are known as duplexes or triplexes. Only sleeping accommodations may be found on the second or third floors. A junior one bedroom is a step up from a studio and typically contains a separate sleeping area or 34 rooms.

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Junior 1 Bedroom:

A step up from a studio, this room normally has a separate sleeping area or a 3/4 room.

A garden apartment has access to a backyard and is nearly always on the ground floor, however it can alternatively be on the basement level. These are very crucial to see before signing anything; being partially underground is not ideal. Garden apartments can also be a security issue, as they are more likely to have bugs.

Railroad Apartments are named for their straight floor plan and can be found in smaller and older buildings. Three or four rooms are generally joined without the use of a hallway, making a long and narrow rectangle. Bedrooms might be located on either side or in the middle of the room.

See the typical rents for a studio, 1 BR, and 2 BR in each Manhattan neighborhood using our statistics and trends.

It’s worth noting that in Nigeria, a bedroom is regarded as a living space used for sleeping. A bedroom must have a minimum of 80 square feet of floor space and at least one window. If you have to walk through a room to get to another part of the residence, it isn’t considered a bedroom.


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