Privacy Policy

EucarlRealty maintains all necessary information from your mobile or PC browsers on our servers as far as it will enhance users’ experience.

We collect information like IP address or references from the pages you navigated through retaining information from browsers.

Mind you, we do not share your information with any third-party website neither will our publishers have access to them, your information is only needed to give you a good experience that relates to whatever you searched for.

Additionally, we do not collect vital personal information, the only ones we collect about you is the information you submit through our login form and other forms you may find on this website.

EucarlRealty will be the only one to detect the information and will only be used for statistical control of the number of visitors we receive daily, weekly and monthly on our website.

EucarlRealty.Com makes use of cookies and other technologies to record your online experience and also we use it to learn how you use our services so as to improve the quality of service rendered to you.

We make use of third-party advert platforms or companies to place advertisements on our website whenever you surf through this enables us to get funds to maintain the website and to keep our readers updated so it is necessary.

The third-parties advertisement companies may use information such as browser history, IP address but not including your name, email address or phone number. Your visit to this website may be accompanied by quality ads serving by the ads companies like goods and services which may be of interest to you based on your browser history.

Google Ads:

Google as the main tech company and an advert serving company is the associated provider, Google uses cookies to publish ads on this website.

DoubleClick Dart Cookie

Google makes use of cookies to serve adverts to users, they use your browser cookies to display advertisements on EucarlRealty; with the DART cookie, Google may serve ads based on previous visits the reader has made to this website or to other websites and also the searches made on google search engine.

Users or visitors can always disable the DART cookie by visiting the Google Content and Ads Network Privacy Policy.

Cookies and Web Beacons

On this website, we make use of cookies for information storing like users’ preferences. The preferences may include a simple popup or links which will redirect you to various services that are provided.

Also, we utilize third-party advertising on our site to support maintenance costs as we mentioned earlier. Most of these advertisers may usually make use of technologies such as cookies or web beacons when displaying their respective adverts on EucarlRealty, this will definitely make the advertisers (such as Google through Google AdSense) to retain a copy of your information which includes IP address, ISP information, browser details and history and so many other information.

They normally use this information collection function for geotargeting or to present a targeted advertisement to a user type (e.g. real estate to users who visits real estate websites regularly, restaurants adverts to users who visit culinary websites regularly and investment opportunities for users who visit investment websites regularly).

You reserve the right and choice to switch all these functions off like cookies via your browser settings through browser options, you can also make changes through your Anti-Virus packages like Avast, McAfee and Norton Internet Security. However, disabling this may affect the way you are served with information on our website. This may possibly or may not give you permission to view our login forms or other programs on our website.

Links to Third Party Sites

EucarlRealty has some necessary links in most of the contents you will find on our website, in our view, the links may contain useful information or tools for our readers so in case you are being redirected to a particular website that is different from our website you need to check that particular website privacy policy page as we do not share the same privacy policy.

We are not in any way responsible for the privacy policy or content on third-party websites.