Top Homeowners Insurance Companies in Texas (2024)

Are you searching for the cheapest home insurance rates in Texas? There are many cheap and popular homeowners insurance companies in Texas that can protect your home in the event of natural disasters.

Choosing the Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Texas

Supplementary to our previous post – Why Is It Important To Insure Your Home, homeowners insurance companies are responsible for covering home repairs, structure replacements, and other costs in the event of natural disasters like heavy rainfall, tornadoes, windstorms, and so on.

There are many top homeowners insurance in Texas with good coverage, pricing, and benefits. Depending on the policy offered, additional expenses can be prevented in the case of home emergencies and disasters.

To choose the best homeowners insurance company in Texas, there are a whole lot of factors to consider. Some of them include

  • Coverage; When choosing a homeowners insurance company for your home, you should check out their coverage and policy before enrolling. Ensure their coverage favors the area where your home is located to avoid wasting money. In addition to coverage, you should consider their policy endorsement and limits.
  • Benefits; Apart from the standard coverage offered, many homeowners insurance companies offer additional benefits depending on your policy. Thus, it is important to consider the additional benefits offered by these companies before enrolling. You should ensure it favors your home before signing up.
  • Prices; Many companies have online tools where you can compare different homeowners insurance quotes and estimates. Therefore, it is advisable to compare different companies’ prices and select the best price before jumping on any offer.
  • Customer Relations; Another important factor to consider when choosing the best homeowners insurance company in Texas is customer care relations. Ensure the company is accessible anytime any day and will respond to customers’ claims early before signing. The presence of active customer care representatives, live support, and claim filing tools are what you should check out.
  • Reputation; Most sought-after homeowners insurance companies in Texas are reliable. This is because of the positive experience by the customers which has been instrumental in attracting customers to them. Hence, ensure you check out any company’s reputation and review it before signing up with them.
  • Technology; With the advent of technology, rendering insurance services has been made easy for companies and their customers. Many Texas homeowners insurance companies make use of online quote tools, apps, and websites to circulate educational resources and make the claim filing process easier. Ensure your preferred company has a seamless claim-filling process and homeowners insurance quote tools before applying.
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The above-listed factors may not be enough to choose the best homeowners insurance companies in Texas. It will guide your choice of home insurance companies.

Top Cheapest and Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Texas

Taking into consideration the standard coverage offered, policy, reputation, costs, and other factors, below is the list of the best homeowners insurance companies in Texas.


Being one of the best homeowners insurance companies in Texas, Allstate offers standard coverage and policy for homeowners. Even though it is not cheap, there are many additional benefits and discounts depending on the chosen policy.

Allstate’s additional benefits extend to roof surface replacement, watches, water backup, jewelry, and other valuable items in the house. Furthermore, Allstate provides protective devices like alarms for homeowners as well as personal tracking online tools.

Also, the customer service is top-notch. Thus, getting the homeowner’s insurance quote is quite easy with Allstate. You do not need to give your phone number or social security number to check it.

State Farm

Ever heard of the State Farm insurance company? It is one of the best companies offering the best home insurance rates in Texas. They do not only offer a standard policy, but they also give a discount and additional benefits.

There is provision for additional coverage for water backup, earthquakes, and so on depending on the policy chosen. Also, customers’ property protection is instituted through firearms and silverware.

Further, the insurance company makes use of an online prefill quote application and estimate tool in ascertaining home replacement value.

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Lemonade is another popular company offering Texas homeowners quality insurance services and rates. The company which is popular for its fast connectivity and technological software possesses excellent customer relations. Through its mobile app and claim-filing software, it offers seamless services to customers.

Although Lemonade is only available to homeowners with a mortgage, it provides additional benefits and discounts in different scenarios. The benefits extend to water backup, fine arts, musical instruments, cars, and so on.


Travelers are one of the cheapest homeowners insurance companies in Texas. The Texas homeowners insurance company which offers cheaper claims without increasing policy offers 24/7 claim reports. This is done through online quotes which do not require a phone number or social security number.

Compared to other insurance companies, Travelers offers fewer discounts and additional benefits. Hence, you may want to consider their policy, endorsement deals, and limits before signing.


Being one of the cheapest homeowners insurance companies in Texas, Nationwide offers an average standard policy with some coverage and additional benefits. Some of the additional benefits covered by Nationwide include water backup, identity theft, roof surface replacement, and so on.

The brand which has a solid online presence manages most of its activities through its websites. Hence, you can manage your policy, get insurance quotes, and estimates, track claims, and file claims through their website.


The list of companies offering affordable home insurance rates in Texas won’t be completed without mentioning Amica. The brand which is based in Rhode Island in Texas has different policies and coverage that is adaptable to different homeowners.

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Apart from giving discounts and encouraging an autopay on policy, Amica’s customer care service is excellent. Customers’ reviews are good as most homeowners are satisfied with the services rendered.


Next on our list is Chubb, one of the best homeowners insurance companies in Texas offering affordable home insurance rates. The brand provides standard coverage and policy with additional benefits depending on the situation.

Chubb also provides Home Scan services to customers to detect leaks and lack of insulation earlier. This is done through the use of Infrared technology and others.

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Who has the Best Homeowners Insurance Rates in Texas?

The best homeowners insurance rate is relative depending on your home area and want. Bear in mind that the cheapest homeowners insurance in Texas does not offer wide coverage and benefits while those with standard policy coverage are not cheap.

The average yearly cost of homeowners insurance in Texas is $2537 to $3771 which is $211 to $281 per month. Depending on the policy, coverage, and additional benefits, different homeowners insurance companies in Texas offer different rates. Hence, it is advisable to consider the above-listed factors before choosing your preferred homeowners’ insurance companies in Texas.

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