All You Need to Know About Mobile Home Insurance in Florida

What should you know about mobile home insurance in Florida?

It’s crucial to have mobile home insurance whether you already own one or are just considering purchasing one. Because they are accessible to many people and the climate is favourable, mobile homes are popular in Florida. One out of every three homes built in Florida is a mobile or prefabricated home, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

A mobile homeowner in Florida should be aware of the following:

Mobile Home Insurance In Florida: What You Should Know

Before proceeding, let’s start with understanding what a mobile home is.

What is a mobile home?

A mobile home is a sizable caravan or prefabricated building permanently erected in one location and used as living quarters. Before being brought to the site, the homes are typically constructed at a factory on a securely held chassis.

What does mobile home insurance cover?

Mobile homeowners frequently ask themselves this question. Despite the fact that what is covered varies depending on the insurance provider you select, the following are some of the things it is known to cover:

Mobile Home Insurance Coverage

What does mobile home insurance in Florida cover?

Coverage of the Structure of the Mobile or Manufactured Home

Coverage on your mobile home and any other property structures, like sheds, carports, etc., is one of the regular coverages.

The mobile home insurance protects the buildings against several hazards, including wind, fire, lightning, and falling objects. However, keep in mind that if your mobile home is being removed from the property, this procedure probably won’t protect it.

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Coverage for Personal Property

The standard policy insurance coverage also covers your personal belongings. It protects your possessions in your house or those kept in the shed in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Although it might have a lesser coverage amount and not be insured against all scenarios, it even covers some personal belongings that are kept in storage facilities away from the home.

Coverage for Personal Liabilities

Additionally, any damage to your property is covered by insurance coverage. The insurance covers an accident that happens on your premises.

Accidents can happen, and if they do and someone is unintentionally hurt or their property is damaged, your insurance will pay for it. Your mobile home insurance policy would pay for the injuries or your damaged property, for example, if you had a modest gathering and a guest slipped on the lawn and broke their arm.

Note: Keep in mind that numerous insurance providers have a range of coverage options. Speak with the insurance provider you intend to use to find out what services and costs they provide. In order to properly safeguard your house, look into the optional coverage since some standard policy excludes flooding.

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Why Is Mobile Home Insurance In Florida Necessary?

Mobile home insurance in Florida is very necessary. Even though mobile homes are sturdy structures, nothing is completely impervious to harm. Every year, tropical storms and hurricanes threaten Florida. This can make mobile homes less sturdy.

When Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1994, for instance, insurance firms paid out more than $15 billion in damages, while it was reported that homeowners who didn’t have insurance paid more than $50 billion in losses statewide.

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Isn’t it preferable for homeowners to make small monthly payments rather than pay a large sum of money once when the next natural disaster strikes? It is best to contact an insurance provider for an estimate in order to understand what more can be protected in your mobile home and the insurance costs paid monthly.

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