Cost Of Roofing In Nigeria (2024)

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Why is Roofing Necessary?

What is a Roof?

A roof is a building’s top covering, which includes the materials and constructions required to support it on the building’s walls or uprights, giving protection from rain, temperature extremes, sunlight, and wind. The building envelope includes the roof.

Why is it Important in Every Building?

In the construction of any structure, proper roofing is essential. A building’s integrity is determined by the stability and quality of its roof. The roof is a feature of the building’s façade, and it is one of the first things that visitors look at when judging the quality of a structure.

  • A decent roof should be able to provide insulation in both your office and your house.
  • Roof leakages are a common occurrence in poorly constructed structures. Your gadgets, furnishings, and merchandise at your house and office are all protected by a good roof.
  • Another benefit of proper roofing is that it enhances the appearance and value of your home. If your home has a distinctively designed roof, it will be obvious to anyone passing by.
  • Investors and consumers will judge your business professionalism from the outside of your building and will refuse to do business with you if they perceive you to be unprofessional. The roof, walls, and painting are the most apparent parts of the building from the outside.
  • A well-designed and high-quality roof will increase the market value of your building. Most prospective purchasers will inspect the roof closely during a property resale to ensure that it is well-built.
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That being said, let’s take a look at the cost of roofing in Nigeria.

Cost of Roofing In Nigeria

Many people want to know how much roofing in Nigeria costs. This group of people could include construction engineers, contractors, architects, or even a business owner who wants to know how much it will cost to create his own home or structure. This section of the article provides an answer to your query.

Cost of Roofing in Nigeria

Type of ApartmentPrice using Stone-coated Roofing SheetPrice using Aluminium/Zinc-coated Roofing Sheet
4-bedroom bungalows₦1.5 million – ₦2 million₦1.5 million
3-bedroom bungalows₦1.5 million – ₦1.8 million₦1.3 million
2-bedroom bungalows₦1.1 million₦750,000 – ₦800,000
Duplexes₦2 million – ₦3 million₦2 million – ₦3 million
Cost of Roofing in Nigeria

The prices above are just estimates. Let’s take a look at the cost of each type of roofing sheet in different measurements of sale.

Cost of Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets

Type of Stone-Coated Roofing SheetPrice per meter(0.55 metres)
Bond sheet₦2,450
Roman sheet₦2,600
Shingle sheet₦2,600
Shake sheet₦2,600
Milano sheet₦2,600
Classic sheet₦2,450
Cost of Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets

Cost of Aluminium-Coated Roofing Sheets

Type of Aluminium-Coated Roofing SheetPrice per metre(0.45 metres)Price per metre(0.55 metres)
Long span₦1,250₦1,650
Step tile₦1,400₦1,800
Cost of Aluminium-Coated Roofing Sheets

Types of Roofing Sheets

Roofing sheets have their own unique way of enhancing the grandeur, beauty, and elegance of a property. This is why they’re crucial.

Most significantly, they provide cover, which is an essential component of any structure’s shelter. The following are the types of roofing sheets in Nigeria:

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Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets

A stone-coated roof is made of steel which is extremely durable. When compared to other roofing materials, it does not split, shatter, curl, or absorb moisture.

This roofing sheet’s performance does not deteriorate with age; rather, it lasts for decades and continues to function well year after year. The stone-covered roofing sheet has the advantage of requiring less maintenance.

Many individuals make the mistake of believing that this roofing sheet (which contains metal) will heat up and cause excessive heat on hot days.

This is not the case. Stone-coated roofing sheets reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorb it. This is yet another feature that distinguishes this roofing sheet from the rest.

Aluminium-Coated Roofing Sheets

Roofing sheets made of aluminium are more expensive than those made of other materials. Despite the fact that they are not the most expensive roofing sheets on the market, they can keep their position as one of the most efficient and trustworthy roofing sheets.

It is crucial to note that, regardless of the thickness of the Aluminium Roofing sheet, leakages can occur if it is not properly installed.

Fibre-Britment Roofing Sheets

Before the others came into play, this was the most common type of roofing sheet in Nigeria, and it was highly popular in the sector. Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets are still readily available on the Nigerian market; they are pretty trustworthy and will undoubtedly serve you well.

Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets are of good quality, have a long lifespan, and are ideal for edifices.

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Factors that Determine the Cost of Roofing In Nigeria

Design of the Type of Roofing

When the pricing of stone-coated and aluminium-coated roofing sheets was addressed earlier in this article, there were minor variances between the varieties mentioned.

This is what this section of the article is about. The cost of whichever design you select is slightly higher than the cost of any other design that may be offered.

Type of Roofing Sheet

Because their quality is far superior to the rest, stone-coated roofing sheets appear to be the most expensive. Roofing sheets with a stone coating are more durable than the others. Aluminium-coated roofing sheets, on the other hand, are more expensive than fibre treatment roofing sheets.


The siting of the industry producing these sheets also matters. If the industry is closer to residential areas, the price may be cheaper than the one that’s very far away from residential areas.

Structure’s Foundation

This is where the building may be a three-bedroom apartment or a two-bedroom apartment or even a duplex comes in. The width and the general structure of the building determine how much would be paid for roofing sheets.


This piece has covered all the necessary information there is to know regarding the cost of roofing in Nigeria as well as how the sheets differ. If your question has been left unanswered, please feel free to utilize the comment section below for that purpose. Thank you.

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