Guide And Cost Of Borehole Drilling In Nigeria (2024)

In Nigeria today, borehole drilling is among the most popular methods of producing water. The act of drilling a borehole—a deep, narrow hole in the ground—to gain access to water is known as borehole drilling, as the name suggests.

Different stages and drilling techniques come in a range of costs. Drilling holes in the ground can be difficult and expensive. This is so that it can typically be done at a high cost and with a large workforce. The type of borehole drilling technique to be used does, however, have a significant impact on costs.

There are several techniques to drill a borehole, and depending on your area, you can select the most appropriate technique. It is crucial to confirm if there is a practical water source available for a water borehole.

The water that was stored there may have remained there for many years or it may have fed another stream. You can get to the water by boring into it thanks to the pressure from below.

Depending on the water supply in the area, Nigerian water borehole construction typically ranges from 100 to 200 feet deep. Whichever digging technique is used impacts the real cost you might anticipate paying for a typical borehole drilling process.

Cost of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria

On average, borehole drilling can cost between N120,000 and N600,000 depending on some factors. Those factors include;

Method of Borehole Drilling

This is the primary variable influencing the cost of digging boreholes. The manual drilling method and the heavy-duty borehole drilling method are the two basic techniques for drilling holes. About ten persons are needed to drill the borehole manually.

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Although it takes more time and people, it is a far less expensive approach to dig a borehole. This method is typically used in regions where the drilling procedure and topography are less complicated. Normally, it costs between N120, 000 and N300, 000.

On the other hand, because a heavy-duty machine drills the well, the process of drilling a heavy-duty borehole requires fewer workers. Although more expensive than the manual process, this approach is quicker and more trustworthy. The price range for the heavy-duty borehole drilling method is typically between N300,000 and N600,000.

Location of the Borehole

The price to be paid throughout the drilling procedure is also influenced by the borehole’s location. The price of drilling a borehole, for instance, would vary depending on where it was done: Abuja versus Lagos.

This may be due to the fact that certain places have significantly higher living expenses than others, which affects the price of the supplies needed.

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