Cost Of Septic Tank/ Soal Away Construction In Nigeria (2024)

What is the cost of septic tank and soakaway installation in Nigeria?

The presence of a septic tank and a soakaway is required when constructing a structure. These are the locations where waste from the toilet, bathroom, and kitchen is discharged.

Although some Nigerians refer to a septic tank as a soakaway, the two are not the same. All you need are the resources, skilled labor, and money to construct amazing structures. We’ll look at the steps involved in constructing a septic tank and a soakaway.

Difference between a Septic Tank and a Soakaway

Let’s begin by understanding the fundamental difference between a septic tank and a soakaway, as this is often misunderstood.

What Is A Septic Tank?

This is a subterranean structure that houses the waste from toilets, sometimes known as excrement or, in popular vernacular, shit.

It’s nothing more than a self-contained system of tanks for collecting effluent and storing solid waste and wastewater. In the first tank, bacterial action breaks down solid waste. The partially treated effluent is then pumped to the second chamber, where it will be subjected to more natural biological action.

It’s then held in the tank until it overflows into a drainage field or a soakaway, where bacteria in the soil break down the waste even further.

Septic Tank is deeper than Soakaway, with the body plastered and the floor flooring, unlike Soakaway. In Nigeria, a conventional septic tank is 8 by 10.

What Is A Soakaway?

A soakaway is a container that collects water from the kitchen, bathroom, and other sources of wastewater.

The liquid from the septic tank is also disposed of in the soakaway. The soakaway keeps the septic tank from overflowing. It removes the extra water because it isn’t bottomed like a septic tank.

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The plumber can either do a cross-connection between the septic tank and the soakaway to capture the surplus from the septic tank, or he can leave it with its own compartment, depending on the plumber.

In comparison to a septic tank, the soakaway is usually not particularly deep. In Nigeria, a normal soak way is usually 4 by 4.

The difference between a septic tank and a soakaway is that a septic tank is deeper and plastered before being leveled, whereas a soakaway is not treated in the same way because the floor is left as is, and it is also not as deep.

They are erected together in Nigeria and divided by six-inch bricks. The rest of the separation will be completed by the plumber.

Materials Needed

The cost of constructing these drainage systems varies according to the size, cost of building materials, and cost of services in that particular location.

However, if you’re building a four-room bungalow for a modest family, you’ll need a regular septic tank that’s 8 by 10 and a soakaway that’s 4 by 4.

A structure can have many drainage systems. A septic tank with a soakaway per level could be installed in large buildings, especially those with multiple stories.

Here are some of the supplies you’ll need to construct these drainage systems, though the amount you’ll need depends entirely on the size of the septic tank or soakaway necessary for the structure.

  • Blocks, which the land topography factor could either increase the amount or reduce it.
  • Sand, for plastering and coaching
  • Gravel, for concrete cover
  • Rods, to strengthen the building
  • Bags of cement, for use in construction
  • Concrete boards, for strength to support the building
  • Po-line wood (the standard type)
  • Nails.
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Services Needed

The services of some building professionals are also required. They are as follows:

  • Carpenters, build the structure.
  • Plumbers, to connect the pipes
  • Diggers, to dig up the required underground space
  • Mason and servants to assist in the building process.

As well as some other costs that may be incurred during the construction process.

Cost Of Septic Tank Construction and Soakaway Installation

Please keep in mind that this is not financial advice. The above is the normal method of construction; however, for a particularly large house or a structure constructed for commercial purposes, a septic tank and soakaway per floor may be required. As a result, there is no set amount; it might cost millions.

Final Thoughts

Every building should have a soakaway and a septic tank. There is even more than one in some structures. They’re the pipes that transport waste from the toilet, bathroom, and kitchen sink to the drainage system. We’ve also taken a look at the steps involved in constructing the septic tank and soakaway.

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