Top 10 Richest Local Governments In Enugu State

What are the top 10 richest local governments in Enugu state today? Of what significance is this state to the development of the nation? What local governments are the most productive in this state? Read on to find out.

In the southeast of Nigeria sits the state of Enugu. Enugu serves as the state capital and is home to a large Igbo population. The state’s catchphrase is “Coal City State” because coal was discovered there in the early 1900s. One of the states that generate a lot of money for the government is this one.

Here are some of the richest local governments in Enugu State that generate significant income for the nation. Also, check out the 5 Best Areas To Live In Enugu State.

Richest Local Governments In Enugu State

The richest local governments in Enugu state, arranged in no particular order, are:

Enugu Local Government

Both the state’s capital and one of the richest local governments in Enugu State are located here. Tourists should visit this local government on their trip because it is stunning and includes a variety of tourist attractions. The following are some noteworthy facts about the Enugu Local Government:

  • This local government is home to several manufacturing firms, including Anammco, Juhel Nigeria LTD, and Nigeria Breweries plc, among others.
  • Enugu’s museum, golf course, and Opi Lake Complex, which has seven interconnected lakes with reptiles, are just a few of the city’s tourist attractions.

Igbo-Etiti Local Government

It is also one of the richest local governments in Enugu state because Ogbede serves as the local government’s administrative center. The primary occupation in this local government area is farming. They cultivate yams, cassava, kola nuts, and cocoyams in great numbers.

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Additionally, the locals trade, do woodworking, make handicrafts, and tap palm wine. Additionally, the local government region is renowned for producing palm oil and “Okpa,” or Bambara nut cake in English, an Igbo food.

Oji River Local Government

Enugu State, Nigeria’s Oji River Local Government Area borders Anambra State and Abia State to the south.

Oji River is where it has its headquarters. Oji River LGA is made up of the following towns: Inyi, Achi Ag, Achil, Awlaw, Akpugoeze, Oji-River Urban, and Ugwuoba.

It is also amongst the richest local governments in Enugu state. Some notable things in this local government area are:

  •  It has the oldest and largest leprosy rehabilitation center in the southeast.
  • Oji River Police services
  • Oji River Thermal plant
  • Coal Mining

Nsukka Local Government

Nigeria’s Enugu State is home to the town and Local Government Area of Nsukka. The towns of Edem, Opi (an archaeological site), Ede-Oballa, and Obimo all border Nsukka.

It is one of Nigeria’s most populous and prosperous local governments. This local government is home to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, one of the oldest and best universities in Nigeria to date.

Additionally, the citizens of this local government work in manufacturing, trade, and food processing.

Awgu Local Government

Located in the Enugu West Senatorial Zone, the Awgu Local Government Area is one of the most important local governments in Enugu State.

Many communities, including Agbudu, Amoli, Awgu, and others, are located there. There are a few noteworthy aspects of the local government:

  • It contains an orientation camp for the Enugu State National Youth Service Corps.
  • Residents engage in crop and livestock farming
  • In addition, residents quarry and tap the wine of the palms.
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Igbo-Eze North Local Government

Nigeria’s Enugu State is home to the Local Government Area of Igbo Eze North. Benue and Kogi States are bordered by it. Two towns make up Igbo Eze North. They are Etteh and Enugu Ezike. In Igbo-Eze North, people enjoy:

  • It has several markets, including Eke Ozzi, Afor, and Orie-Umuozzi.
  • The locals work in agriculture, crafts, and hunting.

Nkanu East Local Government

A Local Government Area in Enugu State, Nigeria, called Nkanu East borders Ebonyi State to the east. Its headquarters is located in Amagunze town. This local government area is well-known for:

  • Tapping palms for wine, known as Akwuru Akpawfu;
  • Producing various kinds of palm products, including oil, nuts, and kernels;
  • Involving in the practice of subsistence farming;
  • Hosting the Omaba masquerade, a cultural celebration.

Udenu Local Government

Udenu is one of the richest local governments in Enugu State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Obollo-Afor (or Obolo) on the A3 highway. Udenu is known for its agricultural activities and mixed cropping. They also engage in mixed farming.

Udi Local Government

Udi is a Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. Its headquarters is in the town of Udi. The local government area has a hilly topography. Udi is known for its hills and Awhum waterfall which are major tourist sites in Enugu

Ezeagu Local Government

Ezeagu Local Government Area is also amongst the richest local governments in Enugu state. Its headquarters is in Aguobu-Owa town. It is known for Palm oil production and farming.

On A Final Note

This piece has discussed necessary information regarding the richest local governments in Enugu state. The state of Enugu engages in a variety of economic activities, including mining coal, producing goods, farming, hunting, commerce, and tapping palms to make wine, among others.

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The state receives income from these numerous activities, raising the nation’s GDP. The state of Enugu also features several tourist attractions that draw visitors from near and far, as well as bring in money for the local governments.

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