Top 10 Richest Local Governments In Ebonyi State (2024)

What are the richest local governments in Ebonyi State today? Which of Ebonyi State’s divisions is richer and contributes to a large extent to the development of the state at large? Which part of Ebonyi State should anyone think of residing in?

Ebonyi state, which has Abakaliki as its capital and is located in the country of Nigeria’s South-East geopolitical zone, was created on October 1st, 1966. The state’s catchphrase is “Salt of the Nation,” as it is well known for its salt production. There, agriculture is also practised extensively. In the nation, it is the top producer of rice, yam, potatoes, maize, beans, and cassava.

This state is currently a leader in the national food market as a result of its agricultural output. Naturally, there are Local Government divisions in every state. Each of these local governments has leaders and is classified as either wealthy or developing based on how much they have contributed to the growth of the state.

As one of the richest states in Nigeria, Ebonyi, it is expected that each of its divisions will be developed or still be developing on a state level.

After all, “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.” These are the words of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America and this is what qualifies the existence of this piece.

To ascertain which of the divisions of Ebonyi State are the richest and contributing to a large extent, towards the development of the nation.

With a gross domestic product of ₦16.5 billion and a per capita income of ₦3222, it is one of the richest states in Nigeria. Consequently, we’ll talk about 10 of Ebonyi state’s wealthiest local governments in Nigeria.

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Richest Local Governments In Ebonyi State

The richest local governments in Ebonyi State are:

Abakaliki Local Government Area

The town of Nkaliki serves as the administrative centre for the thirteen local government areas in Ebonyi state, including the one known as Abakaliki. It tops our list of the richest local governments in Ebonyi state. In Ebonyi State, it is the most wealthy and influential local government. Ebonyi state’s capital is also Abakaliki.

Since Abakaliki provides salt for all of Nigeria, it is well renowned for its salt production. Additionally, the Abakaliki local government has assets that distinguish it as the wealthiest in the Ebonyi state. They consist of:

  • Ebonyi State Government House;
  • Ebonyi State House of Assembly Complex;
  • National Museum;
  • Abakaliki Golf Course;
  • Ebonyi State High Court;
  • Abakaliki Rice Mills;
  • Quarry Factories;
  • Many nature parks and recreational centres.

Ikwo Local Government Area

Ikwo is Ebonyi State’s biggest Local Government Area. The state’s eastern region is where it is located. It is also renowned for having two significant festivals: the annual Aji and Nefioha festivals. The cultivation of Abakaliki rice makes Ikwo one of the wealthiest local governments in Ebonyi State.

Ikwo local government area’s further noteworthy features include:

  • Biggest wine producer in Abakaliki
  • Abakaliki Rice’s largest producer.
  • A place that is rich in natural resources, including salt and limestone.
  • The location of the Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo (FUNAI)
  • Ebonyi State College of Education is also located there.

Afikpo Local Government Area

Even though it is one of the richest local governments in Ebonyi state, this LGA is the second largest in Ebonyi. 22 villages make up the local government region, which is well-known for its agricultural output because many of the residents are excellent farmers.

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Noteworthy Facts about the Afikpo local government include the following:

  • It is one of Nigeria’s largest producers of agricultural goods, including yam, palm products, maize, plantains, and vegetables, among others.
  • There is the Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Uwana.

Onueke Local Government Area

Onueke Local Government, which is situated in the southern part of Ebonyi, serves as the Ezzas’ ancestral home. It serves as the centre of Christianity for Eastern Catholics. The majority of the Ezzas, who make up this local government area’s population, are farmers.

They grow yams, cassava, rice, cocoyams, and a variety of other crops. Eke Imoha, one of the biggest and oldest marketplaces in Ebonyi State, is located in Onueke. It is also renowned for its agricultural productivity.

Ohaukwu  Local Government Area

The local government of Ohaukwu is located in the town of Ezzamgbo. It is one of the wealthiest local governments in Ebonyi state due to its numerous mining operations and significant salt resources.
The Ohaukwu local government area is notable for several things, including

  • The processing of mineral resources.
  • The locals work in agriculture as well.
  • There are typically large amounts of rice, yams, cassava, and maize planted.

Izzi Local Government Area

Iboko town in the state of Ebonyi is home to the Izzi Local Government Area. It is known as a hub for the agricultural commerce of farm goods such as yams, cassava, rice, and palm products and serves as the capital city of the State.

It is also known for its nearby lead, zinc, salt, and limestone deposits. Izzi residents are renowned for being excellent farmers and miners, contributing significantly to the local economy and the state as a whole.

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Ohaozara Local Government Area

The Ohaozara region of Ebonyi state is incredibly rich in natural minerals and vast salt reserves. One of Ebonyi State’s wealthiest local government districts is this one.

Farmers who mostly cultivate yam, cassava, rice, and maize make up the population. Great farmers and miners come from the Ohaozara region. It is renowned for having a vibrant cultural legacy.

Ishielu Local Government Area

Among the wealthiest local governments in Ebonyi state is Ishielu Local Government. It is in the town of Ezillo. Ishielu town is likewise blessed with huge agricultural fields, and the majority of its residents are farmers and traders.

Onicha Local Government Area

The town of Onicha Local Government Area consists of 13 settlements. It is one of Ebonyi State’s wealthiest local government areas. Agriculture is an important component of this local government’s activities.

Ivo Local Government Area

Ivo ends our list of the top 10 richest local governments in Ebonyi State. One of the richest local governments in the state is Ivo LGA. Because of its plentiful lands, farming and trading are the main occupations there.


This piece has discussed the richest local governments in Ebonyi state in recent times. Ebonyi state is richly blessed as has been seen from the various economic ways the local government makes their revenue.

Ebonyi has fertile land for both agriculture and mineral resources while still having hard-working farmers, miners, and traders among other jobs. This has made Ebonyi State one of the major income-generating states in Nigeria.

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