Top 10 Best States For Business in Nigeria

Looking for an updated list of the top 10 best states for business in Nigeria? This piece has the answer to your several questions concerning that.

With over 200 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous African country and the seventh most populated country in the world, making it a valuable site for businesses both domestically and globally. There is no Nigerian state that does not have a business hub, however, there are some areas where businesses thrive more than others.

In today’s article, we’ll look at which states in Nigeria are best for starting up a business and expecting large returns.

Criteria for Consideration

The following factors are considered while choosing the suitable location to start one’s business:

Proximity to a Landmark

Check to see if the location you want to launch your company has a landmark. At the very least, this location must be close to a well-known location that will be easy to find for potential customers.

If this isn’t done, your client will have a difficult time finding you and even you will be fed up because you’ll have to go through the aggravation of several descriptions and phone conversations.


The location under consideration must be very secure and have a low theft rate. If the site is not safe, commodities, money, and, most sadly, one’s life on the edge of gaining money may be lost. Make sure the site you want to go to is well-protected.


The location of your business should be easily accessible, with good or minimally substandard roads that allow cars and other vehicles to pass through.


Whether you’re offering goods or services, your business center should be in a populated region to boost your chances of making a significant number of sales per day.

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When you look at Lagos, you’ll see that it has a lot of business centers and industries. Lagos’s large population also contributes to the city’s high degree of company establishment and industrialization.

PS: Did you know that most business start-ups flourish in the most developed states in Nigeria today?

Top 10 Best States for Business in Nigeria

Lagos State

Lagos serves as Nigeria’s primary industrial and commercial hub. As a result, Lagos is the center of business activity. Natural resources including oil, coal, natural gas, water, and fuelwood have greatly helped Lagos, resulting in a strong financial position.

Traffic is methodically controlled by well-connected roads. Tourists visiting Lagos will enjoy the markets. Lagos is home to a number of tourist attraction centers. Lagos, as a major Nigerian metropolis, receives a large number of travelers every year. This alone makes Lagos a well-sought-after city in Nigeria.

Rivers State

Rivers state is the economic hub of Nigeria’s southern region, and it is the country’s most populous south-southern state. To start a business in Port-Harcourt, one must have a tenacious and aggressive approach to business, as many enterprises prosper there.

Port-Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State, is the major business hub of Rivers state. Port-Harcourt is the largest city in Rivers state. The discovery of crude oil was a significant factor in the modernization and infrastructure development of this metropolis. Nigeria’s biggest oil-refining city is Port Harcourt.

Kano State

Kano is Northern Nigeria’s commercial capital. It is one of Nigeria’s top cities, with a big number of business entrepreneurs reaping the benefits of their successful ventures. It is, without a doubt, the best city in Northern Nigeria for doing business.

Kano has a plethora of manufacturing and agro-based businesses, which has contributed to Nigeria’s strong job boom. Kano’s growing population is largely due to urbanization. Kano is well-known as a tourist attraction, in addition to serving as Nigeria’s main trading center for many years. Beautiful vistas, lakes, and rivers abound in this landscape.

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Anambra State (Onitsha)

Onitsha is also well-known for its bustling market. It is one of the most prominent Nigerian cities in the country’s southeastern region and is located in the state of Anambra. Fruits, corns, vegetables, and nuts are the main commercial items farmed in Onitsha.

Tires, petroleum products, nails, and bearings are among the other items traded in Onitsha. They’re mostly made in and around the area. The city is blessed with a plentiful supply of mineral water.


Abuja is Nigeria’s federal capital area, and it is a sophisticated metropolis with many amenities and facilities. It is the most meticulously designed and constructed of all the Nigerian cities. Locals and tourists alike are drawn to markets and retail complexes.

Abuja offers a plethora of nightclubs and eateries that appeal to both tourists and residents. All of these variables contribute to the city’s high rate of new business start-ups.

Oyo State (Ibadan)

Ibadan, the state capital of Oyo, is a densely populated city. This aspect has a significant impact on the region’s economic development. Ibadan is a target market for businesses in Nigeria, and sales are particularly appealing due to its proximity to Lagos.

Delta State (Warri)

Warri is the state’s commercial hub and one of the state’s most populous cities. It is a major oil hub in the South-South region. It is a prominent center for petroleum activity and enterprises in the country’s southern region. It’s considered a contemporary metropolis with significant infrastructure development. In Nigeria, it is home to a number of prominent foreign and local businesses.

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Cross-River State

Calabar, Cross-state River’s capital, is noted for its high profitability for new business ventures. This state shares borders with Cameroon through Ikom town, which contributes to its excellent business yields. Cassava, Palms, bananas, and fish are all traded at Calabar.

Calabar is located on the banks of the Calabar River. The town grew into a crossroads for white traders on the coast and indigenous peoples in the interior. Calabar has a bustling bazaar where local goods from all around the region can be found.

Calabar is a handy location for travelers because it is located in the far southeast of Nigeria and serves as the final major halt on the road to Cameroon. This increases the city’s client base. Check out the Top 10 Largest Towns and Cities In Cross-River State.

Ogun State

Ogun state experiences excellent business yields and more clients as a result of its close proximity to Lagos state. Ogun state has a significant population of industries, which is due to investors’ high interest in the state.

Kaduna State

The city of Kaduna is a major trading center and transportation hub for the surrounding rural areas due to the state’s rail and road junction. It is widely considered Northern Nigeria’s and the Middle Belt’s industrial hub. Read Also; Top 5 Safest States in Northern Nigeria Today.


This piece has discussed everything expected of the top 10 best states for business in Nigeria. If you have questions, please kindly hit the comment section. We’ll respond as swiftly as we can.

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