Top 5 Safest States in Northern Nigeria Today

Amidst all of the negative news, you might have been hearing about Northern Nigeria we have put together the top 5 safest states in Northern Nigeria you can visit, work in, and even reside in.

It is understandable that most people in Nigeria love to live in the Southern region of the country and this is because of the scourge of the terrorist groups Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen packaged by the government and the media as bandits.

Safety is very important, especially the safety of lives and properties which the Southern region takes with seriousness but the same can’t be said about the northern region.

Nevertheless, there are some safe states in Northern Nigeria where the safety of lives and properties is taken seriously.

If you have been contemplating where to reside in Nigeria with open opportunities for good jobs, relaxation, markets, schools, and even a good standard of living then you might want to consider reading this article in full.

As we all know the sense of safety in the neighborhood gives space for economic activities, reproduction, growth, and good health and this directly or indirectly influence the livelihood of people residing in such an environment health-wise and wealth-wise.

Everything being said is good but this is not the case as far as Northern Nigeria is concerned fret not, we’ve got some selection for you where the safety of lives and property is still intact.

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In this article, we will shed some light on this and reveal to you the safest states in Northern Nigeria before we dive into the topic of the day let us brush through the history of Northern Nigeria and brief information you need to know about Northern Nigeria.

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History of Northern Nigeria

The Northern Nigeria region is part of Nigeria which makes it start from after the middle belt of the country upwards on the map of Nigeria. Just like every other region of Nigeria, Northern Nigeria is rich in culture and tradition, good food, and good people and they were able to form their own security structures with foreign relations independently.

The most spoken language in Northern Nigeria is the Hausa language with the NOK culture which is very dominant in Nigeria and beyond.

In 1953 Northern Protectorate gained independence and in 1962, the North of Nigeria became a province, the North actually gained its own independence before 1960 when every other part of Nigeria gained theirs with Alhaji Tafawa Balewa being the first premier of the Nothern region.

Northern Nigeria enjoyed peace over the years and the people are seen as the most God-fearing and humble people, they are very nice and have a good accommodating record.

What will interest you about Northern Nigeria is the low cost of living and this has made a lot of people migrate from other regions and other neighboring countries to Northern Nigeria.

Lately, everything has changed, the once peaceful Northern Nigeria has turned into the home of different groups of terrorist organizations like Boko Haram, ISWAP, Fulani Herdsmen, and many others. With all these security issues where the government couldn’t tame the terrorists, this has caused most people to migrate down South.

The 5 Safest States in Northern Nigeria

1. Sokoto State

You hardly hear about the activities of terrorists in Sokoto State, this is one of the safest states in Nothern Nigeria and the government of this state should be applauded and encouraged. Interestingly, Sokoto state is a peaceful state with its capital city being Sokoto, this is where we have the popular Sokoto Caliphate and the state is dominated by the Fulanis.

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It is a state with most of its natives being Muslims and peace-loving, you hardly hear news on conflicts between tribes or religious groups in this state.

If you are thinking of living in a peaceful place where the standard of living is not high then Sokoto state is your best bet. To make it much more alluring the state is currently experiencing some infrastructural developments and economic activities here are encouraging, the ease of doing business here will blow your mind, in short, in Sokoto you have nothing to worry about.

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2. Kebbi State

Another safe place in Northern Nigeria is Kebbi State. Kebbi is a state in Nothern Nigeria and located in the north-western region of Nigeria with its capital “Birnin Kebbi”. The first on our list is Sokoto state which we have confirmed to be a peaceful state, it should not surprise you to see Kebbi state on this list as Kebbi State was created out of Sokoto State in 1991.

The state is bordered by Sokoto State, Zamfara State, Niger State, Niger Republic, and also Benin. Hardly will you find news on this state and if you are going to get news on Kebbi it won’t be of insecurity or terrorist activities.

Kebi State is a calm place, the state is subdivided into Yauri, Zulu, Argungu, and Gwandu which are the four emirates. The state boast of serene environment and there are many advantages awaiting you in case you decide to live in this state.

3. Jigawa State

Jigawa State made it on the list of the safest states in Northern Nigeria, the state capital of Jigawa State is Dutse. This state was created out of Northeast state Kano State in 1991 and has its border with Yobe State and Republic of Niger.

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The State has been able to repel terrorists and security here is very commendable, all thanks to the state government and the good people of Jigawa state.

4. Niger State

Another state which made it on this list is Niger State. Niger state was formed in 1976 and it is one of the 36 states of Nigeria and it is the largest state in Nigeria, the state is located in the middle belt region of Nigeria with its capital city being Minna.

Major cities with commercial activities are Kontagora, Suleja, Bida just to mention a few. Niger State is known for peace and is one of the most visited by tourists, the state boast of tourist attractions like the Kainji Dam which is one of the major hydroelectric dams in Nigeria.

Niger state has had some attacks in the past but the state is currently one of the most peaceful states in Northern Nigeria.

5. Bauchi State

Last on the list of safest states in Northern Nigeria is Bauchi State. The state was formed in 1976 when the former North-Eastern region was broken, the state is located in the North East of Nigeria.

The people of Bauchi state have been enjoying uninterrupted peace, to prove this the state has hosted most Youth Corp members which were posted to other neighboring states due to insecurities in those states.

There you have it the 5 safest states in Northern Nigeria currently, among this list, you can choose any that you like, and don’t forget to air your opinion through the comment box below.

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