The 12 Indoor Plants You Should Buy (+Pictures)

Wondering what are the best indoor plants you should buy? If you really want to give your home that sweet scent and cool natural beautification then buying the indoor plants we listed below should be the best thing to do.

We love plants so much that our hearts break every time one dies (and we feel guilty). Never forget that houseplants give the home freshness and give your apartment a calm ambiance which can never be attained with factory-made plants.

Without further ado check out our top 12 best selections of indoor plants:

The 12 Indoor Plants You Should Buy

1. Snake plant

I think they are having a resurgence, especially for contemporary interiors. With sword-shaped leaves that gently move from the ground like enchanted snakes, this houseplant strikes a charming balance between order and chaos and at the same time easy to manage as they don’t require too much water and sunlight.

2 Maidenhair

It is a small fern composed of thin and elegant leaves, a black stem, and small, round leaves, native to Tropical America, it is one of the best indoor plants you can buy and display in your home or office.

It enjoys tremendous popularity due to the freshness provided by its leaves and is ideal for decorating the bathroom (as long as it has a window).

To keep it alive and beautiful, it is only necessary to keep it close to moderate light (neither too dim nor too direct) and to keep the soil moist by spraying water regularly.

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3. Ficus lyrata

This is a beautiful plant with shiny leaves and is perfect for indoors be it at home or the office. It is demanding when it comes to light, it needs a position with a lot of luminosity but that does not affect it directly.

The watering must be generous during its growth and reduced in the winter. To maintain the brightness of its leaves, you can add liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water every 15 days.

4. Donkey tail

It is a hanging plant native to Mexico and very striking for the way its cylindrical leaves grow downwards. Its growth is fast and its bunches hanging in the air create a beautiful image.

It is ideal for indoors and for beginners in gardening. It is only necessary to water it regularly, allowing the soil to dry between waterings and transplanting it every so often, taking care not to spoil the small flowers that emerge in spring at the end of the stems.

5. Cactus

They are native to America and Africa and are adapted to withstand extreme conditions of temperature, light, and drought.

Its leaves have become thorns with various capacities: they act as a screen against the sun’s rays and capture water by condensation. To have the best of it we advise you to place them in ceramics or clay vast.

6. Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a popular plant with its medicinal virtues and beautiful leaves, it is a perfect beautifying plant you can put in your home or office.

It is mostly found in northwest Africa though can also be found almost in every part of the world. Find the sunniest place possible (ideally a balcony or terrace) to keep its leaves rigid. Fertilize it during the spring with natural compost and keep it with just enough humidity with sporadic watering.

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7. Succulents

Like the cactus and aloe vera, they are born in North Africa and store water in their leaves, thus surviving in the aridest areas.

They are very easy to care for indoors and tend to bloom very conspicuously. Some basic care, always without direct sunlight and without plenty of water, will be sufficient for its maintenance.

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8. Split-leaf philodendron (Monstera Plant)

Recommended by EucarlRealty, this plant has a distinctive leaf that appears to have been gently cut by a careful hand. You can cut off the top as long as it has air roots attached, and also replant it (you can easily reproduce it). Split-leaved philodendron care: Water once a week.

9. Meyer Lemon 

This tree is a hybrid of lemons and tangerines with a more subtle and sweeter flavour than ordinary lemons, one of the best Indoor Plants You Should Buy.

But these trees enjoy more virtues than fruit: “When they bloom, you have this beautiful fragrance of citrus flowers. Lemon Meyer trees do well indoors as long as they have a lot of sun.

10. Kentia

The leaves of this plant sprout high above the ground, then droop and create subtle shadows. “They look great in a large urn,” noting that it should be given a lot of space, as it can grow up to 3 meters.

#11. Cast Iron Plant

This plant is mostly characterized by its foliage, which means if you are looking for a lush, dark green plant, this is the one for you. It works well in medium to low light and is drought tolerant (for forgetful to water).

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12. Aerial plants

It comes from the south of Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Its natural habitat is desert and supports dry and very hot climates. It grows slowly and is very popular due to its low need for care.

Ideal for spaces where abundant air circulates and sunlight reaches indirectly. You just have to spray water on it once or twice a week so that it lasts up to 15 years in perfect condition.

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