Classic Kitchen Designs: Modern and Small Kitchens

In general, no more than 1 month goes by without us seeing a new catalog of modern kitchen Designs. Sometimes we have variants that lead us to designs for small houses, fashions such as vintage, or all in a particular color. 

Classic Kitchen Designs: Modern And Small Kitchens

This delivery is the most traditional, we focus on modern kitchen designs and we want them to be the ones that inspire you for your home.

The elements that go in the kitchen are not cheap, even those of poor quality always have a cost that stands out and takes a good part of the budget of the house in general. 

That is why we need to think very well about what we are going to put in our kitchen before it is under construction.

Wood in its endless variants such as chipboard, MDF or medium-density fiberboard, plywood, Formica, and other forms is still the king of the kitchen.

These are only completed with stainless steel, although its cost becomes prohibitive for many.

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Kitchens with granite

Another good option, although it only applies to countertops, is the placement of marble; We can always turn to its most economical variant, granite. However, both have their cost, although this is later reflected in a countertop that will last a lifetime. 

I attest to this, in my parents’ house a granite is still placed, the very widespread “Sierra chica” that was fashionable in the ’80s and 90s; It precisely dates from the year 1985 and, removing some of the lack of shine, it is like the first day, more than 30 years after its installation.

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Economical kitchens

These elements cannot be acquired by everyone since, in themselves, all kitchen implements have a significant cost. That is why there are alternatives that are a little more accessible and that can give us a very good finish.

The main response from bricklayers, and also architects, is the placement of porcelain tiles on the countertop/counter.

The larger they are, the better the finish will be, since there will not be so many joints (joints between tiles), which is usually the biggest disadvantage in this choice because it makes cleaning difficult.

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In conclusion, we urge you to choose a nice design out of the samples provided here and we will like you to comment on what you think and what changes you would make for yours.

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