Home Office Decoration: 5 Tips to Make It More Efficient

Home Office Decoration, How best can I decorate my home office? This is a question most people ask and in this era of teleworking or self offices then this will come in handy. Today we propose original ideas for decorating your home office.

I am aware of how important our workspaces are and how much they can inspire the work we do. I have always taken special care with the decoration of my office and being comfortable in my own space. But there is something special about creating and decorating a home office.

The options are many for creativity and fun solutions, the only thing that can limit us is our own imagination. If we do not have much space and we want to create a work area in the living room, one way to delimit the office area from the rest of the room is by placing a wooden panel.

If you are practicing teleworking these days, it is very easy to succumb to the temptation of working at the kitchen table, in the dining room, or even from the sofa, but it is certainly not a very good idea in terms of concentration and productivity, especially if you have children or more relatives nearby.

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It’s time to define and design a specific area so that you can telework comfortably and efficiently: these tips will give you the keys to creating the perfect home office.

Home Office Decoration: How To Decorate A Home Office

1. Define a Specific Workplace

As long as you have the possibility to do it elsewhere, you must deal with the temptation to work on the sofa, the bed, or the kitchen, since to promote concentration and performance it is necessary to clearly delimit which specific part of your house you are going to work always. For some it is preferable that the chosen space is away from televisions and passageways, to avoid distractions and interruptions.

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Perhaps you can allocate a room to where you have a computer and printer placed, as well as shelves to place files, books and other items. If you have small children (especially the little ones who prefer to always be by your side), although they are a source of frequent distractions, you can place a small table with two seats right there so that they get used to working in a space designed for it. So they can do their homework, draw or do their crafts, while you try to work.

2. Get Yourself a Good Light

Something very simple and obvious, but that sometimes due to the distribution of the spaces or the orientation of the houses is not always possible, is to ensure that the workplace is near a window that lets in natural light, or at least less, have good artificial lighting, better diffused and placed in a good position to avoid reflections on the screen so as not to strain your eyes.

This is a very important home office decoration factor that should be taken into consideration. Also, lighting experts usually advise that your home workspace should have more than one point of light.

3. Harmonic Colors and Smells

To facilitate calm and concentration, it is important to be in an environment that is not too loud. The walls should be in a color that motivates and inspires you when it comes to getting going and working.

It is also advisable to keep a chromatic harmony with the rest of the furniture and elements of your office. White never fails and helps the space look clean and uncluttered, the one that most favors concentration is blue, and some details in red and orange stimulate creativity.

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On the other hand, there are smells, which also influence your mental activity and mood, so you can play with aromatherapy: citrus aromas for memory and good spirits, mint for energy, and rosemary and jasmine for positivism. and tiredness.

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4. Ergonomics

The computer should occupy the main position on the table and be placed in front of you, although if the table is large enough to support the forearms and wrists you can place it to one side, trying to be able to handle it without turning the neck or trunk. You should place the screen as far away from you as possible, at a minimum distance of 40 cm.

Convenience is very important in your home office decoration, a good table and a good chair are essential. If you can, choose a table based on how you use the computer, taking into account whether you are going to spend a lot of time in front of it, talk on the phone or make a lot of notes;

The essential thing is that you get a model with a depth of 75 cm or more, allowing you to meet the requirement of supporting the forearms, as well as being able to stretch the legs or raise them a little (it is a good idea to place a footrest); something very important is that it has openings for the passage of cables. In addition, your chair shout is the type that can be lifted, a trend of the moment, to be able to alternate sitting and standing work, generating a good capacity for movement.

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EucarlRealty recommends an ergonomic height-adjustable model, whose backrest adapts to the back, which is wide to protect your lower back, and has a good armrest. A wheelbase will also help to move it easily and prevent injury and muscle reloading.

5. Keep your space well organized

Orderliness is essential to work in good conditions and flow concentration and creativity. Take the time to organize your workspace in a way that helps you stay focused and use elements that allow the storage and classification of your material and documents in a simple and invisible way: filing cabinets, organizers, boards, and mood boards to hang images inspiring, notes and photos, in such a way that they decorate the office to your liking, defining in it your style and personality. You can also place objects and decorative elements that bring you good memories and fill you with positive energy.

These are the points we have for you in making your home office decoration stand out, you can also consider some bonus points like adding a touch of green e.g. plants and flower vast.

Recommendations For A Teleworker

  • Don’t stay in your pajamas and dress like you’re going to the office.
  • It is essential to establish a routine and work schedule to try to meet all the objectives set for that day at that time.
  • Turn off the TV or any device in the background that distracts you.
  • Get up from time to time from the chair and walk around the house or do a little stretching.
  • Have some healthy snacks on hand (nuts, fresh fruit, raw carrots, whole grain crackers).

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