Is Furnished Apartment Rental Worth It? Pros and Cons!

You have decided to move out of your parent’s house or rent a new property to have a better quality of life with your family. The first action of most people in this situation is to make use of the internet to find the space or property of their dreams. Despite the excitement of looking for your new home, several decisions need to be taken.

One of the decisions is to choose whether to rent a furnished apartment or not. There is no right or wrong answer to making this decision. It is personal and, therefore, to make the choice, everyone must consider their lifestyle, needs, and possibilities. Despite that, let’s help you make the best choice!

Below you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of renting a furnished apartment i.e Furnished vs. Unfurnished and what you need to consider. Read on!

Advantages of Renting a Furnished Apartment

While there are different benefits to renting a furnished apartment, we’ve chosen three that we think are important and that can make a difference for most new tenants. Check it out below!

1. Economy

The first advantage of choosing a furnished apartment when renting is the economy. Moving to an unoccupied property without any furniture or appliances means having to purchase all of them and, consequently, spending money.

Even if you choose simpler options, your cost, which is zero for a furnished apartment, becomes higher. In addition, properties are often small, requiring custom-made projects to make the best use of the space. When you move elsewhere, you will likely not be able to take this furniture with you, which adds to the cost even more.

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2. Practicality

Another benefit of the furnished apartment is its practicality. When we talk about buying furniture, appliances, and renovations, we are involving a lot of time spent until the entire process is completed and the apartment is ready to move in.

Think that it is necessary to research each item, compare prices, observe the reviews or comments of customers who have already purchased the product, make the purchase, wait for delivery (if online purchase is made), assemble, etc.

Due to the busy routine and the lack of time to resolve these issues, most people end up preferring the convenience of picking up the keys, entering, and living.

3. Comfort

Finally, the last advantage we chose to emphasize here is the issue of comfort that the rented apartment can provide. Many people, when renting an apartment, prefer not to purchase so much furniture and objects such as sofas, chairs, rugs, and beds.

This is because the property is not theirs, and they are afraid to invest money in something that might not be able to be used in the next apartment. Therefore, when the apartment needs to be furnished, comfort can be put aside, giving way to slightly more economical options. 

When the property is furnished, the tendency is for the furniture to be made-to-measure, making good use of the space. Also, loose furniture, such as chairs and sofas, may also be of good quality.

Disadvantages of Renting a Furnished Apartment

1. Style

One of the big disadvantages of renting a furnished apartment is trying to find a property that has decor that suits your style.

When someone moves, he/she wants to feel good in the environment that has been chosen to call home. Despite this desire, trying to find these characteristics in a property often takes time and can generate frustration.

That’s because the taste is a very personal matter. In addition, other issues such as location, size, price, electricity, and solar position must also be considered. From this scenario, many future tenants end up giving up on finding a property that is not suitable for their taste.

2. Responsibility

Another problem with renting a furnished apartment is the responsibility that must be assumed for all the furniture and objects left inside the property. Before moving in, the prospective tenant must undergo an inspection in which all items are listed.

In addition, the status or current shape of each item is also informed. When handing over the apartment, everything that is in the report must be delivered in the same way. This responsibility tends to generate unexpected costs that involve, for example, repairing some furniture, deep cleaning of items such as tiles and glass, and painting the walls.

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3. Personal Furniture and Accessories

The last disadvantage of renting an apartment that is already furnished is related to everything that the person already owns. Unless the prospective tenant is moving out of their parent’s house, they will likely have a number of personal things to take with them like a bed, sofa, and appliances

. When choosing a property that already has these items, it is necessary to accommodate somewhere what you already have or get rid of the stuff. This ends up causing some inconvenience.

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If the option is to sell, for example, it is necessary to find buyers, negotiate, deliver, etc. In this case, when moving again, the person will not have any of their personal furniture or accessories and need to buy back again.

As we have seen, choosing to rent a furnished apartment has several benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary to balance all the pros and cons before deciding. If you’re struggling, make a priority list and think about what’s most important to you.

For example, do you prefer not to spend so much time having to choose furniture and decoration and accept to live in a place that may not be so much to you, or do you insist that the apartment has things according to your taste? Questions prioritizing options often work and help a lot!

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So, did you like our tips on renting your new apartment? Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of renting a furnished apartment, how about starting your search? We at EucarlRealty can help you with that and also try to make use of our comment section to ask questions or contribute to the topic.

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