Learn How to Hire an Efficient Real Estate Agent

In the real estate business, as in others related to retail and sales to the final consumer, the sales force is the differentiating factor that can give or take away an advantage against the competition. Therefore, at EucarlRealty, we want to show you the importance and how to hire an efficient Real Estate agent.

The importance of sales staff in the real estate company

Sellers in the real estate sector are the cover letter of the company they represent. In addition, they are the ones who have the ability to deliver added value through their dealings with customers and the management of the sale. 

When generating the first contact with the potential client, they are essential in the image and positioning of the brand. 

According to Harry Friedman, an expert in retail sales, having professional salespeople increases productivity in your business, generates brand awareness, improves the image of your company, and makes each investment you make to attract each client a return. 

Therefore, having an efficient real estate agent in your real estate company is equivalent to: 

  • Productivity increase. 
  • Brand positioning in the minds of consumers. 
  • Give value to your business. 
  • Increased profitability. 
  • Build and fatten the client portfolio. 
  • Increase in the number of clients. 
  • Generate sustainable sales results. 
  • Improve the work environment. 

At the same time, having professional real estate agents encourages motivation, helps reduce staff turnover and obtain the “Shopping Experience” that buyers demand today. 

Learn How to Hire an Efficient Real Estate Agent

Then you ask yourself, how to recognize an efficient real estate agent? Companies dedicated to the recruitment and selection of personnel in the sector, agree that this depends on an evaluation of their profile and a suitable interview in which the personal and commercial skills and knowledge that this professional must have can be verified. 

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Define the agent profile

The first thing you must establish to find the professional real estate agent that your company needs is to define a profile. This will be the guideline on which you can measure the degree of compliance of each candidate with what you need. 

This must be made up of soft skills, business, and knowledge. You could also define other aspects such as the experience in the position, its location, and availability of time or transfer.

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Soft skills

According to experts, a professional real estate agent must have specific personal characteristics and skills 

  • Written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Service attitude. 
  • Ease of interpersonal relationships. 
  • Capacity for self-management. 
  • Self-discipline and self-taught. 
  • Negotiation skills. 
  • Proactivity and motivation. 
  • Adaptation to change. 
  • Good personal image.
  • Ethics and integrity.
  • Ability to generate synergies.

This last characteristic is vital since real estate agents today, beyond establishing positive relationships with potential clients, need to generate commercial alliances with other agents and companies in the union to increase the possibilities of successful businesses and sustainable sales results. 

While it is true that today there are platforms such as Eucarlrealty, through which we provide you with the space to contact industry partners, view their portfolios, and negotiate with them, it is also true that your agents must be prepared to make the most of them. 

Business skills and knowledge

This technical knowledge and skills can be acquired through technology courses or careers, and an undergraduate degree is not necessarily required for this profile. 

Within the specific skills for the position of real estate agent there are some basic skills and knowledge that you should evaluate: 

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  • Knowledge of the real estate market (economy, finance, marketing …). 
  • Experience and specialization in a location and type of real estate (residential, commercial, country …).
  • Tax, cadastral and commercial law, and legislation. 
  • Knowledge of the professional sales process and techniques. 
  • Skill with new technologies. 

The latter on the use of technology is vital for today’s real estate agencies since digital consumption trends demand that these professionals get involved with 2.0 tools. This is because with them all the commercial and marketing management for your agents is facilitated. 

In addition, the use of real estate software is increasingly necessary to streamline and optimize commercial management, and customer relations (CRM) and automate tasks of real estate marketing (publication on networks, connection with real estate portals, emails, SMS … ). 

Find out about their achievements

One part that is analyzed in the selection process within the initial interview is the achievements obtained at the professional and work level of the candidate. Identifying them can give you an idea of ​​how motivated and engaged they can be. 

Keep in mind that motivation is the engine that drives salespeople, therefore, it is so important to know their achievements, as they give a sample of how focused they can be on meeting the objectives. 

In the same way, you will be able to identify what it is that they consider a triumph to understand what can drive them to give 100% when they work for your company. 

Know your comfort zone

Knowing that point at which the candidate feels comfortable and with everything under control is necessary to know how much you could demand and how much he could deliver in his role. For this, you could inquire about his personal goal in sales or what was the average in his indicators in past companies. 

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Propose challenges

One way to maintain good motivation and generate commitment from the beginning with a good salesperson is to set goals with their arrival at your company. 

For example, challenges at the academic level, sales volume, indicators, or commission caps, are some of those that could keep them focused and give you better results in their management. Also, check out an incentive plan that really inspires them. 

Consider that not everyone has the same interests, so you should not only think about monetary compensation, in addition, it would be appropriate to consider the emotional salary (recognition, promotion, career plan …). 

Is there an efficient and successful real estate agent?

The ideal profile for a successful real estate agent, as we have just described, can be found. Of course, finding it depends on a thorough and ongoing recruitment process. 

This means that there must be a constant recruitment and selection plan that allows you to attract better-qualified candidates and in greater numbers, avoiding having to choose agents in a hurry due to the urgency of filling the vacancy. 


Choosing an efficient real estate agent is of great importance for the productivity and brand positioning that your business needs. 

Doing so depends on building a detailed profile including soft skills, business, and specific knowledge, and verifying that they are met through interviews and selection tests. 

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Also, it is necessary to have a constant recruitment and selection plan that allows us to cover better candidates and in greater numbers. In turn, this will avoid having to choose agents for your company due to the urgency of filling the vacancy, instead of choosing the best. 

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