13 Words That Sell In The Real Estate World

“Words have power.” Surely it is not the first time you have heard it and if you are involved with the real estate business, you know the truth in this statement. Well, we are going to tell you a little more about this, with the selection of the 13 words that sell in the real estate world. Take note!

Words That Sell In The Real Estate World: Words with more impact than others

Words have a direct impact on people’s minds. These differentiate us from other living beings and each one is associated with a code that awakens some emotion, thought, or feeling in the brain. 

This is how we find a list of words that sell because they are capable of capturing attention, generating remembrance, and leading to an action or, awakening the desire for possession. 

This has already been proven by marketing techniques such as Copywriting (persuasive writing technique) or branches of psychology such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). 

That set of words that quickly reach the minds of consumers and capture their attention are: 

  1. Exclusive. 
  2. Better. 
  3. Limited. 
  4. Immediately.
  5. Right now. 
  6. Without obligation. 
  7. Recommended. 
  8. Amazing. 
  9. Enjoy. 
  10. Save. 
  11. Warranty. 
  12. Imagine. 
  13. Solution. 

Among them we find: 

  • Words that awaken a sense of urgency and that give the sensation of missing something (immediately, limited, right now). 
  • Words that enliven the human being’s need to belong to a group and for recognition (limited, exclusive, better). 
  • Words that appeal to the problem that the public can experience or well-being (solution, save, enjoy, imagine). 
  • Words that convey security and generate trust (guarantee, without obligation). 
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As you can see, each word listed is associated with a basic need and an emotion that all human beings have felt at some point in life since childhood. This is the reason why they unconsciously stay with the consumer. 

Where to use the words that sell?

Now, these words can be transmitted verbally or in writing. The most important thing is to cover the different types of brain communication channels (auditory, visual and kinesthetic) that the human being can have, to achieve that the words they sell are effective in the target audience. 

On the website

These words can be included with techniques such as copywriting and SEO on the site or web page of the real estate agency or the real estate professional. 

A strategic location of these is defined within the sentences, titles, and descriptions of each section, as a way to increase the power of persuasion and the probability of being seen. 

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In ads 

Both ads by digital channels (on social networks, YouTube videos, real estate portals, etc.), as well as by conventional and printed media, these words can be applied, without neglecting the writing strategy (for written media) or Communication. 

Also, it is essential for these words to be integrated naturally, with meaning, and to convey the message correctly. 

At the time of selling 

In the speech or sales dialogue that is developed with each client, these words that they sell can also be applied. The important thing is that you do not make the mistake of turning them into “fillers” by repeating them repeatedly or out of context, as they will lose their effect and could become something negative or weightless within the communication. 

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The effectiveness of the words they sell

The effectiveness of the words they sell is widely tested and proven in experiments conducted in digital marketing, neuroscience, and psychology. 

Some of these experiments and studies are carried out in copywriting and web analytics, with tests such as the A/B Test, in which different variants of words and designs of online publications are tested (in networks, websites, landing pages ), to verify which of them have the best response in the public. 

Similar experiments are carried out in fields such as neuromarketing and NLP, in which the brain activity generated by words is studied. 

Neuroscience and neuromarketing experts have spoken about this, such as * Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman, authors of the book “Words can change your Brain”, and Roger Dooley, who extensively explains the emotions and chemical reactions that are generated in the brain. before certain words. According to them, through words, the desire to buy is effectively awakened. 

Of course, so that this does not remain only in words and emotions, you must appeal to action. It means that not only is it enough to use the words they sell but to give them weight by making them agree with reality. 

For example, if you mention the word savings, you really must be prepared to deliver this advantage within the purchase process. 

By having greater awareness and coherence with words, you can make verbal and textual communication a valuable gift to win over your target audience. 


There are words that sell for the direct and effective message that they have in the minds of consumers. These manage to connect with emotions and produce neurochemicals that fuel the desire to buy. 

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Among those that are most powerful to increase sales we have: exclusive, better, limited, right now, without obligation, recommended, incredible, enjoy, save, guarantee, imagine, immediately, and solution.

These words can be used in digital and conventional communication channels, in written and verbal forms. There are other techniques that enhance its effectiveness, such as copywriting for the written form. 

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The effectiveness of the words they sell has been tested and proven by experts in neuroscience, neuromarketing, and in the field of copywriting. 

To achieve the expected effectiveness with these words, it must be ensured that they are used in a coherent, natural, and consistent way with reality.

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