Real Estate Marketing: How To Invest In Paid Ads On Google

One of the most powerful tools in Real Estate Marketing is to advertise on Google and collect the leads that arise from this strategy to sell or rent houses and apartments.

However, there are many real estate companies and realtors who use the tool but are not successful. They invest more than $500.00 per lead, but they don’t record the expected profits.

Is there a good way to advertise on Google and achieve the expected results in Real Estate Marketing? Of course yes! Want to know how?

In this article, we will teach you how to use Google ads to drive leads to your Real Estate business which is called Real Estate Marketing. So see below!

Real Estate Marketing Hacks

1. Segment your audience by income

It might be a little hidden in Google AdWords, but it’s possible to target your ads based on the various demographics and interests of your audience. The main one in Real Estate Marketing is income.

For example, suppose you are a construction company building a new luxury building in an upscale neighborhood of the city. Is it worth showing the ad to those who don’t have the necessary income to invest?

Even if people want the property, they will hardly get the financing for it. So it would be money spent unnecessarily.

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In this way, segment the audience you want to reach based on the income range needed to finance the property you are selling or renting. Thus, your chances of success increase.

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2. Filter the ad by geographic location of visitors

Imagine that you are a real estate agent working in the city of Florida and you have 15 apartments for sale and 18 for rent in your portfolio.

To increase your chances of success, you decide to advertise on Google Ads to get more leads and close more deals by the end of the month. The problem: you don’t filter your audience by location.

Result: you receive calls from people from Maryland, Texas, New York, Idaho, and Alaska wanting to buy or rent your properties. It is proof that the ads on Google work, but none of them closes a deal because they are not in Florida.

That means you’ve wasted your budget on people who would never be customers in the first place because they’re not in the same region as you.

Focus your ads on the city where you work and, at the most, create an extra group for people from nearby cities, especially if you live in a metropolitan area.

3. Use the Right Keywords For Your Business

One of the keys to advertising on Google correctly is to use the keywords your audience uses. After all, you want to appear to them with your ad, right?

As much as your audience uses the wrong terms or abbreviates them if that’s how your audience communicates, those are the terms you should use.

For example, although “apartment in Florida” is correct, your audience can search for “apt in Florida”. Therefore, you should do a preliminary study to see which keywords are most important for your properties and how to use them to increase your lead generation. Use Site Manger Tools Free Keywords Suggestion Tools to see what keyword combinations your audience is using while searching the web for your service.

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You also need to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and see how you who need an apartment will search for it on search engines.

4. Remove negative keywords from your ads

A trick that few people know about on Google is to remove negative keywords related to your ad. Negative words are words that are related to the topic of the ad, but that attracts an audience that won’t convert.

For example, imagine you want to sell apartments in Maryland. Therefore, it makes the ad with the keyword: “apartments in Maryland”. However, it’s important to remove the word “rent” as they attract an audience that doesn’t want what you have to offer.

With this in mind, your ads will be much more effective as they won’t appear to people who don’t want to become your customers. Thus, each click will have a greater chance of converting and you will have a lower CPA.

5. Take A/B Tests in Real Estate Marketing

If you are curious and like to experiment, you will surely be successful in Real Estate Marketing, as it offers a great margin for testing and experimentation.

For example, it is better to say “Buy your apartment in Texas now!” or “Apartments for sale in Virginia”? Maybe it’s better to put the property’s value in the ad? It may be that without value attracts more people, but the conversion is greater with the value there.

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Finally, perform A/B Tests (they are those in which we compare the results of two variations) to find out which is the most optimized version of each ad you keep running.

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These are the top practices for advertising on Google with categories in Real Estate Marketing. By following these tips, your ads will be more optimized: each click will cost less, each conversion will cost less, and efficiency will be much greater, which will generate an improved ROI as well.

So, did you like our tips? They are easy to follow, aren’t they? If you have any questions about how to create the best ads on Google Ads, leave a comment below!

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