How To Start A Real Estate Business In Nigeria [Accurate Guide 2024]

How to start a real estate business in Nigeria – what are the procedures to follow?

Real estate is one of the most potential business industries around The world. Although many people were involved, they failed because they lacked prior information on the Hottest Real Estate Investment Opportunities and how to proceed.

Real estate has several diverse divisions, each of which calls for a different level of involvement from business owners. In addition to the items listed here, real estate requires finance as well as strategy and online influence.

Before learning the procedures on how to start a real estate business in Nigeria, understanding real estate itself and how it works is important.

Before getting started, you should be aware of the following real estate-related information.

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What Exactly Is Real Estate?

Real estate comprises buying land, unfinished buildings, and finished buildings to resell them for a profit.

Real estate also refers to the use of your wealth to erect homes, artistic structures, and businesses from the ground up and then sell them to those in need of them.

Real estate also serves as a conduit between buyers and sellers of properties. Real estate is complex, but it mostly involves the sale of homes for a profit.

Aspects Of Real Estate

What are the aspects of real estate and is this one of the procedures on how to start a real estate business in Nigeria? Yes, Indeed. Being a large industry, real estate has many facets. They consist of;


They are a group of real estate business entrepreneurs who create buildings, not for their personal use but rather to resell and make money. Agents are typically contacted by developers to market the buildings.


Retailers are real estate owners who purchase real estate at a discount and resell it at a premium. For instance, they purchase homes in underdeveloped areas, sell them, and gain from the increase in value.


People with sufficient funds to invest in real estate are considered investors. Large sums of money are invested in real estate by investors, who then receive profitable returns at the end of the month or year.

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You require substantial funds, though, to get a good return on your investment.


Property sales are something that agents do. They serve as a conduit between purchasers and sellers of real estate. Typically, they employ social media to advertise their services. About 30% of the whole value of a property is taken by Nigerian agents.

How To Start A Real Estate Business In Nigeria(Full Guide)

Now this section contains our full guide on how to start a real estate business in Nigeria. No matter what line of work one chooses to pursue, it is imperative that one is well-informed and strategic before starting, and the real estate industry is no exception.

To succeed in the real estate industry could be challenging without these specific tips.
Observe these fundamental guidelines for running a successful real estate firm:

Curate A Strategic Business Plan

This is the first step on how to start a real estate business in Nigeria as without a plan, there’s already a signal of failure.

You need a winning strategy—that is, you need to organize your business so that success is assured—if you want to succeed in the fiercely competitive real estate industry.

Choosing the real estate sector you intend to register is the first thing to keep in mind when developing a strategic business plan. To plan the business along with that element, you must decide whether you want to be a developer, retailer, investor, or agent.

Next, you need a client acquisition strategy. Consumers exchange for cash. You can earn more money by having more clientele. The best strategy for becoming noticed must be chosen. Social media marketing may be one way to do this. Your potential customers will become more aware of you as a result.

You require significant advertising spend to gain that recognition. Your service’s chances of being seen increase with increased advertising.

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Make Your Business Unique

Why should customers choose you when there are already so many enterprises in the real estate industry? You must outperform rival real estate companies or find a solution to an issue that many people are having. This will distinguish your company from the competition and attract customers.

Learn From Experts In The Industry

Those who wish to lead must first serve, according to a saying. You must take advice from a more knowledgeable person if you want to succeed in the real estate industry.

Get a professional to teach you so that you can avoid the process of learning through mistakes. These professional advice instructions will act as a guide for how you should carry out your business.

Get Your Business Registered Legally

You can significantly increase your sales by formally registering your company. Considering that it increases trust and respect for your company. This is also one of the steps on how to start a real estate business in Nigeria.

To register legally in Nigeria, you can apply for CAC. Both the cost and the time required are reasonable for the process.

Have Enough Start-Up Capital

The amount of capital required to launch a real estate firm varies depending on the industry you wish to enter. As an investor, you would put money into a variety of assets, and your investment options would be constrained without money.

You can consult specialists to determine the required sum of money and then organize your business accordingly to avoid experiencing business losses.

Take Advantage Of The Internet

The use of social media for advertising is possible, as was already said. You can establish an online presence for your company by setting up a website or social media page. As many people know exactly how to contact you, having a website or Facebook profile for your business also helps you land jobs.

Taking advantage of making good use of the internet is one of the ways to start a real estate business in Nigeria.

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To attract customers, you can make use of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. Because of how big the internet is, the proper people will undoubtedly see your stuff.

Execute The Business

Once you’ve swiftly followed the guidelines above, then it is time to execute your business. However, you need to stick to the chosen aspect of real estate you decided to engage in.

As the saying goes ” Jack of all trades, Master of none”. If you keep jumping from one aspect to another, people won’t be able to identify you with a particular one leading to confusion.

When executing, you must also be very strategic and not be quick to accept failure as starting a business can be difficult at first but only the persistent ones succeed.

Blogging About Real Estate

Working with Google AdSense and making money from blogging is an option if you want to invest in real estate but lack the necessary funds. This is one of the procedures on how to start a real estate business in Nigeria. Most real estate entrepreneurs do this in Nigeria.

To do this, write on a range of real estate-related subjects. Although it is mostly for those with an interest in writing, it can assist you in raising money.

When you promote their items on your blog, you can also get paid by real estate business owners.

Final Thoughts

By reading these guidelines above on how to start a real estate business in Nigeria, you have taken a step on the right path, however, working towards it, is what gives you the desired success.

How to start a real estate business in Nigeria- I hope this piece discusses it in detail for you.

I hope these guidelines will give you that extra boost to start your own business. Do not forget to be Strategic.

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