Top 10 Richest Local Governments In Lagos State (2024)

What are the richest Local Governments in Lagos? What part of Lagos contributes most to the revenue of the state? What part is more developed than the other?

With around 21 million inhabitants, Lagos State is the most populous metropolis in Nigeria and the second most populous in all of Africa. Additionally, it is Nigeria’s most populous metropolis. Ikeja is its capital city. The state’s tagline is “Center for Excellence.”

Due to the Muritala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos State is often regarded as “home to international travelers.” Lagos is one of the richest cities in Nigeria because it is home to several large corporations. Lagos State also features several tourism destinations that bring in money for the state and the nation as a whole.

Here, we’ll examine the top ten richest local governments in Lagos State.

Richest Local Governments In Lagos State

The following are the richest Local Governments in Lagos State arranged in no particular order:

Lagos Island L.G.A

Isale Eko is another name for Lagos Island. It is one of the richest local governments in Lagos and all of Nigeria. Rumor has it that it is the richest in Nigeria. The population of the local government is around 200,000.

The western region of Lagos State is administered by the Lagos Island local government. The Yoruba fishing village of Lagos once called it home, although it has now undergone modernization.

Since then, the region has developed into quite a business area, with large banks and companies having their headquarters here.

Lagos Island is home to several notable landmarks, including:

  • Tom Jones Memorial Hall and Library, Marina Road. 
  • The Cathedral Church of Christ
  • National House, occupied by Shell
  • Former Central Bank headquarters and Investment House
  • Bank of Industry
  • Nigerian Ports Authority head office 
  • National Electric Power Authority’s former headquarters.

Ikeja L.G.A

Lagos State is headquartered in Ikeja. The local government is the second richest and of course, one of the richest Local Governments in Lagos and all of Nigeria.

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With a clear drainage and transportation network, the city includes a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial regions.

These are a few of the districts that make up this local government: Oregun, Ojodu, Opebi, Akiode, Agidingbi, Magodo, Ogba, Maryland, Government Residence Area, Ikeja, and Computer Village.

Ikeja Local Government is home to several noteworthy locations, including:

  • Murtala Mohammed International Airport
  • Ikeja City Mall, which is the biggest shopping center on the continent.
  • Femi Kuti’s African Shrine
  • There residence of the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi.

Eti-Osa L.G.A

Among the richest Local Governments in Lagos is Eti Osa local government. The Eti Osa Local Government earns 2.2 billion Naira in total revenue, with 1.7 billion Naira coming from internal sources. In Lagos State, it is the third-richest local government.

Before Abuja was chosen as the new capital of Nigeria, Eti Osa served as the country’s original capital. Several council areas of the Lagos State government are currently included in the local government.

Around 283,800 people call Eti Osa home, which is 3.11 percent of Nigeria’s total population. The majority of Eti Osa people belong to the Yoruba subgroup Awori. However, a variety of Nigerian ethnic groups were represented among the people of the local government jurisdiction.

Eti-osa Local Government is the ideal location if you’re seeking pricey landed properties. Nigeria, has the most expensive residential structures, real estate, and landed property.

Ikoyi, Lekki Lagoon, Port at Lekki, and Victoria Island are just a few of the prosperous communities in Eti-Osa. There are also a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises there.

Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, and Folorunso Alakija are three of the wealthiest individuals in Nigeria. All three of them own homes in Eti Osa. It is also where their different businesses are situated.

Ibeju-Lekki L.G.A

In Lagos State, Ibeju Lekki is another affluent local government district. It is renowned for having lots of gardens and housing estates. It is situated next to Eti-Osa.

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It is one of the well-planned residential neighborhoods in Lagos with the Lekki free trade zone, a commercial trade zone, under construction. It is also one of the richest Local Governments in Lagos State.

Ibeju Lekki has a reputation for:

  • Large oil refinery being built by Dangote;
  • Pan-Atlantic University;
  • Lekki seaport;
  • Lekki golf course.

Lagos Mainland L.G.A

Lagos Mainland also appears on our list of the top ten richest Local Governments in Lagos State. There are 36 districts in the centrally located Lagos Mainland local government, which is home to around 5,300,000 people.

This region of Lagos is very developed. It has a vast land area. Numerous private and state universities, notably the University of Lagos, are located on the Lagos Mainland. Additionally, there are several secondary schools and universities in the region.

Ikorodu L.G.A

Northeast of Lagos State is where Ikorodu Local Government is situated. This local authority is separated from Ogun State by a shared border. This local government typically houses a variety of trading, farming, and manufacturing companies.

Many people in Ikorodu work in trade (mainly food-related), farming, fishing, and small business. There are also several sizable businesses there, including Livestock Feeds Plc.

Ikorodu is recognized for:

  • The Voice of Nigeria Transmitting Station;
  • Lagos State Polytechnic Institute;
  • Cradoo Lake Waterfront;
  • Egbin Thermal Station.

Badagry L.G.A

The richest local governments in Lagos State include Badagry. In Lagos State, it serves as the location of the local government council. In this local government, a king is in charge of the citizens.

The city has a long history and was important during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The settlement worked as a middleman in the slave transactions between Europeans and Africans.

In Badagry, noteworthy locations include:

  • Nigeria’s oldest multistory structure
  • Mobee’s Royal Palace.
  • Gbeferu’s Point of No Return

Surulere L.G.A

In Lagos State, Nigeria, Surulere is a residential and commercial Local Government Area that is part of the city of Lagos. Ebute- meta, Mushin, and Yaba from its borders.

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Surulere is one of the richest local governments in Lagos thanks to the numerous factories, businesses, and industries that are located there and generate a lot of income.

Epe L.G.A

Among the richest Local Governments in Lagos State is Epe. It is roughly 90 kilometers from Ibadan and situated on the northern shore of the Lekki Lagoon. Ijebu-ode is also accessible by road from there.

Due to their proximity to the lagoon, the people of Epe also go fishing.

Some notable locations in Epe include:

  • Agricultural Training Institute, Epe, Araga
  • Epe’s Muritala Mohammed Botanical Garden
  • The campus of Lagos State University in Epe
  • The Youth Rehabilitation and Development Center is located on Ita-Oko Island in Epe.

Ojo L.G.A

The tenth on the list of the richest local governments in Lagos State, Nigeria, is Ojo Local Government Area. About 37 kilometers west of Lagos, on the Trans-West African Coastal Highway’s eastern part, is Ojo. It belongs to the Greater Lagos Metropolitan Area.

This is where Lagos State University is situated. Ojo has a small population despite being a residential area. But during the holiday seasons, its mangrove swamps, sandy beaches, and recreation areas become vacation attractions.

Ojo local government area landmarks include:

  • The International Alaba Market;
  • The Alaba Livestock Market;
  • Navvy Town and the 81 Division’s Divisional Headquarters in the Nigerian Army;
  • Old Lagos International Trade Fair Complex;
  • The Iyana-Iba Market.

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Final Thoughts

Lagos is a sizable metropolis and is wealthy to the aforementioned report. There are numerous ways to create these profits, including farming, fishing, trading, manufacturing, industries, banking, and real estate, to name a few.

Lagos state’s several local governments contain several tourist attractions as well as recreational facilities that add to the fun of living there. such includes several beaches, Nigeria’s largest mall, and a great number of restaurants.

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