Top 10 Types Of Interior Finishes For A Home

If there is something that distinguishes a house, it is how its interior is, how are the interior design and what types of interior finishes were used.

Without a doubt, a basic task for a designer is to be able to choose the best interior design finishes for your home, those that make it look its best and make you feel better.

In addition, a very interesting thing about interior finishes that specialists know very well is that there are materials that we have not thought of that can be used, but that gives an exceptional result. This is precisely what we want to talk about in today’s post.

10 Spectacular Types Of Interior Finishes For A Home

A wall serves much more than separate spaces. They are used to be decorated and your home is much more welcoming than with bare walls. This is where the imagination of the professional comes into play to find the best interior finishes. 

Thanks to these finishes, your home has its own different personality.

Ceramic with textures

This is one of the interior finishes that look great in your home. This type of cladding provides a great eye-catcher to all spaces, as it creates shapes and also plays with lights and shadows on the same wall. In addition, you will be fleeing from the traditional because the finish is in three dimensions.

Betting on white is winning, since it creates a fantastic play of light, although betting on dark colors also has its point of originality.

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Completely smooth stone and texture

Every day interior design professionals find themselves at the crossroads of searching for the most surprising interior finishes. And it is that choosing the right appearance and texture is something that provides a lot of value to interiors.

An option that may be surprising is the combination of shapes and lines using stone with smooth low reliefs and using the color that best goes with the above.

Brick, one of the best interior finishes

Yes, brick is perfect to cover the interior of your house. If we choose brown or terracotta mud bricks, you will see that it gives a very cozy atmosphere to your interiors.

Making the right choice can create very original and attractive combinations, such as metal and glass. But, to create more rustic spaces, it can also be combined with wood, for example. And if all you want is to have bricks, you can paint them and have an ideal environment.

Gotelé and paint

This can be one of those interior finishes that look fantastic. To achieve an aesthetic and economical result, it is best to paint on the same wall, without putting the gotelé. Depending on the color chosen, the look can be rustic and rough, or delicate and elegant. And if we add a little more color to it, you will see the impact that this solution has.


Using this coating you will have access to a large number and variety of colors, shapes, and designs. You can opt for a classic wallpaper, which will give your interiors a sober and elegant look, or, if we choose to place something more satin, we will find surfaces that are easier to clean.

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A classic of interior finishes, wood

Who has not ever used wood as a coating to decorate? In addition to providing wonderful environments, it is great to warm the environment, not only metaphorically speaking, it is an insulator.

There are many wood tones with which we achieve different environments. However, if we prefer wood substitutes, we can also use other materials that imitate it.

Wood can be used almost any way you like for interior finishes. One that is frankly original and attractive to the eye is to place thin strips painted in different colors. If we use varnishes and different inks, the result will surprise you. Of course, the ideal is that most of the slats have light colors, the rest, you can place in varied colors and dark tones, not only in black.


In case you want to use stone, it can be used to create a wall, but if you are looking for other options, borders or tiles are very useful. With them, you can create varied designs, and by choosing the right colors, the visual impact can be spectacular.


It is, without a doubt, one of the wildcard materials with which to create interior finishes due to the great versatility it offers. It can not only be used in an endless number of colors, but also in finishes, and combining it with pictures and suitable furniture, it will be your great ally.

With polished plaster, for example, we can make the surfaces smooth, while if we use plates, figures and shapes can be created on the walls. Without a doubt, it will give a very different look to your spaces.

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Cladding as interior finishes

The cladding can be used both inside and outside the home, and are perfect for any room. Its main characteristics are, among others, that it is a material that imitates stone, that there are many colors, shapes, and tones, or that it is an element that decorates and is light.

In addition, it is anti-humidity and antifungal, so we will not have to worry about that.

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Another of the interior finishes gives a great result. You can choose between different finishes and, in addition, its thermal and acoustic properties and the great resistance and durability that it has made it one of the most used finishes.

In addition, it is very easy to create textures with different tools on the paste.

As you can see, when choosing the interior finishes of your home, there is a wide variety to choose from. All of them have their own characteristics and give your home the possibility of creating special environments.

Design professionals must know all its peculiarities and its possibilities, something that they can learn by training properly.

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