Cost Of Tiling a Room in Nigeria (2024)

When a building is finished and it is time to furnish it, flooring and tiling immediately come to mind. The cost of tiling a room in Nigeria cannot be explicit enough. It is usually calculated per square meter. The size of your room, the type of tile, and the area to be covered all play a role in determining how much tiling a room in Nigeria will cost per square meter.

There are many different kinds, sizes, forms, and colours of floor tiles. They contain tiles for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and sitting room, among other rooms in the house. Most of the time, the colour and shape of the floor tiles used in living rooms serve as an artistic expression of interior design.

To counteract the problem of persistent soaking and to prevent house mishaps, those used in kitchens, stalls, and bathrooms typically have a firm hold on the feet and are gritty.

Cost Of Tiling a Room in Nigeria

The number of square meters is usually plainly written on the tile’s box and is included in the tile’s standard price per square meter. Calculate the area to be tiled’s total square meters, then divide that amount by the square meter measurement stated on each carton to determine the total number of cartons needed to tile a specific area.

It is advised to purchase an additional 10% of the total cartons because the tiles are vulnerable to breakage and offcuts during installation.

Before choosing a type of tile to use, it is important to consider its benefits and drawbacks, size (whether you like larger or smaller sizes), finishing of the tiles, as well as price. The price of tiles also varies depending on the type of tile. Different sizes and shapes are available. 30 by 30; 40 by 40; 60 by 60; and 25 by 40 are a few examples of traditional ones.

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The first stage in tiling a room is determining the entire area you wish to cover with tiles. This area may be expressed in square feet or square meters. To convert a measurement of the total area measured in square feet to square meters, multiply that figure by 0.09 first.

Before the price of the tile per square metre can be calculated, the next item on the list is to obtain a sample tile.

The next step is the installation process, which is when the tiles are converted into floors in your room after calculating the cost per square meter and buying the tiles for your space. The following materials are required for the installation process:

  • Tiles of your choice;
  • Bags of Cement;
  • Pans of sand;
  • Bags of white cement also called tiles cement;
  • The Workmanship fees.

Keep in mind that the amount of money and materials needed will depend on how much space there is to tile per square meter.

Average Price of Floor Tiles in Nigeria

This amount is not set in stone because things might be sold for a variety of prices in different places and by different merchants. To give you an idea of the cost of tiles in Nigeria, however:

  • 1sqm of 30 x 30 ceramic floor tile ₦1,500
  • 1 sqm of 40 x 40 ceramic floor tiles ₦1,750
  • 1 Nr. of 30 x 30 unpolished porcelain floor tiles ₦1,900
  • 1 sqm of 40 x 40 unpolished porcelain floor tile ₦3,000
  • 1 sqm of 30 x 60 unpolished porcelain floor tile ₦4,000
  • 1 sqm of 30 x 30 polished porcelain floor tile ₦2,750
  • 1 sqm of 40 x 40 polished porcelain floor tile ₦3,000
  • 1 sqm of 30 x 30 granite tile ₦5,500
  • 1 sqm of 40 x 40 granite tile ₦6,750
  • 1 sqm of 30 x 60 granite tile ₦6,000
  • 1 sqm of 60 x 60 granite tile ₦8,000
  • 1 sqm of 25 x 40 glazed ceramic wall tiles (white) ₦2,800
  • 1 sqm of 25 x 50 glazed ceramic wall tiles (white) ₦2,900
  • 1 sqm of 25 x 60 glazed ceramic wall tiles (white) ₦3,000
  • 1 sqm of 25 x 40 glazed ceramic wall tiles (coloured) ₦2,800
  • 1 sqm of 25 x 50 glazed ceramic wall tiles (coloured) ₦3,000
  • 1 sqm of 25 x 60 glazed ceramic wall tiles (coloured) ₦3,150
  • 1 sqm of 30 x 30 Mosaic tiles ₦3,300
  • 1 pcs of ceramic skirting ₦750
  • 1 pcs of porcelain skirting ₦900
  • 1 pcs of small borders ₦500
  • 1 bag of 20kg tile cement ₦2,900
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Spanish Tiles

They are made of glazed porcelain with a matte texture, making them one of the most popular types of tiles. Water does not absorb well into it. Their colour and shine are well coordinated, and they have a strong hardness. They are versatile and can be used for flooring in houses, offices, government buildings, and other projects.

Spanish tiles are also used in opulent clubs and lavish wall decor because of their elegance, sophistication, and gorgeous colour combinations. The thermal shock resilience of Spanish tiles is well recognized. They come in a range of colours and sizes and are offered on a pallet and in regular cartons.

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Final Thoughts

The tone of your room can be set by the tiles in it. For instance, neutral hues can fit with any aesthetic you choose, but coloured tiles require more caution when it comes to decorating. Your apartment will undoubtedly look more opulent after the furniture, regardless of the tile you ultimately choose to use.

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