Types Of Water Closets And Their Prices

What are the types of water closets that we have in Nigeria and their prices? Are they affordable? Which is the most common? Read on to find out.

Pit latrines, various antiquated toilet systems, and ceramic water closets are all examples of how toilets have changed over time. In Nigeria and throughout the world, water closets are the greatest sort of sanitary system.

These bathrooms not only provide a lot more comfortable and hygienic conditions, but they also enhance the aesthetics of the toilet. Everyone can access them, regardless of wealth, class, or social standing.

With pipes leading down to the sewer, the water closet system consists of a ceramic water storage container and ceramic bowl.

Water closets come in a variety of styles and brands, and their costs vary. The best WC models are listed in this article along with a rough idea of how much you might pay for each one.

Types of Water Closet Toilet Seats

In Nigeria, there are basically two different kinds of toilet seats. They are;

Side Handle Water Closet Toilet Seats

This is one of the oldest existing and most prominent types of toilet seats in Nigeria. It has a flush valve that is situated at the very right-hand side of the fluid storage container. It also ranks among the least expensive WCs to purchase.

Due to its wide water reservoir, which ensures there is enough water to flush the waste, many people seem to prefer this model. In the event of damage, fixing it is also fairly simple. Although it has a sizable water box, a lot of water is still required to flush waste adequately. The flush handle also has the propensity to break quickly.

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On-The-Top Push Button Water Closet Toilet Seat

On-the-top push button water closet
Types of water closets

A novel toilet seat design is this. The size and portability have greatly increased. On top of the water storage box, there are buttons that can be used to flush. The placement of the button allows a significantly higher flushing pressure, guaranteeing that all waste is removed. Furthermore, using it is really simple.

But it costs a lot more and is difficult to fix. Due to this, many people choose to refrain from buying it. Its water-holding bowl is relatively modest, in keeping with its diminutive size.

Types Of Water Closets And Their Prices

There are different types of water closets. WCs come in a variety of branded and unbranded varieties. However, the majority of people prefer to purchase branded items because they are much more dependable. The brand and quality have an impact on WC prices as well. These are some of the brands:

Twyford Water Closet

Twyford is a leading manufacturer of building supplies for homes, particularly plumbing supplies and accessories for the toilet and bathroom. It is one of the most sought-after WC brands because of its extremely excellent quality. The cost varies from N44,000 to N80,000.

A&S Water Closet

This is a different well-known toilet seat brand in Nigeria that is advised for use in households and bathrooms. The bathrooms have streamlined bodies and are pretty lovely. In most cases, they cost between N45,000 and N60,000.

Virony Water Closet

The toilet seats from this manufacturer don’t retain stains or diets and are durable as well as being quite simple to clean. They rank among the very best products on the market. They should be available in the market for between N60,000 and N80,000.

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Sweethome Water Closet

Among manufacturers of toilet and bathroom accessories, the Sweethome brand is well regarded. The water closets from this brand are elegant and robustly constructed to last. Also incredibly smooth are the seats. The costs range from 45,000 to 80,000 Naira.

Nismad Water Closet

Despite not being a well-known company, it manufactures a superior water closet system. With a price range of N52,000–N75000, the water closets are quite affordable.


The prices of toilets have spiked over time as a result of the economic situation of the country. The average price of water closets in Nigeria is about N56,000.

However, when deciding on the types of water closets to be bought, you have to consider where the WC would be installed, and who would use it; children, minors amongst other things.

For public places, and homes with children and minors, it is advisable to get the push-button water closet as it is long-lasting, easy to use, and has higher water pressure. For private use by adults, you can get the side-handled water closets.

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