Best Guard Dogs For Home Security

Smart, brave, and loyal qualities make for good guard dogs for home security purposes. When faced with danger, a guard dog will bolt. Any dog can be trained to become the ideal guide dog for the house, but most prefer larger breeds. Both herding dogs and medium-sized dogs are noted for their ability to fend off ill-intentioned people and are protective.

In light of this, you can’t always rely on a breed to make the ideal guard dog. Each dog is different in terms of how much protection it can provide. Sometimes a dog of a species known as a “guard dog” won’t act naturally protectively.

Any dog’s performance and personality depend much on training. more so with respect to larger dogs. The behavior you want to see, as well as obedience—which is essential when your dog is half your size and on the chase—, should be worked on with the help of a trainer, according to veterinarians.

Best Guard Dogs For Home Security

Here are a few breeds regarded as the best guard dogs for home security purposes:

German Shepherd

If you think of a breed of dog as a “guard dog,” the German Shepherd may be one of the first that comes to mind. They have courage, intelligence, and love.

Both families and the police profession can benefit from them. Just be sure you’re working on obedience as well, so you can successfully direct your pet if it starts to guard unnecessarily.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Because of their courage and perseverance, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are well-liked. They are quite muscular and would undoubtedly frighten anyone who wasn’t invited into your home.

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According to the American Kennel Club, boxers are a breed that is incredibly attentive and devoted. They are also quite intelligent, and when combined with their loyalty and with training, a Boxer would make a fantastic security dog.

Border Collies

Because they are skilled herders, Border Collies have long been a favorite of sheep farmers. As great training dogs, they have a “whip-smart intelligence.” To put it another way, training your border collie to exhibit the traits of a guard dog is simple.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Since a pup can weigh up to 115 pounds, they are a fairly large breed of dog. Despite their slow warming up to newcomers and frequent alarm barking to scare them away, they are mostly kind giants who adore their families dearly.

Because of this, they might serve as better watchdogs than guard dogs, unless they have received special training on what to do in the event of an intruder.

Chow Chow

Originally from ancient China, the Chow Chow is a breed with a lot of muscle and bulk. They acquired a reputation for being an excellent guard and hunting dogs while serving as the companions of Chinese nobility in the past.

Due to this, they are a great option for security dogs in the modern world. Except for those who are closest to them, they are typically aloof and antisocial. The chowchow isn’t the dog for you if you’re looking for someone to enjoy being around people.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is an excellent shepherd, as the name suggests. They have strong guard dog qualities including being keen observers and fierce protectors. They require mental and physical stimulation to stay in check nevertheless because they are very active dogs.

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Shar Pei

This breed of dog is one of the best guard dogs for home security and is likewise only friendly with its family and shows no interest in outsiders.

They are generally quiet and at ease. They have the propensity to notice problems and look into them. They have a temperament that makes them loyal to a fault, therefore they require careful, early socialization and training to act appropriately with people who are not relatives.

Final Thoughts

These dog breeds are the best guard dogs for home security. Regardless of the breed, you decide to use as a guard dog, make sure they are properly socialized and trained to avoid attacking people. Please note also that the list appears in no particular order.

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