Cost Of Painting A 3-Bedroom Flat In Nigeria (2024)

The following phase is painting a 3-bedroom flat once the house has been effectively constructed and the roofing is finished. What genuinely highlights the beauty of the home’s architectural style is the painting of the structure.

Painting is that extra step that provides your home with an opulent and elegant appearance. However, painting is not simply limited to new construction; if you recently rented an apartment, you can paint it to your preferences, ideas, and creativity.

We’ll go over how much it would cost to paint a 3-bedroom flat below.

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Guide On Estimating The Cost of Painting A 3-Bedroom Flat in Nigeria

Here is a tip on how to make a preliminary estimation of the amount of paint you will need when painting your home so that you don’t get ripped off or get into arguments with the painter when you receive the entire painting quote.

One of the most common family homes in Nigeria has three bedrooms, which is the size of our model building. Three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, toilets, and a bathroom normally make up our model building. We would not include the typical tiled kitchens, lavatories, and baths in the computation because of this.

Cost of Painting a 3-Bedroom Flat

For painting a 3-bedroom flat, estimate, you would need the following;

  • 2-4 buckets of paint for the living room (varies by size)
  • 4-6 buckets of paint for the exterior walls( determined by the size)
  • About 1 bucket of paint for each of the 3 rooms
  • 1 bucket of paint for the passage.
  • 4-6 buckets of white paint for the POP or ceiling. This could however be avoided by using suspended ceilings or PVC.
  • 1-2 buckets of paint for other minor aspects of the house.
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According to the estimate above, a three-bedroom apartment would require between 16 and 20 buckets of paint. Keep in mind that the 20-litre paint bucket is the one that is specified below.

The aforementioned estimate just takes into account the main structure; all other structures, such as the boys’ quarters, the generator house, and the fence, among others, would be taken into account individually.

The cost of painting a 3-bedroom flat is not estimated for the following reasons:

  • Your location: The price of painting your home in Nigeria depends on your location. For instance, the price a painter in Abuja would charge is not the same as the price a painter in Lagos would charge.
  • The paint’s quality: There are various paint types and brands. The cost will increase in direct proportion to the brand’s price.
  • The complexity of the painting design: There are many different ways to paint a structure, and depending on how complicated the design is, it will affect both how many paint buckets will be needed and how much the painter will charge.
  • The cost to be incurred is also influenced by the painter’s experience and the reputation of the business. Professionals with more experience in the field will probably charge more than novice painters.

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