Cost Of House Rent In Kano State (2024)

What is the current cost of house rent in Kano State?

Kano State is a state in the northwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The state is the second biggest industrial center in Nigeria. Kano State is a major trade zone and has quite a number of individuals from different tribes including Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo, occupying the state. 

If there’s a go-to Northern state for any average Nigerian, it is Kano State. Thus, this state experiences a high number of immigrants and a relatively low number of emigrants. Kano State shares common boundaries with Kaduna State, Jigawa State, and Bauchi State. 

In this article, we will discuss the current cost of house rent in Kano State today for the benefit of individuals thinking of moving to Kano State. It is also one of the most affordable states in Nigeria. 

Kano State

Cost of House Rent in Kano State 

The cost of house rent in Kano state today varies. The factors responsible for this variance may be apartment type and location among others. 

Cost of House Rent in Kano State Based on Location 

Based on the location where the apartment is situated, the cost of house rent in Kano state today are: 

MunicipalityHouse Rent
Rijiyar ZakiMin: ₦70,000
Max: ₦400,000
Railway Quarters Max: ₦500,000
Min: ₦150,000
KanoMax: ₦2,500,000
Min: ₦100,000
KumbotsoMax: ₦400,000
Min: ₦50,000 
SharadaMax: ₦2,000,000
Min: ₦200,000
PanisauMax: ₦400,000
Min: ₦70,000 
FaggeMax: ₦1,500,000
Min: ₦120,000
WarawaMax: ₦2,000,000
Min: ₦150,000
Nasarawa-KanoMax: ₦500,000
Min: ₦80,000
UngogoMax: ₦900,000
Min: ₦100,000

Average Cost of House Rent in Kano State 

Renting a house in Kano State requires prior knowledge. The cost of house rent varies. However, based on the figures above, an estimate of ₦100,000 per year will be the average minimum cost while the maximum cost of house rent may be ₦2,500,000. 

Cost of house rent in Kano State

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House rent in Kano State varies as said earlier. If you’re thinking about moving to Kano alone, you may have ₦100,000 as a budget for affordable housing. However, if you’re moving with a family, you should have at least ₦500,000 as a budget considering the apartment type you’d be interested in. Have any questions? Use the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the cost of living in Kano state high?

Compared to the most sought after and popular Nigerian states, living in Kano state is considerably very affordable. Kano State is a trade center and most of the agricultural produce found in other states all originate from Kano State. Thus, food stuffs and certain products are very cheap to purchase in Kano State than other states in Nigeria where they will have been distributed to.

What is the most expensive area to get an apartment in Kano State?

According to our table, the most expensive area is Kano, the capital city of Kano State. An average of 1.3 million naira may be spent on house rent in Kano city. You will find estates with quite expensive housing opportunities in Kano State.

Which area is best to get an apartment in Kano State?

Nasarawa GRA. Nasarawa GRA has a myriad of housing alternatives tailored to meet specific demands of individuals. One thing peculiar to houses in the area is their affordability and the presence of the basic amenities required for living in any apartment. Houses here are also generally secure. You can be sure of security in this area.

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