Cost Of Door Frames In Nigeria (2024)

In every building, doors are essential. Find information regarding the cost of door frames in Nigeria in this article. In most cases, doors are located in the building’s interior spaces or at the doorway leading outside. They serve as the link that visually connects the two areas where we enter and exit.

Regarding form, shape, and materials, doors come in a variety of types. The following are just a few of them: wood, glass, aluminium, and HPV.

The frame into which a door is put is a door frame, on the other hand. Since the door would be hammered or screwed onto the frame, a door cannot simply be put into the wall.

Two vertical doorposts, referred to as jambs, are used to construct a door frame. They are attached perpendicularly to the door’s sides. The top of the door has a horizontal support made of wood or concrete, known as a lintel, for a tight seal. A standard door frame is built into the wall, making it an everlasting structure.

Most doors come with their frames, however, certain frames can be purchased separately. Knowing the costs of the various types of door frames is necessary because you can decide to replace your door frame rather than the whole thing.

The aesthetics of the house or building where the door frame will be installed are also enhanced by the door frame. But in addition to looking well, they must also function well; the design, manufacture, and materials all bear equal weight.

Given the variety of door materials on the market, it is crucial to pick door frames in Nigeria made of a material that not only complements the interior design of your house but also looks beautiful and durable.

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In this article, we’ll be reviewing the types of door frames in Nigeria, the materials used to make door frames in Nigeria and of course, the cost of door frames in Nigeria

Types of Door Frames in Nigeria

There are 4 types of door frames, they include:

Inward Opening Door Frame

It is common to utilize this door frame as an internal door because it enables the door to slide toward the room.

Outward Opening Door Frame

The door can open outward and is utilized as an outside door.

Open Door Frames

On the side of the door, there are two vertical bars, and the head jamb is on top.

Closed Door Frames

Closed-door frames have an additional frame at the bottom, called the threshold.

Cost of Door Frames in Nigeria

The price ranges for a few of the door frame materials are listed below. The cost of door frames in Nigeria today are:

Wooden Door Frames

This style of door frame is more typical in residences or for inner doors to the bedroom, bathroom, and lavatory. In Lagos, hardwood door frames may be purchased for between $10,000 and $15,000. In the state’s more developed areas, price increases are anticipated.

Iron Door Frames

The newest varieties of door frames are made of iron. Typically, they are sturdy, secure, and fashionable. They can also be used in combination with glass and iron to produce breathtakingly gorgeous creations. Depending on the design, iron door frames ought to cost at least N20,000.

Aluminium Door Frames

For many people, this is a favorite. Both residences and office buildings frequently use it. A lot less maintenance is needed for aluminum door frames, making them more durable. They are really attractive and do not rust.

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The ability of aluminum door frames to match other door types, such as steel and metal doors, is one of their benefits. In the price range of N15,000–N30,000, aluminum doors are also very reasonable.

Metal Door Frames

A metal frame can be a sensible choice if you’re searching for added security and weather protection. They are portable and perform a good job of locking the door. They are compatible with UPV and aluminum doors. For about N20,000, one can purchase metal door frames.

Steel Door Frames

Steel Door Frames and Steel doors, which are ideal for safe rooms since they are difficult to break, are typically used together. To provide great security to the rooms, these durable doors can be employed in residential or business settings.

To support and balance the weight of the door, the doorframe includes unusual hinges that are different from standard ones. About N30,000 should be required.


The door frame is as vital to the door itself, as it should be noted. It would be difficult to install a door if the door frame was poorly installed. The strength of the door is also influenced by the strength of the door frame; the stronger the door, the stronger the door.

They are available in many designs, colors, and price ranges. You can choose your preference and offer your house or building top-notch quality by choosing from the many options provided above.

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