Price List Of Dulux Paint In Nigeria

Painting is one of the ways you can elevate the aesthetics of your home or workplace. Apart from redecorations, you can paint your home in a very inexpensive way. Painting is easy and the least costly month of uplifting your home decor. By virtue of this post, we have detailed the Price List Of Dulux Paint In Nigeria.

You can transform your home with a nice blend of appealing and signature colours. There are various classes of paint that you can use. From white paint which gives your home a modest outlook to black paint which embodies dignity.

There are many classes, shades, and brands of paints you can find in the Nigerian market. Of these numerous paint, brands are Dulux paint. Dulux paint is one of the best paints you can use in your home. It comes in different types and colours to suit your taste.

Any interior designer, painter, or interior decorator in Nigeria would readily recommend Dulux paint as one of the best paint brands you can find in the country.

This paint brand gives off a lit appearance after application, and one can become an onlooker of a building because of its painting. Dulux paint is also one of the best paint brands in Nigeria because it sticks, dries out, is long-lasting paint, and does not peel out after some time.

Aside from durability and quality, Dulux paint gives room for creativity. There is a lot of paint mix and blends you can do with this paint.

You can mix separate colours and marvel at the beauty of the outcome on a wall.

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The importance of paint in Modern popular culture continues to increase the demand for Dulux paints in the country. There are some factors to be considered when making your choice of paints. They have been highlighted in later sections of this post.

Let us look at the current price list of Dulux paint in Nigeria before we detail their different features.

Price List Of Dulux Paint In Nigeria

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt
Vinyl Matt Light Base1046369
Vinyl Matt Pure Brilliant White7.536894
Extra Deep Base526735
Extra Deep Base2.515027
Extra Deep Base17137
Medium Base526735
Medium Base2.515027
Medium Base17137
Light Base528623
Light Base2.517367
Light Base17137
Pure Brilliant White526735
Dulux Trade Vinyl Soft Sheen
Extra Deep Base531323
Extra Deep Base2.517032
Medium Base531323
Medium Base2.517032
Light Base532250
Light Base2.518036
Light Base18664
Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk
Extra Deep Base532700
Extra Deep Base2.517823
Medium Base532700
Medium Base2.517823
Light Base533810
Light Base2.518275
Light Base19263
Pure Brilliant White532700
Pure Brilliant White2.517823
Dulux Trad V/Silk Light Base1058206
Dulux Trade WXD Smooth Masonry
Extra Deep Base530949
Medium Base529410
Light Base529410
Dulux Trade WXD Textured Masonry
Extra Deep Base531966
Medium Base531966
Light Base531966
High Gloss
Extra Deep Base531768
Extra Deep Base2.518974
Extra Deep Base17892
Medium Base531768
Medium Base17892
Light Base531768
Light Base2.518974
Dulux Gloss
Rich Extra Deep Colour415325
Extra Deep Colour412511
Deep Colour412370
Light Colour411288
Dulux Emulsion
Rich Extra Deep Colour48653
Extra Deep Colour48653
Deep Colour48577
Light Colour47450
Brilliant White47525
Rich Extra Deep Colour2042468
Extra Deep Colour2042468
Deep Colour2040445
Light Colour2033987
Brilliant White2034821
Dulux Watershield Textured
Rich Extra Deep Colour2046375
Extra Deep Colour2039538
Deep Colour2039143
Light Colour2036161
Brilliant White2037869
Dulux Watershield Textured Matt
Rich Extra Deep Colour2051453
Extra Deep Colour2044742
Deep Colour2042877
Light Colour2042201
Brilliant White2045805
Dulux Watershield Ultra Textured
Rich Extra Deep Colour2042088
Brilliant White2042071
Extra Deep White colour2042088
Deep Colour2041667
Light Colour2035324
Dulux Silk Emulsion
Rich Extra Deep Colour410299
Extra Deep Colour410299
Deep Colour410196
Light Colour49513
Brilliant White410704
Rich Extra Deep Colour2049688
Extra Deep Colour2049688
Deep Colour2049191
Light Colour2040513
Brilliant White2044595
Dulux Eggshell
Rich Extra Deep Colour413698
Extra Deep Colour413698
Deep Colour412749
Light Colour410042
Brilliant White411616
Cap Acrylic Satin
Light Colour4L5601
Deep Colour4L6449
Extra Deep Colour4L6950
Light Colour20L28213
Deep Colour20L30022
Extra Deep Colour20L30870
Extra Deep Colour4L7767
Deep Colour4L7695
Light Colour4L6906
Extra Deep Colour4L3865
Deep Colour4L3835
Light Colour4L3785
Extra Deep Colour20L17193
Deep Colour20L17031
Light Colour20L15875
Extra Deep Colour20L22463
Deep Colour2UE0L21533
Light Colour20L19714
Biocidal Wash4L4413
Dulux Alkali Resisting primer4L8333
Undercoat White4L7021
CAP Screeding filler20L11233
Thinner 414L3880
DA DLX Rainshield White20L37625
DA DLX Rainshield White5L10750
DA DLX Rainshield Grey20L39775
DA DLX Rainshield Grey5L9675
FT Dulux Prepaint Dampshield1L1075
FT Dulux Prepaint Dampshield5L9675
DA DLX Supergrip All-purpose Primer white1L5375
DA DLX Supergrip All-purpose Primer white5L21500
HS Hammerite No. 1 Rust Beater Primer5L19350
HS Hammerite No. 1 Rust Beater Primer1L5375
DF DLX Primer Roofguard Basic Black5L8600
DF DLX Primer Roofguard Basic Black20L30100
DF DLX Primer Roofguard Grecian Grey5L8600
DF DLX Primer Roofguard Grecian Grey20L30100
DF DLX Primer Roofguard Reddened Clay5L9675
DF DLX Primer Roofguard Reddened Clay20L37625
DF DLX Primer Roofguard Atlantic Blue5L9675
DF DLX Primer Roofguard Atlantic Blue20L37625
DF DLX Primer Roofguard Cottage White5L8600
DF DLX Primer Roofguard Cottage White20L32250
DF DLX Primer For Galvanised Iron5L8600
DF DLX Primer For Galvanised Iron20L15050
DF DLX Primer For wood5L10750
DF DLX Primer For wood1L3225
DF DLX-Trade Bonding Liquid5L7525
DF DLX-Trade Bonding Liquid20L29025
DF DLX-Trade Hi-Chem Enamel White5L16125
DF DLX-Trade Hi-Chem Enamel Light Grey5L13975
DF DLX-Trade Floorcote Brilliant Green5L10750
DF DLX-Trade Floorcote Dark Sea Grey5L9675
DF DLX-Trade Floorcote Red Oxide5L8600
DF DLX-Trade Tuffcote Water Based Epoxy Dairy white5L19350
DF DLX-Trade Tuffcote Water-Based Epoxy Light Grey5L21500
DA-DLX Primer For Steel1L5375
FT Dulux Prepaint Multipurpose Crackfiller0.5KG1075
FT Dulux Prepaint Multipurpose Crackfiller2KG2150
FT Dulux Prepaint Multipurpose Crackfiller10KG8600
Price List Of Dulux Paint In Nigeria

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Dulux Trade High Gloss

This is super shiny paint that gives an amazing mirror-like feel on woods and walls. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor painting.

The water-based enamel paints give sophisticated indoor designs, while the oil-based paints are best for outdoor painting. These gloss finishes are one of the best because they are easy to clean and maintain over time.

Dulux Gloss

This paint type has a high polish and is best for use on metal and wooden doors. You can use a one-coat or non-stop option to reduce the painting time you may need.

Dulux Luxurious Silk

This Dulux paint is flawless for use on interior walls. It is stain-resistant and has a lifelong tough luxury. It is best for use in high-traffic areas like children’s rooms as would other mid-sheen paint.

Dulux Rich Matt gives a Posh Matt covering for masking surface imperfections. This is very applicable in old homes or walls where the wallpapers have recently been removed.

Dulux Ultra Matt

This Dulux paint gives a higher and better Ultra Matt finish than the standard Dulux Matt paint.

Dulux Water-Based Enamel

The Dulux Water Base Enamel is moisture-resistant and has a lesser Sheen. It is best used on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. You can easily clean up the paint finishes without ruining them.

Dulux Watershield Textured Paint

If there is any Dulux paint that provides smooth finishes and can withstand harsh weather, then it is Dulux Watershield Textured Paint.

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There are a variety of types and classes of paint in the market today. Some of these paints have grown not only in popularity and marketability but also in the standardization of their quality.

Dulux paints stand out from the list of paints in Nigeria; they are easily available for purchase and you can make your pick based on the functionality and output you desire.

The Dulux paints market has increased over time resulting in the exposure of their numerous types of paints. These varieties of paints are made for different purposes.

The Price List Of Dulux Paint In Nigeria is affected by the place of purchase, fluctuations in the currency exchange rates, and season of the year.

What You Will Like About Dulux Paints

  • Antibacterial agent: Dulux paints are preferred by most professionals because of their antibacterial elements. This is as opposed to most paint breeds that are breeding grounds for multiple parasites and bacteria. Dulux paints have been Certified to be ecologically safe for interior designs and ceilings.
  • Durability: Most paints begin to peel and wash off a few months from their application. This is not the same with Dulux paints. Dulux paints last for a very long period, yet maintain their original quality and shine.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Dulux paints are easy to clean and maintain and do not peel on washing. Dulux paints are one of the best paints you can get in Nigeria when it comes to durability.
  • Opacity and Coverage: Dulux paints have wonderful opacities and superior coverage. By this, you can have your walls and surfaces properly covered with little paint application.

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