House Gates Prices In Nigeria: All You Need to Know

Looking for an updated list of the different house gates prices in Nigeria? This piece has got you covered.

What are House Gates Used For and Why are They Important?

Gates may be found in practically every Nigerian home, even those that aren’t as large as one might anticipate. That is to say, your safety is crucial, which is why this post is aimed at you, yes you, to help you understand which gates are better than others and how important gates are to consider when building a home.

Even certain companies and headquarters have gates, emphasizing the importance of ensuring your own security, particularly in a country like Nigeria.

House gates are essential for protecting one’s safety in one’s own home. They keep the residence safe from intruders and especially, avoid unwanted attention from outsiders.

Types of Gates

It’s also crucial to understand the different types of gates available in Nigeria. This should be assessed in light of a number of factors, including cost, upkeep, and longevity or quality.

But, before we go into it, let’s take a look at the various gate prices we have and why some are more expensive than others. This will assist your decision-making.

House Gates Prices in Nigeria

It’s crucial to note at this point that house gates aren’t just for security. They’re also used for privacy. They’re used as part of the house’s decoration.

The appearance of your home from the outside, the ease with which you wish to open your gate if there is no gateman, and other considerations are all factors that go into deciding what type of Gates to use in your home.

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As a result, the prices will differ. It’s worth noting that if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll have to pay more than you need to.

Let’s take a look at the prices.

House Gates Prices in Nigeria

Type of GateWithout DesignsWith Designs
Wrought Iron Gates₦120,000-₦150,000₦300,000-₦1.1 million
Sliding Gates₦250,000-₦300,000₦400,000-₦450,000
Stainless steel Gates₦500,000-above₦500,000 above
House Gates Prices in Nigeria

Types of Gates

Based on the parameters described previously in this article, it should be obvious that Nigeria has a wide variety of gates, some of which have the pricing shown above. We’d go over each of these types one by one.

Wrought Iron Gates

These gates are extremely durable and long-lasting. Wrought iron is a very long-lasting material. Wrought iron gates are strong enough to keep wild animals and most vehicles out.

When heated, wrought iron is able to bend and form, making it an excellent choice even when aesthetics and property value are paramount.

Stainless Steel Gates

Residential gates made of steel are still quite popular since they have a more modern appearance. Steel is likely to be the better material for your gate if strength is a major consideration.

Steel is more durable than iron, however, it is heavily dependent on the skill of the welder/metal fabricator you select.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are extremely dependable and have a long lifespan with no problems. Sliding gates are more suited for rocky ground and don’t mind if you have a sloping driveway because they normally operate on tracks or can be placed with cantilever systems.

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Sliding gates are extremely secure since they can’t be forced open once they’ve been closed and secured to a permanent post. They are not impacted by the wind in the same way as swing gates are. Larger driveways benefit from slide gates.

Factors Affecting House Gates Prices in Nigeria


The quality of the gates matters. This is why it was brought to your notice that prices differ based on what material the gate is made of and you have also seen that in the table showing their various prices.


This is a major factor affecting House Gates Prices in Nigeria. It doesn’t even only apply to house gates. Location affects virtually the price of everything sold from industries sited far away from residential areas.

The company involved in the Production

Some companies are way better than others. Some have professional and skilled workers, some have regular people striving to become professionals too. These companies with professional designs often increase the price of the house gates because they make better designs than others.


The designs on the gates also matter. House Gates without Designs are relatively cheaper than those with designs.


This article has discussed the knowledge you may need to gather before determining if you want to purchase a gate or not: if you intend to, it has also covered the prices of these gates, the various types, and the factors responsible for possible inflation in prices.

However, if you do not intend to, also, reasons why installing a gate is of utmost importance have been stated in the early part of the article. If you have any questions, please utilize the comment section below. Thank you.

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