Price of Plastic Tables in Nigeria

The Price of Plastic Tables in Nigeria is regularly on the increase. Plastic tables have become very important in recent times. Although centre tables and other reading tables may be more fanciful and appealing, However, plastic tables are now modelled in beautiful designs. This led to the dynamism and increased availability of those plastic tables in the Nigerian market.

Over the years, the importance of plastic tables has been acknowledged on occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations, and get-together parties. They are also of use in restaurants, offices and even in the home.

Due to this rising demand for Plastic tables based on their necessities, we will be discussing the Price of Plastic Tables in Nigeria.

Price of Plastic Tables in Nigeria

Plastic tables are quite affordable and readily available for use and purchase in any part of Nigeria. There are different types of plastic tables you can make your pick from. The different types, quality, and classes determine the Price of Plastic Tables in Nigeria.

Plastic tables come in different sizes, and designs to suit customer preferences. The brand of the plastic table is also a major determinant of its price.

The Price of Plastic Tables in Nigeria is between ₦2,500 – ₦14,000 based on the brand, design, size, and quality of the table.

We would be highlighting the Prices of Plastic Tables in Nigeria in this category of the post. Just as we mentioned earlier, this categorisation will be based on the size, quality, brand, colour, and designs of the plastic table.

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Price of Plastic Tables in Nigeria

Price of Large size Plastic Table: ₦8,000 – ₦20,000

Price of Medium size Plastic Table: ₦3,500 – ₦9,000

Price of small size Plastic Table: ₦1,500 – ₦7,000

The above price list of Plastic Tables in Nigeria is just an estimate, as some plastic tables may cost lesser or higher than the prices that were given in this post. The Price of Plastic Tables in some commercialised Nigerian States is less than the price in other remote states.

Festivities and seasons in the country affect the Price of Plastic Tables in Nigeria. During holidays like Christmas, Easter, Salah, and New years; the Price of Plastic Tables in Nigeria is usually higher.

Also, as white colour is usually associated with class, white plastic tables cost more than coloured plastic tables.

When buying in bulk, the cost of Plastic Tables is usually reduced.

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What To Consider Before Buying Plastic Tables

There are lots of plastic tables in Nigeria, each in its different types, brands, designs, colours, and quality. If you are new to buying plastic tables in Nigeria, you may not know the different qualities of plastic tables unless you are told. Trust me, you would easily be cheated with this.

From the many brands of plastic tables in the market now, it may not be easy for you to decide what type you want to buy. The main difficulty here comes from their durability. If you don’t pick the right type of plastic table, you may end up picking one with below-the-standard durability. Certainly, no one wants that.

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You should be very careful when buying plastic tables in Nigeria, whether the table would be for personal or commercial use. These are some things we think would be very helpful to you when buying plastic tables.

Who Will Use The Plastic Table?

When going to buy a plastic table, you should first find out the size of the plastic table you want based on who you are buying the table for. Whether it is going to be for a baby, a grown-up or your visitors.

You would know from this that a small plastic table would be for a baby; a medium-sized plastic table for an adult in your home; and the biggest plastic table you can get should be for serving guests, especially in a restaurant.

What Will The Plastic Table Be Used For?

It is very vital that you consider what you want to use the plastic table you intend to buy for. Is it going to be for use in your home, at an event, or for commercial purposes?

For commercial purposes like rentals, you would need to get a large number of tables of different sizes. For events also, you need to go for the best quality plastic tables you can get.

Durable plastic tables would save you the cost of replacing the plastic tables when they go bad.

Where Would You Place The Plastic Table?

Do you have space where you can place the plastic table? If it’s going to be in your home, is it going to be in your sitting room, Balcony, or bedroom? The space where you will keep the table would also affect the size of the table you would go for.

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If you intend to use the plastic table for reading, then you would go for a size that will conveniently fit the room and corner where it would be placed.

How Much Do You Have?

This is one of the core factors that affect the Price of Plastic Tables in Nigeria. To some, a plastic table may be cheap while to others it is costly. This is because the income, expenditure, and budgets of the different customers are not the same.

The amount of money you intend to spend on a plastic table would determine the size and quality you would be aiming for too.

Whatever your budget may be, don’t go above it; make a pick from the tables available in that same price range. It will also help you acquire discipline in your spending habits.

The most expensive plastic tables in Nigeria may not be the ones that you need, so focus on getting the plastic table you need and not the one you want.

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