Prices of Water Bed in Nigeria

With recent innovations, we have evolved from sleeping on the bare floor to mats and new mattresses. There are various types of mattresses you can find in Nigeria today. When it comes to comfort you can choose the Water Bed.

After a long day away from home, the best way to give your body what it deserves is to sleep on a comfortable bed. Because of this, we have listed the prices of water beds in Nigeria.

Water beds are not just made to give you comfort, there are other benefits you can derive from making use of the water bed in Nigeria. Water beds are mattresses that can be used for recreation, and health care-inclined sleep.

Water beds are floatable beds made with plastics and filled with water. Water beds are a class of mattresses known as inflatable mattresses because they can be inflated and deflated with pumps.

Water beds come in different colors, designs, and shapes and their main purpose is for recreational activities. They also aid in recuperating the body from already formed sores and ulcers.

Imagine it this way, the comfort you can get from water beds is comparable to lying on a floatable bed in a pool of water without the water touching you. That’s what the water bed feels like.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Water Beds

A healthy body is one free from any form of illness or diseased condition. In a normal physiological man, you can hardly find anyone that is 100% healthy. This is because of the different environmental conditions we are met with all over the world and even in Nigeria.

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Air bed mattresses and medical inflated water beds are structured to prevent bed soreness and also to heal the body from already formed sores and ulcers.

There are a lot of other health benefits you can derive from making use of medical water beds apart from comfort. Water Beds are highly recommended for anyone who wants to sleep in prime and health-inclined comfort. Let us now detail the prices of Water bed in Nigeria.

Prices of Water Bed in Nigeria (2022)

Water Beds are readily available in different states in Nigeria. The Prices of Water Bed in Nigeria are comparatively cheap when measured by the comfort they deliver.

Below are the prices of Water Bed in Nigeria

Folding Hammock Water Floating Bed: ₦5,500 – ₦7,100

Swimming Inflatable Floating Bed Hammock Water Bed: ₦11,000 – ₦13,300

Inflatable Floating Row Pool Water Bed: ₦13,000 – ₦15,700

Wavelike Transparent Floating Row Air Mattress: ₦15,000 – ₦20,000

Flamingo Inflatable Boat Float Swimming Ring: ₦28,000 – ₦31,000

Ocean Sleep Water Bed: ₦40,000 – ₦57,000

Water Mattress: ₦45,500 – ₦52,500

Bedsore Medical Water Bed mattress: ₦53,000 – ₦67,500

Medical Inflatable Water Bed: you 60,000 – ₦66,200

Determinants Of The Prices of Water Bed in Nigeria

The different types of water beds come in different price ranges. Location is a determinant of the Price of Water Bed in Nigeria when the cost of transportation and proximity is being considered.

Sizes and varying qualities are other key Determinants of the Prices of Water beds in Nigeria. Given this, you can not get a water bed of very high quality at a low cost. You can also estimate your budget by determining why you need the water bed.

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Why You Need A Water Bed

Ordinarily, every hole needs a mattress but what you would not find in most homes is the water Bed. This is very wrong because asides from the normal mattress, you still need a water bed. You can use the water bed for comfort, recreational purposes or to meet your medical needs.

When going for a picnic or any other outdoor function, you would not take your regular mattress with you. It is here that the water bed comes in very handy. You can use the water bed for your leisure periods. Especially when you want to have the swimming pool feeling yet without touching the water.

When you are near a large water body, it is advised that you do not use the water beds. This is because the water bed is floatable and you may be ferried to a far path on the water bed.

If you are to use the water bed for comfort and you are with children, it is advised that you keep an eye on them to ensure their safety. Water beds are only mattresses and not life jackets.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Water Bed In Nigeria

Quality: Water beds can be inflated with pumps and can also get deflated if they are burst. When you want to buy water beds, go for the one that has a higher quality to avoid spending hours on inflating the water bed. No one wants to get a mattress that won’t last for long.

Warranty: If for any reason you need to return the water bed, you would need a warranty. But if you didn’t get a warranty while purchasing the water bed, you may have difficulties returning the mattress or even laying your other complaints.

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Components: Ensure that all parts of the water bed are complete on the purchase.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Water Bed In Nigeria

Pros Of Having A Water Bed In Nigeria

The water bed is specially built with quality materials, yet it is frail. With proper maintenance, the water bed can last for a longer time and you will enjoy all the benefits it comes with. Water beds are the best kinds of mattresses you can have in your home.

Cons Of Having A Water Bed In Nigeria

Water beds can be at a disadvantage because they are made of plastic which breaks easily. Besides the fact that they can break easily, water beds are very nice to use because of their highly standardized nature.

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