Guide And Cost Of Asbestos In Nigeria (2024)

Want to know the cost of asbestos in Nigeria today?

At one point, the majority of Nigerian homes had asbestos ceilings. What changed, though? The removal of the old asbestos ceilings was necessary since there had been several reports of risks from the asbestos particles entering the body through inhalation or ingestion.

The manufacturers of asbestos, however, modified the material and created modern asbestos. There is just a little amount of asbestos fibre used in the construction of modern asbestos ceilings, which are formed of cellulose components from plants. In addition to being fireproof, incredibly durable, simple to install, and noise and echoes-dampening, this sort of ceiling are quite effective.

The meticulous production of modern asbestos ceilings, which takes into account the potential harm the particles could cause to people, makes them much safer as well. Modern asbestos is created using pure wood cellulose, unlike the asbestos used in earlier times, which was made with popcorn ceilings.

In this article, we will be reviewing the guide on the use of asbestos in your home as well as the cost of asbestos in Nigeria in recent times.

Cost of Asbestos in Nigeria

It is challenging to provide a precise cost because the costs of asbestos ceilings depend on a number of factors, including location, vendor costs, government regulations, and the cost of raw materials.

The estimated cost of the asbestos ceiling was, however, determined through our research.

The low-grade and the high-grade are the two varieties of asbestos ceilings. The following lists their prices;

  • One sheet of the low grade, 120 mm by 120 mm, costs between N1000 and N1200.
  • The price of a 120 mm by 120 mm sheet of high-grade asbestos ranges from N1500 to N1800.
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Domestic Advantages of Asbestos Ceiling

Asbestos is still a wonderful option for any home, even though it isn’t utilised in as many as it once was because POP ceilings are now common and are generally more appealing. Consider obtaining asbestos for your home for the following reasons:

Asbestos Ceiling is Affordable

Affordable asbestos is available. One may even claim that it is Nigeria’s most reasonably priced ceiling. Asbestos is the ideal material for you if money is tight. Compared to other ceiling varieties, they are significantly more economical while still providing high-quality goods.

High Quality

The following benefits are offered by asbestos, which is also of high quality. The building’s durability, termite resistance, and waterproofness are among its features, which also help to improve its energy efficiency.

Ease of Installation

Installing asbestos is really simple. It is simple to install asbestos in a building because of its lightweight and large width. Additionally, it moves along much more quickly because there is less strain involved.

Asbestos is Lightweight

Nowadays, a lot of individuals prefer using lightweight materials to construct their homes because they are less expensive the lighter they are. The total expense incurred will be less because asbestos is lightweight and doesn’t require a lot of support and labour.

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Final Thoughts

Given that asbestos services have a history of causing a number of risks, it might be challenging to put your trust in them. You can save a lot of money by purchasing them at low prices because they have been modified to be acceptable for use at home. The house will appear cosy and it is equally lovely with the use of modern asbestos.

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