Prices Of Bruhm TV in Nigeria

In this post, we would be detailing the Prices Of Bruhm TV in Nigeria and also why we think it is one of the best television you can afford in Nigeria. We would also highlight the different types of Bruhm TV that are currently available in Nigeria.

Bruhm TV is not very popular in the Nigerian Television industry as compared to LG, Panasonic, and Samsung, among others. Bruhm TV is a Television that is recognized for its smooth TV quality and comparatively inexpensive price.

Prices Of Bruhm TV in Nigeria

Just like most other televisions, Bruhm TV comes in a variety of designs, shades, colors, sizes, and picture qualities. The Prices Of Bruhm TV in Nigeria are highly determined by the TV type.

For instance, curved TV cost lesser than straight ones even if they are of the same size. Descriptively, a 45-inch Regular TV is cheaper than a 45-inch curved TV.

When it comes to Bruhm TV, there are a few types that you can find in the market. This is not the same as the LG or Panasonic TV brands that have lots of TV qualities and types under their brand names.

There are even more LED and Smart TVs in Nigeria than Bruhm TV. Let’s take a look at the various models and types based on the Prices Of Bruhm TV in Nigeria.

Bruhm 32 inches LED TV: ₦70,000 – ₦80,000

Bruhm 43 inches LED TV: ₦115,000 – ₦130,000

Bruhm 49 inches BFP-49 LESTSW FHD TV: ₦160,000 – ₦170,000

Bruhm 58 inches UHD LED TV: ₦210,000 – ₦250,000

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The above prices were estimated from various TV sales and online stores. These variations in the Prices Of Bruhm TV in Nigeria are due to some factors which may include the place of purchase of the TV, period of purchase, recent currency exchange rates, and some other factors.

Prices Of Bruhm TV in Nigeria are normally estimated from their sizes. The category of display screen also influences the Prices Of Bruhm TV in Nigeria. Just as we have mentioned earlier, smart TVs are more expensive than regular TVs of the same size or inch.

Where To Buy Bruhm TV

Bruhm TV can be bought directly from the different Bruhm TV manufacturers, distributors, and retail supermarkets around the country. You can also buy Bruhm TV from online stores and electronic gadgets suppliers.

Things You Will Like About Bruhm TV

Fantastic Picture Quality:

The picture quality of Bruhm TV is lovely for a not-so-popular TV brand. The display of this television is vibrant and colorful. You can rate the picture quality of Bruhm TV among the best of the Televisions you can find in Nigeria.

Attractive Designs:

The design of the TV is one of the factors you would consider from the Prices Of Bruhm TV in Nigeria. You need to find out if the design of the TV fits what you want from the TV.

The sleek designs of the Bruhm TV add astonishing imagery and features to the television.

Power Consumption:

The power consumption of Bruhm TV is low when compared with other Televisions. You can use the TV with generators that have low voltage and output rates.

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It is still very vital that you use voltage regulators like stabilizers or TV power surge with the Bruhm TV as it is a logical thing to do.

What You May Not Like About The Bruhm TV


The Bruhm TV is not readily available because Bruhm gadgets are not very popular. It is easier to get Bruhm TV from online TV stores and e-commerce TV outlets.

This will help in reducing the work it would take for you to access the Bruhm TV. Now you can get the Bruhm TV delivered straight to your doorsteps from online TV stores.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of TVs is not considered during purchase. However, if you rate the sound output of TVs as one of your specifications from TVs, then Bruhm TV may not be the best pick.

You can still connect the television to an external speaker or home theatre. The sound output of Bruhm TV is quite a patch to their outstanding design.

Other Things You Need To Know About The Bruhm TV

Apart from those that are into the sales of electronic gadgets, most Nigerians have no idea that there’s a TV known as Bruhm TV. When referring to faultless picture quality and functionality, Bruhm TV stands out as a mid-range TV brand.

The Bruhm TV brand does not pitch substandard Televisions into the Nigerian market, and that is why the demand for this TV is constantly increasing.

Bruhm TV like most Televisions in Nigeria comes in different sizes, qualities, and designs. There are also a lot of on-the-screen TV display options.

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Bruhm TV is an LED Television that is regularly sought after in the Television market. The picture quality of LED TV is startling; smart OLED TVs give a lovely viewer experience.

Most TV programs like football, cartoons, movies, and reality TV shows appear best on Bruhm TV.

Bruhm TV may not be the best TV Brand you can get in the Nigerian TV market, but it is making moves to get to a high-standing position in the Nigerian TV industry.

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