Cost of House Rent in Awka & Onitsha

Searching for an updated list of the cost of house rent in Awka & Onitsha? These two towns happen to be the most developed and of course, most populated towns in Anambra state, and for those reasons, the cost of living in both towns should not be neglected.

When compared to other towns in Anambra, Awka, and Onitsha are two significant cities with extremely high population densities. As a result, it is thought necessary to emphasize the expense of housing rent in these two main cities, as more individuals are eager to relocate there every day.

Anambra state is one of the most developed states in Nigeria’s south-eastern region, if not the entire country. This state is home to a large number of people and is frequently affected by immigration.

People relocating into these two major towns want to know how much to budget for housing rents and other miscellaneous that have to do with housing. This article will assist you in doing that.

In this article, we’ll discuss fully, how much it costs to rent an apartment in each of Onitsha and Awka and we’ll also discuss factors that cause fluctuations in the prices.

Factors Responsible for Fluctuations in Cost of House Rent in Awka & Onitsha

Below are factors that may be responsible for fluctuations in the cost of house rent in Awka & Onitsha:

Available Facilities

This is a major influence on the cost of housing rent in Awka and Onitsha, as well as other cities throughout the world. A rise in the price of an apartment is caused by the presence of facilities.

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The flat, on the other hand, would be less expensive if you had to furnish all of your amenities. An apartment with a gas stove and mattress, for example, would be more expensive than one without.


Ones in cities are generally more expensive than houses in rural areas. For example, a rural apartment will be less expensive than one in a city. Apartments’ proximity to other residential neighborhoods could also be a deciding factor.

If the apartment is in close proximity to residential areas, it may be less expensive because the seller will have more competition. In the absence of competition, though, the rate may rise.

Type of Apartment

The cost of renting a house varies according to the sort of unit you choose. Apartments with three bedrooms are more expensive on average than apartments with two bedrooms. Similarly, 2-bedroom flats cost more than self-contained units, and so on.

Cost of House Rent in Awka & Onitsha

Cost of House Rent in Awka

Houses in Awka are quite more expensive than houses in Onitsha. This is because Awka is the state capital of Anambra state and is more developed than Onitsha. As such, the population density in Awka is higher than that of Onitsha.

Type of ApartmentPrice per Annum
3-bedroom apartments₦300,000 – ₦500,000
2-bedroom apartments₦200,000 – ₦350,000
Self-contained apartments₦150,000

Learn the Difference Between a Self-Contained and Mini-Flat

Cost of House Rent in Onitsha

In the state of Anambra, Onitsha is also one of the most developed and commercialized cities. This city has the highest concentration of high-rise structures. People are eager to relocate to this community in search of greener pastures as a result. If you’re looking to rent a house in Onitsha, here’s how you should arrange your budget.

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Type of ApartmentPrice per Annum
3-bedroom apartments₦200,000 – ₦300,000
2-bedroom apartments₦180,000 – ₦200,000

In Onitsha, the two apartments stated above are the most prevalent. Apartments that are self-contained are extremely rare. As a result, the prices are not widely recognized. The price above is basically a general estimate of what you should expect to spend on such apartments.


This piece has covered every detail you might require concerning the cost of house rent in Awka & Onitsha, not leaving out factors that may cause either an increase or a drastic decrease in the process mentioned above. If however, you happen to still have something to ask, please do not hesitate to use the comment section for that.

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