Current Prices Of Water Heaters In Nigeria (2024)

What are the current prices of water heaters in Nigeria? Taking a bath in the already warm water of your bathtub when you first wake up is the best feeling ever. Making it even simpler for you to conserve gas, kerosene, or anything else you use in your home, you no longer have to deal with the stress of boiling water.

Nigeria now needs more water heaters than ever as more homeowners invest in this equipment to enhance their living conditions. Customers now have more options and more affordable prices thanks to producers’ heightened competition as a consequence of an upsurge in demand. Everyone now wants to own at least, one water heater in each of their homes.

Even with more rivalry and a wider range of options, water heater prices in Nigeria can still be quite high. But, by doing sufficient research and comparison shopping, consumers may be able to find the greatest deals on water heaters that meet their demands and budget.

Because they could have a protracted effect on the price, the power consumption and durability of the unit should also be considered.

In this article, you will find the current prices of water heaters in Nigeria today and the factors that may affect these prices.

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Prices of water heaters in Nigeria

Prices of Water Heaters in Nigeria

The current prices of water heaters in Nigeria are given below:

Type of Water HeaterEnergy Capacity Price (Naira)
Electric Heater Boiler Immersion Water B Hot Pink2000 Watts
2500 Watts
Electric Instant Hot Water Heater Bath White5400W 110V
Electric Shower Head Instant Hot Water5400W 110V
Stainless Steel Water Heating Water Heater2400W21,269 – 42,538
Sweet Home Water Heater2000W 100V
Warmer Ceramic Mug Smart Intelligent Electric Coffee Cup Warmer8,999 – 15,000
Electric Bathroom E Shower Hot Water Instant Heater Pur105,019 – 210,038
Electric Shower Head Instant Water Heater Wi Blue14,279 – 28,558
Water Heater Portable Electric Immersion Boiler2500W9,409 – 18,818
Electric Water Heater Instant Tankless Red Stand3000W18,049 – 36,098
Portable Electric Water Heater Shower Instant Kitchen3000W19,359 – 38,717
Home Electric Water Heater Instant Ther Multicolor3000W38,039 – 76,077
Hot Portable Electric Water Heater Immersion Rod3000W9,409 – 18,817
Electric D Instant Heating Faucet LED Screen Temperature3300W21,829 – 43,658
Electric Faucet Tap Hot Water Heater Instant3000W16,889 – 33,777
Electric Shower Head Instant Hot Water5400W14,279 – 28,558
Electric Water Heater S Immersion Trav500W2,229 – 4,457
Electric Water Heater Liquids Immersion500W9,469 – 18,938
Ariston Electric Water Heater 10 litres
15 litres
30 litres
50 litres
80 litres
134,000 – 158,000
Prices of water heaters in Nigeria


This piece has discussed the current prices of water heaters in Nigeria. These heaters differ in power capacity and size, hence the difference and irregularities in prices.

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