Price Of Marble Tiles In Nigeria (2024)

The price of marble tiles in Nigeria will be reviewed in this article. Find out the different types of marble tiles that we have and their various prices.

Marble is among the most gorgeous, refined, and elegant tiles when compared to other types. They are made from metamorphic rocks and are available in various forms. Due to their aesthetic appeal and artistic flair, they can be used as either floor or wall tiles in the home.

The house feels cozier thanks to them as well. The durability, hardness, simplicity of cleaning and beauty of the marble tiles attest to their high quality.

The marble tiles do, however, have a few drawbacks in addition to their many benefits. For instance, marble tiles are very likely to be scratched when they are walked on by stones or sand. The cold texture of marble tiles is a result of their capacity to conduct heat away from the body.

As a result, when walking on them, you would need to wear either socks or slippers. To avoid sand and stones, it should be noted that the slippers should only be worn indoors.

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Price of Marble Tiles in Nigeria

Marble tiles are renowned for having an opulent appearance, yet prices vary based on quality, colour, and design. Due to the luxurious touch, they give the home, they are also fairly pricey. The prices of a few marble tiles in Nigeria are listed below. But keep in mind that costs can differ based on the retailer as well as the place of purchase.

  • The Bluepearl marble costs between N18,000-N20,000 per sqm
  • The Galactico Black Marble 600mm * 600mm of 2cm thickness costs about N20000
  • Italian Marble for Stairs costs about  N24000
  • Green pearl marble is about #18,000  per sqm
  • Cashmirwhite marble costs about N17,000  per sqm
  • White Carrara marble costs about N15,000  per sqm
  • Italian Majestic Brown Marble (Baltic) costs about N32000
  • The Shingle and Milano cost about N2,850 per sqm
  • The Black galaxy costs between N15000-N16000  per sqm
  • The Classic and bond is about N2,700 per sqm
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Final Thoughts

The marble tiles, as a homeowner with exceptional taste, are that extra touch to make your house appear opulent. You get value for your money because it is not only elegant but also robust and able to withstand the test of time.

The ordering of the tiles from websites like and may be done from the comfort of your home and is also pretty simple.

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