Cost Of Iron Burglary In Nigeria (2024)

Prior to the installation of a window or door in a building, an iron burglary rod is put in. Burglary protection is a crucial component of any home’s construction structure. They have long been in use in many Nigerian homes.

They enhance the appearance of the property while acting as a type of security protection. It cannot be readily broken down since it is often constructed of solid iron.

They can be employed as a type of barricade for the balcony, doors for the outside parts of the entrance, as well as in window frames. Depending on the buyer’s preferences, they frequently come in various designs.

Additionally, they can be painted to blend in with the colour of the structure or bring colour to a plain design. In order to stop the burglary proof from corroding, it is additionally painted. They are frequently both inexpensive and long-lasting.

Its main objective is to keep animals and unauthorized visitors from entering the premises. One of the reasons iron burglaries tend to occur at storefronts is that they aid in preventing theft.

Sizes and Cost of Iron Burglaries in Nigeria

Additionally, iron burglaries are a fantastic addition to your home, and you can feel secure knowing that your house is much safer with them in place. The range of prices for the various sizes includes:

  • Price of 750×750mm wrought iron burglary proof: N2000-N 2,200
  • Price of 900×1200mm wrought iron burglary proof: N5000- N5,500
  • Price of 900×2100mm wrought iron burglary proof: N13,000- N14,000
  • Price of 1200×1200mm wrought iron burglary proof: N9000- N10,000
  • Price of 1500×1200mm wrought iron burglary proof: N10,000- N12,000.
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The cost of installation will vary depending on who is doing it, the type of iron burglary being used, whether or not painting is being done, and where the building is located. A joint calculation for the two is typically produced because the iron burglary is sometimes installed by the same crew that installs the window. So it is impossible to provide an estimate.

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