Current Prices Of Window Blinds In Nigeria (2024)

What are the current prices of window blinds in Nigeria today?

Do you need to change the appearance of your home without breaking the bank? Then you’re not alone! 

Home upgrades typically take a long time and cost a lot of money. However, in an effort to cut costs and save time, we have come up with the ideal method to swiftly enhance the appearance home or office. Window blinds. 

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Window coverings like window blinds are used to regulate the amount of light and privacy in a space. They are made of adjustable horizontal or vertical slats that block the view from the outside and control the amount of sunlight entering the room.

There are far more benefits to installing window blinds than you would think. Window coverings like blinds do more than just cover windows; they also elevate the aesthetic of the home and give it a more upscale appearance. They are a popular option for windows in contemporary homes because they have types that satisfy distinct needs and wants.

In this article, we will discuss the current prices of window blinds in Nigeria today and why the prices may differ. 

Types of Window Blinds in Nigeria 

The different types of window blinds in Nigeria that we have today are:

Venetian Window Blinds 

Window Blinds in Nigeria
Window Blinds in Nigeria

Window treatments with horizontal slats are called venetian blinds. They can be made from a variety of materials, including PVC, aluminium, and wood. One of the most widely used types of window coverings is the venetian blind. They are accessible, practical, and reasonably priced in the contemporary world. Additionally, they aid users in protecting their privacy while yet allowing light to pass through.

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Roller Window Blinds 

Roller window blinds
Current Prices of Window Blinds in Nigeria

In order to improve the aesthetic beauty of your home, the design of roller blinds can complement it and give it a fresh, modern aspect. Due to the fact that roller blinds can be customised to match any window shape and size, they are incredibly adaptable and will blend in with your home’s décor regardless of it.

Pleated Window Blinds 

Pleated blinds are yet another excellent option for window coverings that operate by having a fabric that folds open and closed. Pleated blinds provide a fantastic appearance and may be fastened without drilling or screws to the window frame. These blinds look really lovely when installed properly on windows and doors.

Roman Window Blinds 

Current Prices of Window Blinds in Nigeria
Window Blinds in Nigeria

If you want a somewhat more ornamental window treatment but don’t have enough room for curtains, the Roman blind is a perfect option. These blinds are an opulent option for a window treatment. In order to achieve equal folds, rods are frequently stitched inside the fabric, which is frequently thicker than roller blinds. Your blinds have a completely new depth thanks to them. Additionally, there are many other lining options available, including thermal and blackout.

Current Prices of Window Blinds in Nigeria 

A variety of materials, including cloth, vinyl, aluminium, and wood, are used to make window coverings. To accommodate a range of tastes and aesthetic requirements, they are available in various designs and styles. The current prices of window blinds in Nigeria right now is listed in this section.

Current prices of window blinds in Nigeria
Window Blinds in Nigeria

Current Prices of Window Blinds in Nigeria 

The current prices of window blinds in Nigeria today are:

  • 25 mm Aluminum Venetian Window Blinds: ₦9,999 – ₦35,000
  • Day And Night Window Blinds: ₦12,500 – ₦55,700
  • Standard 25mm Black Window Blinds: ₦17,500 – ₦32,000
  • Window Curtain Divider Parlor Parties Room Plain: ₦9,999 – ₦109,999
  • Day & Night Window Blind- Prepaid Only: ₦28,000 – ₦41,000
  • Standard 25 mm Aluminum Window Blinds (Silver): ₦10,999 – ₦27,600
  • Wooden Blinds: ₦27,000 – ₦48,000
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The current prices of window blinds in Nigeria today have been discussed in this article. The beauty of window blinds is that they can be easily customized to the taste of the user. Window blinds are a great alternative for home owners who do not appreciate the idea of curtains and want their homes looking modern and beautiful. 

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