10 Cheapest Areas To Live In Lagos (2024)

What areas are the cheapest areas to live in Lagos state? 

Nigeria’s commercial hub is Lagos, a place where many businesses flourish. It is also one of Nigeria’s most populous states, making living there quite expensive. Lagos offers several pricey neighborhoods where one can live, yet these neighborhoods are not affordable for the state’s low and middle wage earners.

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Lagos still has neighborhoods that are affordable despite this. In some parts of Lagos, you may get by on a modest or moderate salary. So you, yes you, are the target audience for this post. Lagos is an expensive city, yet there are regions where rent won’t be a financial burden.

In this article, we will discuss the top ten cheapest areas to live in Lagos, Nigeria and how safe these areas are. 

Cheapest Areas To Live In Lagos 

The top ten cheapest Areas to live in Lagos, Nigeria, today are: 


One of Lagos’ most affordable neighborhoods is Mushin. It is one of the most dangerous places to live, nevertheless. Mushin is not the location for newbies to Lagos. It could be challenging to obtain a simple flat with the amenities a working-class Nigerian needs in this region, which is frequently referred to as a ghetto. The area’s majority of structures are devoid of the necessities for survival.

Cheapest Areas to live in Lagos
Cheapest Areas to live in Lagos


One of Lagos Mainland’s most affordable neighborhoods is Yaba. The cost of living and working in Yaba is reasonable and safe. Students who study at some of the nearby colleges predominantly inhabit it. One of Lagos’ largest and busiest markets, Tejuosho Market, is also located here. The cost of homes is reasonable for this location, which is a market and a place for students. As little as N150,000 a year will rent you an apartment.

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Some of the educational institutions in Yaba include the university of first choice and nation’s pride, University of Lagos, Queens College, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Federal College of Education (FCET), the Federal School Science and Technical College (FSTC), and many others.


Lagos’ Ogba neighborhood is well-known. If you have a limited budget, it is a less expensive place to hunt for an apartment because it is close to Ikeja and Iju-ishaga. It is a heavily populated area and a nice spot for those from the working class with limited resources to live.

Ogba is conveniently reachable by state buses and taxis and is situated in the center of Lagos city. You should be able to get a decent flat in Ogba at a reasonable price with the help of a professional agent and information.


Today, one of the least expensive places to live in Lagos is Badagry. Due to the poor condition of the only road connecting this area to the rest of the world, living in Badagry could be challenging if you go a great distance to work. Purchasing vacant land for the purpose of constructing your own flat is also rather affordable, but you should work with a knowledgeable agent to avoid being duped.

Lagos, Nigeria
Cheapest Areas to live in Lagos

Ayobo-Ipaja Axis 

Because of their close proximity to one another, Ayobo and Ipaja have been grouped together. Apartments in Ayobo or even Ipaja can be rented at a reasonable price, especially if you have a tight budget. These places are ideal for people who live on the mainland but cannot afford to rent an apartment in one of the premium neighborhoods there. These two locations are around 30 minutes away from Ikeja.

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Ikorodu has a low cost of living because it is one of Lagos’s fastest-growing neighborhoods.  In comparison to other areas of Lagos, it is affordable to acquire land and build your own home or rent an apartment. Poor roads are a major problem in Ikorodu. However, Ikorodu inhabitants benefit greatly from the availability of power, which is one of the factors that attracts people to move there permanently.

Igando-Ikotun Axis 

Igando is a region in the Lagos State local government of Alimosho that is situated between the cities of Egbeda and Iyana Iba (Ojo LGA). About 15 to 20 minutes separate Ikotun from Egbeda. These two locations are also among of the least expensive places in Lagos to reside and conduct business. Living in this neighbourhood only has one drawback: persistent gridlock in the highway system. Even if you manage to get a cheap flat, getting here after work can be challenging.


West of Lagos Island is a local government territory in Lagos state called Apapa. It is the port city of Lagos State, an industrial metropolis with numerous manufacturing enterprises based there, and it also has some truly lovely residential districts that contribute to its current status. Because of the Apapa Seaport that it is home to, this location is well-known in Nigeria. Nigeria’s trade with the rest of the world is conducted from this seaport.

Cheapest Areas to live in Lagos


Another affordable neighborhood in Lagos State is Ojo. It is not too far from the Island and not too far from Badagry. This is one of the places in Lagos, Nigeria, where you may get affordable rental homes. If you’re on a tight budget, Ojo is a decent spot to try even if it doesn’t have any of Lagos’ top-notch amenities like nice roads or consistent electricity.

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While it is true that Agege is one of Lagos State’s most jam-packed areas, it also boasts neighborhoods with rent that is quite reasonable, including Iju-Ishaga.

Although there are houses available for rent that are reasonably priced, it is difficult to guarantee safety in this region due to Agege’s long standing reputation as one of Lagos’ most dangerous neighborhoods. Hard drug sales have historically been concentrated in Agege.

Healthy living is difficult to maintain in Agege owing to improper waste disposal and drainage systems, causing air pollution at large. 

Cheapest Areas to live in Lagos
Cheapest Areas to live in Lagos


These top ten areas are the least expensive ones you should think about if money is tight. However, you should also take into account how close the region is to your workplace. Avoid using up your entire wage or salary on transportation. To avoid being duped, do your research, look for a trustworthy agency, and inspect the flat before moving in. Your safety is important!

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