The Best Hashtags For Real Estate & How To Use Them

What are the best hashtags for real estate? If you are looking for better performance for your publications in networks, hashtags are the solution. These are very useful to generate searches and benefit both you and your audience.

Therefore, you should not hesitate to use hashtags for real estate to help you increase your sales. For this reason, we have prepared this article for you. In it, we tell you what hashtags are, what their function is, and how they can be useful in the real estate business. We recommend you keep reading.

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags are keywords that function as information classifiers. They are made up of a word or a set of words without spaces. These are preceded by the pound sign (#) that, when put, causes a hyperlink to be generated

In this way, a type of “tag” is created that will group your content with the same hashtags. In them, all the publications related to your words fall. It will yield results that will make users find your services or offers.

What is its purpose?

In addition to helping you share information in a specific way, hashtags have the function of giving visibility. They maximize the performance of your publications in various social networks and thus, be able to reach your audience.

Remember that hashtags, in addition to being used to classify content, allow them to have more interaction. This, even with other users interested in each hashtag, as well as with those who have not had contact before.

Hashtags for Real Estate

According to the above, it can be said that hashtags are communication tools used to identify content. These identifiers are determined by a series of factors, which you should always use in your favor.

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Remember that the main function of hashtags is to help you increase the reach of your publications. But for this to really be useful, you need to use them in a targeted way. Therefore, using hashtags for your real estate business becomes a great option.

Here are some semantic fields, where you can find your potential hashtags.

By Location

It will be important that you identify the most relevant hashtags for real estate. You can start by looking for those referring to the area of ​​your properties to offer, such as #LagosHouses #HousesInCalifornia, for example. The inclusion of these hashtags will not only be useful but also feasible to find your clients and for them to find you.

By Property Type

Another option you can explore is searching for hashtags related to the type of property you are going to offer. That is if it is the case of a #2BedroomFlatLagos or a #ApartamentInJohannesburg, you can use the attributes of your properties. Thus, you can highlight its greatest value or quality when creating your hashtag.

By Trend

Although you will not use the most popular hashtags on the web, you can use the ones that fit your business. Real estate hashtags also have their own movement and also generate a trend. Look for them and become familiar with them to make them part of your publications.

By Offer

Hashtags can also serve to contextualize the content of your posts. This translates into placing hashtags for your real estate business that have to do with the purpose of your offer. Like, for example, if the property is #ForSale or rather #ForRent, give some examples.

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The Advantages of Using Hashtags on Instagram

Although Twitter was the pioneer and creator in the use of hashtags, the other social networks have not hesitated to implement them. Since the use of hashtags increases the interaction of each publication significantly.

This is the specific case of Instagram, where, although it does not work based on a trend, it does in relation to a niche. Here, you can take advantage of those that already have a large search volume and their own audience. Take advantage of them.

You can use up to 30 hashtags on this network, but only use the ones that are relevant to your content. Search according to your business. This is an extremely important point to not make it appear that your account is spam.

As a bonus: use hashtags in the comments. These give mobility quickly and will also provoke user comments.

Hashtags on Facebook

As with Twitter, on Facebook, it is recommended to use the fewest number of hashtags. But using hashtags on Facebook is very essential. Since, speaking of this network having millions of searches a day, categorizing them makes sense.

We must bear in mind that on Facebook the capacity for organic reach is lower. This is because many profiles are primarily private.

Using the best hashtags for real estate on Facebook will help others find your publications. Well, your real estate page being public, may be accessible to those who browse this network. Also, more people will see the hashtag, and your search capacity will increase.

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No more than two hashtags can be used per post on Facebook. So, be cautious and choose them well, as this will allow you to have more eyes on your brand’s publications.


Getting into the use of hashtags for real estate use is a great decision that you can make. However, you have to take into account that exploring it will help you know which ones to use, how, and when.

It is not about using them only or using only the most popular ones. Your task will be to use the ones that best suit your needs. Therefore, your publications must have those hashtags in which you can find your own niche.

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And although, from this search, you can create your own, and also find those that already have a privileged position. This will help you increase the volume of your search and therefore its reach.

You, better than anyone, can create and explore the impact of each hashtag and you will know which ones are the best for you.

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