Is Real Estate Profitable In Nigeria?

Is real estate profitable in Nigeria? The Nigerian real estate industry will be among those with the fastest growth rates. The question of profitability has arisen as a result. How does it make money, too?

In Nigeria, the real estate industry is one of the most lucrative, and it continues to be one of the most cutthroat, with many new and seasoned competitors. Aside from the oil and gas industry. People are constantly looking for apartments to rent, build, or buy either to live in or use as office buildings, which has made real estate increasingly valuable in Nigeria due to the country’s growing population.

Let’s quickly and briefly go over what the real estate business comprises before we get to the central focus. What exactly is real estate, and how does it operate? Let’s talk about it as a unit.

What Is Real Estate?

Property ownership and management are facets of real estate. Among other things, the properties include land, unfinished buildings, finished buildings, and estates.

Is Real Estate Profitable In Nigeria? Real estate is also viewed as an investment because, in general, the price of any land or building that is purchased increases. The national real estate appreciation rate, according to research, ranges from 3.5% to 3.8% annually.

Real estate is a common investment for many of the wealthiest people in Nigeria and the rest of the world. Potential purchasers have been intrigued as a result, increasing the number of clients for real estate agents who are already well-established.

The real estate industry in Nigeria is still expanding, and people are still making millions there despite the country’s declining economy. It might be thought of as a true money maker. The fact that the investment opportunities in Nigeria’s real estate market are so diverse and there is something for everyone, as well as the opportunity to grow your portfolio as you advance in the field, is one of its best features.

The real estate industry now revolves around all of that. However, the majority of people believe they lack the riches or, more accurately, the capital necessary to launch a real estate business. They believe that buying and selling properties is all there is to it. No, that’s false.

There are plenty of employment prospects in real estate. You don’t need millions of dollars to get started in real estate. We’ll introduce you to the many work prospects that real estate has in store for you in the next part. Let’s skip ahead to that part, shall we?

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Job Aspects In Real Estate

Is real estate profitable in Nigeria? Yes. Do I need millions to become involved in real estate? No. Take a look at the various opportunities available for you as a starter:


These individuals work in the capital-intensive segments of the real estate industry. They buy real estate, develop it to make it more opulent and appealing, and then sell it for a high price.


These individuals work in the capital-intensive segments of the real estate industry. They buy real estate, develop it to make it more opulent and appealing, and then sell it for a high price.


These groups of people are investors as well. They invest in properties at bargain prices and retain them till they increase in value. They purchase homes in underdeveloped areas and then wait for years, presumably hoping that they would increase in value.


The intermediaries in the real estate industry are the agents. They link folks who are selling properties with prospective buyers. For the purpose of marketing their services, they typically maintain a website. A Nigerian real estate agent is entitled to around 30% of the sold property.

Is Real Estate Profitable In Nigeria?

Is Real Estate Profitable In Nigeria? How does the real estate industry assist in making money? There are various approaches, but here is a handful that will definitely ensure your success in this field. They consist of:

Real Estate Development

Capital is needed for this real estate aspect. This entails making significant financial investments in land or buildings in prime locations with the intention of turning them into luxury residences or more appealing commercial structures.

The investor makes greater money from these kinds of structures. For instance, you might invest roughly 100 million Naira in the development of a home before reselling it for about twice as much.

Rent Collection

In Nigeria, earning money in real estate is really simple through rent collection. A building’s entirety or a portion of it may be rented out for use as either a residence or a business.

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People will always need places to live, especially in overcrowded cities like Lagos, therefore it is a never-ending cycle that creates cash consistently.

Land Flipping

This component of real estate also requires a lot of capital. Flipping land involves purchasing it and then reselling it for a profit. The investor simply needs funds and a working knowledge of the land buying and selling process to start a land flip, which requires little effort on their part.

They were specifically referring to the adage that “money makes more money.” It’s interesting that you may get started with little money—for example, by purchasing just a little plot of land—until you start to profit and expand your firm.

Rental For Vacations

This part of real estate is just as lucrative and doesn’t require much money. People who live close to tourist attractions should especially consider this type of real estate.

They can make a portion of their property available to rent to visitors who have traveled great distances. For instance, folks who reside close to a place where festivals are held may rent out their homes to visitors who have come a long way to attend the festival.

Real Estate Investment Trusts(REITs)

The customers of this investment platform receive passive income. REITs allow business property owners who buy into the properties to be co-owners.

That is, it gives them the ability to offer shares to investors through Real estate investment trusts (REITs) that serve as the property’s landlord, and investors in REITs only receive profits after all associated costs for the property and REITs have been taken into account. According to the various percentages of the investment amount, the investors divide the profit among themselves.

MCIs and MBSs

Investing in private mortgages through MBS and MIC is different from purchasing real estate. It is not thought of as a real estate investment, but rather as a debt investment.

In contrast to MBSs, which first securitize the principal and interest sections of the payments before distributing, MICs hold the complete mortgages and distribute the interest from payments to investors.

Is Real Estate Profitable In Nigeria? Factors To Consider

Similar to other business sectors, there are some things in the real estate industry that can help you succeed and others that will undoubtedly cause your business to fail. Here are a few real estate-related points to remember, nevertheless, to prevent your company from failing:

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Real estate depends significantly on the location of your home. The price of your house will rise with the quality of the setting.

Additionally, it will increase the appeal of your property, which will draw more possible buyers. The cost of real estate in the city is more than it is in the suburbs, for example. It’s impossible to overstate the significance of location for a real estate salesperson looking to turn a profit.

Government Policies

The financial success of your properties may also be influenced by local real estate laws. For this reason, it is best to speak with legal real estate professionals before buying a home to prevent unexpected events.

Inflation Rate

When the cost of products and services in a given location increases, it is said to be experiencing inflation. Your property’s value will rise if there is inflation. Real estate agents benefit financially from inflation.

Level of Development

Developing real estate ensures higher ROI. This is the reason why real estate investors purchase homes, which they later develop to make them more appealing to buyers.

For instance, even though the unfinished structure is less expensive, a nice one that is fully equipped will sell more quickly. The investor gains a lot of money since developed properties increase in value more quickly than undeveloped ones.

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Final Thoughts

Real estate has many facets that suit a variety of people, including agents, investors, and others. They are all profitable. Even renting out your home for vacations is a viable alternative for producing money with little to no investment.

Always take the necessary variables into account if you want to succeed in real estate. Get knowledgeable legal counsel to help you navigate through the procedures so you can avoid unforeseen events.

Is real estate profitable in Nigeria? You now have the answer to your question. We hope that this piece has given you the extra motivation you need to work in the real estate market right now.

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