Types of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria and Their Prices

There are various brands of roofing sheets available in the market these days. The prices of roofing sheets are being affected due to their quality and durability. On a daily basis, roofing sheets always have a high demand. This article covers the different types of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria and Their Prices.

Roofing sheets have varieties of benefits ranging from being protected from sunlight and other weather conditions in our home. Aside from the roofing sheets being a covering, they could also serve the purpose of aesthetics. So, it is very important to choose the best roofing sheets that’ll last longer. The manufacturer of these roofing sheets uses materials like zinc and aluminum.

Types of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria and Their Prices

In the Nigerian building market, there are 4 types of roofing sheets. Although, they vary in size quality, durability, and market prices. They include:

Stone-coated roofing sheets

The unique feature that distinguishes these roofing sheets from others is their beauty, durability, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. These roofing sheets come in varieties of shapes and sizes. They are most popular in states like Lagos and Abuja. The manufacturers of these particular roofing sheets make sure it has the strength and quality to last longer.

Another advantage of these roofing sheets is that it doesn’t rust and they can resist fire for a long period of time. Also, it is easier to maintain due to its lightweight.

These roofing sheets are worth the price because it minimizes heat during the dry season. These roofing sheets don’t pull unnecessary weight on the building. It absorbs noise by canceling all forms of sound obstructions in your home.

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Prices of stone-coated roofing sheets include:

  • Roman design for 0.55mm thick costs 3400 Naira per square meter.
  • Milano design for 0.55mm thick costs 3400 Naira per square meter.
  • Classic design for 0.55mm thickness costs 3400 Naira per square meter.
  • Bond design for 0.55mm thick costs 3300 Naira per square meter.
  • Shingles design for 0.55mm thick costs 3400 Naira per square meter
  • Wooden shake design of 0.55mm thick costs 3400 Naira per square meter.

Aluminum Roofing Sheets

These roofing sheets are sought after because they are cheap and long-lasting. Aluminum roofing sheets are one of the best in the country although they are not as strong as stone-coated roofing sheets.

Temperature and weather condition has no adverse effect whatsoever on the aluminum roofing sheets as they can last as long as 50 years. These roofing sheets are suitable for middle-class members of society that cannot afford the stone-coated roofing sheets.

One major disadvantage that puts users off is that it isn’t soundproof. Also, it is not long-lasting like the stone-coated roofing sheets.

Prices of Aluminum roofing sheets include:

Prices of Step Tile Aluminum Roofing Sheets

  • O.55mm thick which sells for 2800 Naira per meter.
  • 0.45mm thick which sells for 2400 Naira per meter.

Prices long Metcoppo Aluminum Roofing Sheet

  • 0.55mm thick for 2900 Naira per meter
  • 0.45mm thick for 2500 Naira per meter

Prices of Long Span Aluminum Roofing Sheet

  • 0.55mm thick for 2700 Naira per meter
  • O.45mm thick for 2100 Naira per meter.

Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets

This roofing sheet is known for its quality because it can last for a long period of time. Although in the past, it was in hot demand due to the advent of new technologies, the demand for this roofing sheet is low.

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Prices of the fiber Britment roofing sheets include:

  • Fibre Britment step tile roofing sheet is sold for 4900 Naira per square meter
  • Fibre Britment roofing sheet which is sold for 3500 Naira per square meter.

Swiss Roofing Sheets

This roofing sheet type is categorically meant for the wealthy class of people. This roofing sheet is the best as it offers every benefit a user can desire in a roofing sheet. Its costly price is one of the reasons why it isn’t so popular in the market.

In Nigeria, the cost of swiss Roofing sheets ranges from 4000 Naira to 5000 Naira.

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Important things to consider before choosing a roofing sheet

Research is paramount before purchasing or choosing any product. Before choosing a roofing sheet, it is important you carry out detailed research on the Types of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria and Their Prices.

You should be conversant with the latest in vogue so as not to buy an old or quack roofing sheet. You should also get to differentiate between the original roofing sheet and the fake one.

You should also consider the woodwork of roofing sheets. The woodwork of stone-coated roofing sheets cannot work for aluminum roofing sheets and vice versa. It is important you discover the type of woodwork before deciding on a roofing sheet to use.

Always buy from vendors that know their way around the various types of roofing sheets and can help you with varieties of options to perform excellently. Also, note that theories of roofing sheets can change or vary according to the time of purchase.

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Step-tile aluminum roofing sheets are the most expensive because they have different brands and quality levels. The prices are stated above so you wouldn’t fall into the trap of dishonest vendors.

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