Lekki Conservation Centre: All You Need To Know

The Lekki Conservation Centre is the NCF’s pioneer initiative for the preservation of the coastal surroundings of southwestern Nigeria’s unique biodiversity, and scenic, ecological, scientific, and recreational assets.

Because of the devastation and quick loss of the natural environment caused by the expansion of industrialization in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole, there was a need to protect our natural endowment, which ranged from animals to trees, plants, and even streams, from the wrath of industrialization. As a result, in 1990, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) created the Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria.

Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) has 78 hectares of land with savannah ecosystems, marshes, and dense bushes with a rainforest feel. The Lekki Conservation Centre is a 15-minute drive from Victoria Island, with the nearest bus station being Chevron Estate.

The Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria, with its natural habitat, calm setting, animal species, and mesmerizing canopy walk, has become the best natural urban park in Lagos state that caters to visitors’ appetite for the wild and nature making it a one-stop resort for individuals looking to have a feel of nature.

The Lekki Conservation Centre is more than just wildlife, fun, and nature sightseeing; it also has a resource center and a library that support environmental education and public consciousness of threats to the natural environment caused by the exponentially growing loss of natural environment and the attendant drastic consequences for the planet. It also has a well-equipped library where much-needed eco-research may be conducted.

Finally, the NCF hopes that the success of the Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria would show how wildlife is essential to the ecosystems on which humans rely for existence. Also, to demonstrate that the fight for the preservation of animals also secures the survival of humans on Earth.

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The Top Characteristics of Nigeria’s Lekki Conservation Centre

1. Canopy walk

This is the Lekki Conservation Centre’s main attraction. It is a 401-meter-long canopy walkway sustained by a robust rope network and supports; an engineering wonder. It is Africa’s longest canopy walk, and anyone who does it will experience a strange feeling.

It nearly feels like a flight of stairs to paradise, surrounded by greenery and the natural surroundings of the center. It allows guests to enter a unique domain where they may get a bird’s eye perspective of the surroundings. The Canopy Walk provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind perspective of the whole ecosystem and the species that live at the Lekki Conservation Centre.

2. Family Park

Lekki conservation center remains among the top 10 fun places to be on Lagos Island, a park with an out-of-this-world family experience. It offers something for everyone. It has children’s swings and recreational activities, outdoor settings for family togetherness, and a BBQ station with mouthwatering grills.

3. Treehouse

To begin, you must climb a majestic DawaDawa tree to reach the elegant treehouse. Because it is remote and high in the sky, it is ideal for finding solitude and spending time alone. Tourists can relax and meditate while listening to the wonderful symphony of birds chirping.

4. Boardwalk

This is a 2-kilometer boardwalk made of a string of wood/board, thus the name. It was built in 1992 to provide tourists with a dynamic viewing experience, as well as a fantastic chance for bird watching. Furthermore, there is a swamp viewpoint along the path where travelers may observe animals such as crocodiles, snakes, and so on from a safe distance. It provides wonderful opportunities for outdoor hikes and bird viewing.

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5. Nature Reserve

The nature station is located at the end of the boardwalk and is, at best, a recreational island in the middle of the forest. It includes a semi-enclosed block structure with inside picnic amenities and an outside unit with primarily children’s recreational facilities.

What You Should Know About

Stay Away From The Monkeys

During the orientation before beginning the nature trek. There is a lot of time spent on how to act around the monkeys. Monkeys have a higher IQ than other animals and should not be considered mere animals. Monkeys are born tricksters, very attentive and intelligent.

The monkeys have become a famous tourist attraction due to the way they interact with guests — the next greatest thing after the canopy walk, according to popular demand. If you let down your guard, you may fall prey to the monkeys’ deception and quick hands.

When Should You Go?

The Lekki Conservation Center Nigeria has become one of the most popular tourist locations, making it quite congested at times. So, when should you and a small group of pals visit the reserve?

Avoid public holidays since employees or staff will want to spend time with their families. Also, the dry season is the optimum time to visit the Lekki Conservation Centre. Tourists are not permitted to climb the canopy during the rainy season for safety concerns. The best time to visit is during the dry season, which lasts from October to March.


The Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria may get quite hot, so dress in something light, free, and colorful. And, sure, you should leave those heels at home. Sporty outdoor gear will suffice, while Canvas mountain climbers demonstrate that you mean business.

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Finally, as you enjoy the thrilling comfort of nature at the Lekki Conservation Centre, keep in mind why the reserve was founded in the first place: to protect the decreasing natural environment from the negative consequences of industrialization.

An experience with nature in its purest form should motivate you to be more eco-friendly and contribute to slowing environmental destruction. It is critical to both man’s existence and the survival of the planet.

Do you have a Lekki Conservation Centre story to tell? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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