Top 10 Best Holiday Resorts in Nigeria

Resorts are taking over tourism in Nigeria, from Lagos to Uyo. Previously, the country could only brag of a few resorts with cutting-edge amenities; now, she has a plethora of them. If you’re searching for the best Holiday Resorts in Nigeria for a fast trip, a holiday get-away, or a lovely and breathtaking setting for your honeymoon, Nigerian resorts have something for you.

These resorts provide not only stunning attractions but also beautiful architecture and high-class lodging amenities that are warm and inviting, ensuring that your vacation is one to remember.

Nigeria’s Top 10 Best Holiday Resorts in Nigeria

These are ten of the greatest resorts Nigeria has to offer, in no particular order.

1. Whispering Palms Resort, Badagry, Lagos

First on our list of best Holiday Resorts in Nigeria is The Whispering Palm Resort, located in the Badagry local government on the outskirts of Lagos.

It’s a contemporary resort center with a zoo, yes, a zoo, as well as a gorgeous landscape, unusual food, tall palm trees, singing birds, intriguing activities, and a zoo. In its tiny zoo, Whispering Palms allows visitors to see various exotic animals and birds.

It sits on an 8-acre plot of land with a tropical beach. You will not want to leave because of the beach huts and colorful beachfront umbrellas, as well as the breathtaking vistas. Several Nigerian carvings and artworks, including bronze heads of various Yoruba deities, are also on display.

The on-site hotel accommodations range from luxurious to basic but are assured that they are all spotless and comfortable. It also has a conventional swimming pool and a terraced lagoon front with concrete tables and benches for visitors to rest and unwind. This is the ideal vacation spot for thrill enthusiasts.

2. La Campagne Tropicana, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

The serene sanctuary of La Campagne Tropicana is approximately an hour’s drive from Victoria Island Lagos, along the Lekki/Epe highway. This paradise is beyond any tourist’s wildest dreams. This resort’s name was originally a tongue twister, and it’s as delicious as the tongue twister on your lips.

The resort features a savannah, freshwater lake, accessible mangrove forest, warm Atlantic sea, and a large sandy beach, creating a one-of-a-kind natural setting.

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The tourist center provides world-class accommodations and a wide range of activities to guarantee that you have an unforgettable experience. Hiking, hunting, horseback riding, canoeing, ocean water fishing, aqua aerobics, beach volleyball, and football are just a few of the activities available.

In addition to world-class accommodations, the resort offers spa treatments, massage therapy, a fully equipped cardiovascular gym with personal trainers, and a 27-hole golf course. Cultural dance performances for residents/guests, a fresh palm wine bar with a fantastic ocean view, and exquisite dining in sophisticated restaurants are all guaranteed.

The personnel is kind and professional, and security is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. La Campagne Tropicana is the ideal combination of natural beauty and entertaining activities for all ages.

3. La Manga Luxury Beach Villa, Ilashe, Lagos

If you want exclusivity and something different, La Manga Luxury Beach Villa is for you. This elegant leisure area may be found on the Lagos state island of Ilashe. It is a wonderful place to stay near the Atlantic Ocean.

Ilashe, a lovely island with a calm environment and a remote location, will appeal to you. La Manga beach homes are Spanish architecturally built villas with four nicely furnished bedrooms that access individual terraces via big sliding doors.

Each villa features a luxurious suite with a rooftop jacuzzi and private lounge, a large swimming pool, a massage room, a beachside living room with an open lounge, a fully equipped kitchen, a bar, and a poolside barbecue grill area. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, this is the place to be.

4. Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar, Cross River

The Obudu Mountain Resort is one of Nigeria’s most luxurious resorts. Obudu Cattle Ranch is the name given to it. Due to its great height, Obudu Mountain Resort is located in the highlands of Cross River State, 45 miles from the Cameroon border. It has a moderate environment.

The resort is well-known for having Africa’s longest cable ride, which is around 4 kilometers long. The cable line runs from the foot of the mountain to the top of the resort through a highly twisting path, giving tourists an unrivaled perspective of the mountain.

Mountain villas, distinctive cuisine, a natural swimming pool, a 9-hole golf course, a squash court, a fully equipped gym, and other lovely amenities are among the resort’s many attractions. The resort has it all: beautiful scenery, a calm environment, a gorgeous mountain, and delicious cuisine. You’ll have a great time here if you enjoy adventure and relaxation in equal measure.

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5. Tinapa Resort, Calabar, Cross River

The Tinapa Resort, located on the Calabar River, is Nigeria’s first combined business and recreational resort. Its goal was to seamlessly blend business and pleasure, and it succeeded admirably.

Guests can engage in retail and wholesale operations, as well as leisure and entertainment, at the hotel. It features a wide range of entertainment options, as well as relaxing areas, business facilities, and excellent restaurants. Visit this lovely resort if you wish to combine business and pleasure.

6. Le MeridienIbom Hotels & Golf Resorts, Uyo, AkwaIbom

The five-star Le MeridienIbom Hotels and Golf Resorts is located 17 kilometers from Uyo, the state capital, and 23 kilometers from GodswillAkpabio Stadium. The resort is noted for its excellent 18-hole golf course, which is set atop lush palm foliage.

The on-site restaurant offers some of the best regional and international cuisine. The modern sanctuary with endless activities, delectable cuisine, and a diverse range of interests for all loving couples looking to spend quality time together in a unique setting. It’s no surprise it’s known as Uyo’s Pride.

7. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort, Ikare, Lagos

The Kamp Ikare Beach Resort is located in Ikare town on a length of Lagos state. It is only accessible by boat. This is a beach resort that provides a home away from home experience by combining the rural surroundings with a Miami-style lounge area, resulting in the most basic, no-fuss setting for your enjoyment.

The resort features a large community beach house with six duplex cabins arranged around a pool just meters from the sea. This is a refuge for those seeking seclusion as well as pleasure. If you spend time there, you may expect home-cooked meals. The resort will undoubtedly ensure that you enjoy the time of your life.

8. Epe Resort and Spa, Epe, Lagos.

Epe Resort and Spa is located in Epe Lagos, on Itoikin Road. This is a vacation spot in Lagos’ Epe area, which is known for its beautiful beauty. Epe Resort and Spa is well-known for its excellent service and all-inclusive menu.

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The resort provides couples with a genuine romantic experience, as well as a peaceful setting and authentic cuisine. The rooms are quite large and pleasant. When you visit Epe Resort and Spa, be prepared for a tantalizing gastronomic adventure.

9. Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Ilesha, Osun

Zenababs Half Moon Resort, located on Prince Oladele Olashore Way, IloAiyegunle, Ilesha, Osun State, is a wonderfully constructed resort and amongst the top Holiday Resorts in Nigeria. It is situated on a beautiful 25-acre property. Natural beauty, such as hills, surrounds it. It’s like having a home away from home.

The accommodation at Zenababs Half Moon Resort is in the shape of chalets, with 20 lavishly decorated executive rooms and 20 tastefully designed standard rooms, all of which are equipped with cutting-edge amenities to ensure that your stay is as memorable as possible. Zenababs Half Moon Resort is the place to go if you wish to wake up to beautiful views and breakfast served with real ‘Naija’ hospitality.

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10. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Ikogosi, Ekiti

The Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort is in the Ekiti state town of Ikogosi. The resort, which is located near the renowned Ikogosi Warm Spring in Ekiti State – where natural warm spring joins and runs alongside cold spring – is surrounded by natural beauties such as hills and lush grounds and serves as a home away from home.

The resort provides luxurious accommodations as well as once-in-a-lifetime events to ensure that your honeymoon is one to remember. Discover the resort’s breathtaking landscape vistas, natural rock formations, and the meeting place of warm and cold springs. Here, adventurers will have a blast.

There You have it, Top 10 Best Holiday Resorts in Nigeria. Have you been to any of them? if yes, share your experience below.

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