Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Nigeria (Updated)

Nigeria no doubt has one of the most expensive houses in Africa. The giant of Africa, having the largest economy is home to successful businessmen, musicians, actors, and actresses with millions of dollars as their net worth. this, therefore, makes Nigeria no doubt a ground for luxurious homes.

Herein, we will discuss the most expensive houses in Nigeria belonging to top businessmen and women, celebrities, actors, and actresses.

Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Nigeria

Its been established that the Nigerian most expensive island – Banana Island has more expensive houses than London. surprised? let’s delve into the list.

1. Folorunsho Alakija’s Mansion

Folorunsho Alakija’s Mansion is the most costly property in Nigeria, according to our ranking of the top most expensive properties in Nigeria.

Folorunsho Alakija’s Mansion is Nigeria’s most costly home, costing $700 million. The Mansion of Folorunsho Alakija is also the most costly residential home in Africa.

The mansion’s beauty has caused it to cost so much money, with a price tag of $700 million, a hefty sum to become Nigeria’s most expensive residence.

Folorunsho Alakija’s mansion is not only the most costly in Nigeria, but it is also the fourth most expensive residential property in the world.

MrsFolorunshoAlakija, the Vice-Chairman of Famfa Oil, a businesswoman, and philanthropist, owns the residence.

The stunning home of Folorunsho Alakija is located in Ikoyi, Lagos, and was built by Julius Berger, a German firm with a presence in Nigeria.

Aside from the attractive architectural design of this structure, you will be surprised to learn that it is bulletproof. It also lacks windows, as windows are substituted by light wells here.

2. Mike Adenuga’s Residence

Mike Adenuga‘s House is the second most costly mansion in Nigeria, behind the most expensive house owned by FolorunshoAlakija.

Mike Adenuga’s mansion is one of the most beautiful in Nigeria and the second most costly.

Mike Adenuga is a well-known businessman and the proprietor of the Globacom mobile phone network. He is Nigeria’s second-wealthiest guy.

Mike Adenuga’s home is located on Banana Island, one of Lagos’ wealthiest neighborhoods. The home is well-known in Nigeria as one of the most costly residential structures.

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The luxurious mansion is valued at up to N80 billion, despite the fact that several individuals have expressed reservations about its value.

However, Mike Adenuga’s property price should not be contested because he is a billionaire and one of the few Nigerians to make Forbes’ list of the world’s richest men.

Mike made the most of his money in the telecommunications and oil & gas industries.

3. Aliko Dangote’s Estate

Aliko Dangote‘s mansion is the third most costly house in Nigeria, ranking third among the top ten most expensive houses. Aliko is regarded as Africa’s richest man. As a result, it’s no surprise that his property is on our list of the most costly residences in Nigeria.

Aliko Dangote’s mansion is one of the most costly in Nigeria.

Aliko Dangote has been a resident of this residence in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, for up to 12 years.

Aliko Dangote’s opulent residence is said to be worth N5 billion, making it one of the most costly homes owned by a businessman in Nigeria.

This property has a well-appointed living room, a home office, and an adjoining conference room that has hosted several prominent individuals from across the world, including the world’s richest man, Bill Gates.

4. P-Square’s Mansion

Peter and Paul, two well-known Nigerian singers, had their Banana Island home named among the top ten most expensive residential properties in Nigeria.

P-magnificent Square’s mansion is the fourth most costly residence in Nigeria, ranking fourth among the top ten most expensive mansions.

Their mansion at Banana Island, Lagos, is regarded as a “perfect paradise” and is valued at around N1.5 billion. The couple resided in Omole Estate in Ikeja before moving into their billion-dollar mansion.

5. Senator Dino Melaye’s Residence

Senator Dino Melaye’s residence is the fifth most costly in Nigeria.

Senator Dino Melaye is one of the senators that owns some of Nigeria’s most beautiful and costly homes. Senator Dino Melaye’s home is Nigeria’s sixth most costly.

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Dino Melaye has long been renowned for his passion for lavish structures, therefore it is not unexpected that his luxury home is one of the top ten most costly mansions in Nigeria.

Dino Melaye’s Abuja house is on sale for N1.5 billion. He bought the property not long after becoming a legislator.

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6. House of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s home is among the most costly in Nigeria.

Senator Bola Tinubu, the former Lagos state governor and national head of the All Progressives Congress, is Nigeria’s wealthiest and most renowned politician.

Begin by seeing his residence; he is one of the wealthiest landlords in Lagos State. His house, which is located at 26 Bourdillon Road in Ikoyi, is said to be worth N1 billion.

This places Bola Tinubu’s property among the top ten most costly properties in Nigeria, ranking as the sixth most expensive house in the country.

Apart from his luxurious personal residence, Bola Tinubu has a number of additional luxury mansions and land holdings in various sections of Lagos.

7. House of Senator Lee Maeba

Lee Maeba’s home is the seventh most costly in Nigeria.

Senator Lee Maeba is Nigeria’s youngest senator. His house is the seventh most expensive residence in Nigeria, according to our ranking of the top ten most expensive houses in Nigeria.

The senator representing the Rivers South-East senatorial zone in the National Assembly, NASS, is forty years old. In his early thirties, he was elected senator.

Senator Lee Maeba’s house is valued at around N1 billion and is located in the oil-rich state of Port Harcourt. Some have claimed that the building’s foundation alone may cost N100 million.

8. Linda Ikeji’s Residence

Who hasn’t heard of prominent blogger Linda Ikeji? Linda Ikeji’s name should be at the top of any list of those who have made a living from blogging in Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji has undoubtedly made a lot of money since her property is placed ninth on our list of the most expensive residences in Nigeria.

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Linda Ikeji is a single mother with a child. Some argue that blogging isn’t her sole source of money.

According to the accusations, she obtained a portion of her money from relationships with men, although there is little physical proof of this. Linda Ikeji has also refuted such allegations, claiming that she has never slept with a guy for money.

In October 2016, she purchased a magnificent house for N600 million. Her home is a two-story structure with six bedrooms, two living rooms, a media room, and a movie theater.

9. E-Money’s Mansion

E-mansion Money’s is one of Nigeria’s most costly homes. Emeka Okonkwo’s, a.k.a. E- Money’s, residence is one of the top ten most costly in Nigeria. E-Money is a businessman, the owner of a record company, and the brother of renowned Nigerian artist Kcee.

E-money is one of Nigeria’s youngest millionaires, noted for his extravagant display of riches and for being the “life of any party or event” he attends.

His house, which costs over N250 million and is elegantly decorated in white and gold, is located on Lagos Island. This magnificent villa is the seventh most costly property in Nigeria.

10. Orji UzorKalu’s Camp Neya

The Camp Neya home is owned by former governor Orji UzorKalu and is one of the top ten most costly residences in Nigeria. It was constructed in 1998 and is believed to have 400 rooms.

Orji UzorKalu had the enormous mansion built when he was still in his twenties (before becoming the Abia state governor). Camp Neya was named after his daughter.

Camp Neya should not be the last on our list of the top ten most costly mansions in Nigeria; nevertheless, the actual value of this house remains unclear. It is estimated to be worth billions of naira.

Being rated as the eighth richest person in Nigeria, it is not surprising that Camp Neya is worth billions of naira.

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