Top 10 Restaurants In Abuja For Nice Treat

Fortunately for those who like good food, and those who prefer top treats we have taken our time to research and come up with a list of the top best restaurants in Abuja the FCT of Nigeria.

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and the center of attraction to most tourists, Nigeria being the biggest Black nation and one of the richest countries in Africa needs a befitting view in its capital cities like quality hotels, best restaurants, neat road networks, and fun arenas.

For a capital city of Nigeria located in the center of the country, you definitely will find people from every angle of the country visiting for business purposes, government purposes, or for fun.

So whether you are a resident who hardly moves around or you are a visitor, this list consists of the best picks with alluring estates, well-developed cities, and fun-filled places for you to visit this year.

List Of Best Restaurants In Abuja

  • Blucabana
  • Nkoyo
  • Cilantro
  • Wakkis
  • Masala Wahala
  • Jevinik Restaurant
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Serendib
  • Bukka Restaurant
  • Duo Restaurant

The 10 Best Restaurants In Abuja

1. Blucabana

The Blucabana is a restaurant and cafe that is one of the best restaurants you can find in Abuja, it is located in a serene environment around the Mabushi District of Abuja. Blucabana has a wide list of meal selections for you either for launch or dinner you are fully covered with mouthwatering dishes.

Blucabana is situated far from the hustle or business areas like Wuse or Maitama for the best reason, to keep your mind off work and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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When you give Blucabana a try you feel at home, perfect for casual lunch, business lunch, dinner, and even late-night weekend groves.

2. Nkoyo

Another on the list of top ten restaurants in Abuja city is Nkoyo. If all you’ve been wanting is a Nigerian meal specially prepared by Nigerians with our organic spices, herbs, and natural and remodeled aesthetics then Nkoyo is your best bet.

Their meals are one-of-a-kind finger-licking types, Nkoyo is situated at No1 Bathurst Street, Ceddi Plaza, Abuja Nigeria.

3. Cilantro

You definitely will want to visit this restaurant over and over once you try a meal out. When talking about one of the most visited restaurants in Abuja then you will have Cilantro on the list.

If you have been doubting Indian delicacies you will be amazed Cilantro will change your mind with a bite. They offer the best Indian cuisines you could ever hope for with an environment with a cool ambiance and serenity.


Wakkis is another beautiful Indian restaurant in Abuja filled with professional world-class chefs, it is well designed in an Indian way. The restaurant is open to all with the best Indian dishes and dining experiences for your satisfaction.

5. Masala Wahala

This is another wonderful South Indian restaurant in Abuja located at the center of Abuja. The word “Wahala” is known to most Nigerians especially those from Western Nigeria.

Meaning “No Wahala”, Masala Wahala delicacies are the type you won’t forget quickly, the experience you will get from this restaurant cant be compared.

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6. Jevinik Restaurant

If all you want is our Nigerian local meals then Jevinik restaurant is the best bet. You get served the best local dishes at an affordable price, this restaurant is perfect for quick meals and you will always come back for a nice experience day in and day out.

7. Johnny Rockets

If you love the Western world so much then Johnny Rockets is where you want to be, they offer you the Americana type of meal and environment. Shinny hamburgers, rich classic sandwiches, shakes, and many American-inspired dishes.

8. Serendib

Another of the top best restaurants in Abuja is Serendib. The word “Serendib” means “Precious Stone”, the restaurant has been in Abuja for quite some time and has been able to build a good reputation for itself, here you get served any meal of your choice ranging from Chinese dishes, Asian, Indian, Sri Lankan delicacies.

You get greeted with a nice inviting aroma with a beautiful ambiance which will make your visit a memorable one.

9. Bukka Restaurant

You must have heard about Transcorp Hilton, the restaurant is one of the company’s investments so you know you will get the best treat as Transcorp Hilton is one of the richest hotels in Nigeria.

For the best dining made for Africa, International cuisine, and many tantalizing meals you get your stomach filled with happiness. Bukka Restaurant is located at No1 Aguiyi Ironsi St. Maitama, Abuja.

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10. Duo Restaurant

Last on the list of the top 10 best restaurants in Abuja is the Duo Restaurant. If intercontinental dishes are all you love scanning through whenever you visit a restaurant then you definitely want to visit Duo, you will be amazed at the class of delicacies you will be presented with. The restaurant is a popular one in Abuja known for its mouth-watering meals.

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